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Predictive Analytics and Big Data: See Further Ahead with SAP Infographic

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sap.com/predictive - Forward-thinking companies are already using predictive analytics to achieve greater business value. You can keep up, influence your business outcomes in real time, and extract more value from your data with predictive analytic solutions from SAP. Transform your future and gain a competitive edge by uncovering trends and untapped opportunities from vast volumes of data – all in real time.

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Predictive Analytics and Big Data: See Further Ahead with SAP Infographic

  1. 1. Fortunately, SAP software can help you seize the opportunity. Unlock the power of Big Data and overcome the traditional challenges associated with predictive analytics. It’s easy to use. SAP software supports the needs of a wide range of business users. You don‘t need a PhD in statistics to run predictive analytics. It analyzes Big Data – in an instant. Our platform manages massive volumes of virtually any type of data in real time. Use it to rapidly detect meaningful patterns and get the most value possible from your Big Data with no expert intervention. It speeds time to value. With SAP software, the predictive process is fast. Leapfrog to advanced analytics, and realize ROI in days or weeks – not months or years. See Further. Do More. Perform Better. To learn more about how SAP can help you move forward with your predictive analytics initiatives, call your SAP representative today or visit us online at www.sap.com/pc/analytics/predictive-analytics.html. Studio SAP | 31570enUS (14/06) © 2014 SAP AG or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. Predictive Analytics, Big Data, and SAP: See Further Ahead Than Ever Before In today’s business world, insight alone isn’t enough. Companies need the foresight to see what’s coming and take action before it occurs. We call this capability predictive analytics – the rapid evaluation of real-time and historical data to determine what will most likely happen in the future. When used correctly, predictive analytics can help you better identify risks, assess opportunities, and make better business decisions. But how do you move forward? With SAP® software, it’s surprisingly simple. Don’t take our word for it – our customers can speak for themselves. Pakistan’s leading telecom- munications provider increased the uptake of customer retention offers by 800% Eldorado, the biggest electronic retailer in Russia, improved sales forecasts by 5%–10% When it comes to predictive analytics, opportunities abound. 12% Though companies use only of the data available on the public Internet, 77%of companies have gained competitive advantage with predictive analytics. 61% This is why of companies have prioritized predictive analytics as a pressing investment need. The third-largest U.S. cable provider increased campaign conversions by 260% Yet, many companies are hesitant to move forward. We asked why. 40%indicated the need for specialized skills. Most solutions available today require an advanced knowledge of statistics. 47%indicated difficulties analyzing huge volumes of data. Most solutions available today do not support a comprehensive approach to Big Data management. 42%indicated limited time and resources. Most solutions available today involve manual development and a steep learning curve.