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Moving to Analytics-Driven Digital Supply Chains

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Analytics empowers organizations to become intelligent enterprises with a comprehensive strategy to deliver insights across the distribution network, and simplifies access to critical information with powerful augmented capabilities, while addressing some of the most challenging aspects of the digital supply chain.

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Moving to Analytics-Driven Digital Supply Chains

  1. 1. All IDC research is © 2018 by IDC. All rights reserved. All IDC materials are licensed with IDC's permission and in no way does the use or publication of IDC research indicate IDC's endorsement of SAP’s products/or strategies. Moving to Analytics-Driven Digital Supply Chains An IDC infographic sponsored by SAP Today’s supply chains need to be more customer-centric. Top future drivers are: Analytics-Driven Supply Chains: Critical Enabler of Consumer-Centricity Actionable Business Insights Leveraging new technologies like AI, IoT and digital analytics Selling directly to individual consumers Fostering growth by responding quickly to change Seizing new markets and opportunities Supply Chain Transformation Is Mostly About Doing The Things Suppliers Already Do, But Better. OR BEING A DISRUPTIVE SUPPLIER. of companies will find their business disrupted by digitally-enabled competitors by the end of 2018. 17% say it has already happened. of manufacturers still cite their analytics capabilities at just average or below. of industry growth in the next 5 years will come from manufacturers with digital competencies. of manufactures say supply chain transformation is principally about meeting customer/consumer needs. Having reliable and accurate data is important, whether from ERP or IoT. But transformation is also about: Agile, cloud-based applications AI-enabled business processes and predictive capabilities Broad and deep reach, using analytics In the future, seamless analytics will be an important part of the decision-making process. of manufacturers cite technology limitations as an impediment to supply chain transformation. of manufacturers say a lack of deep insight into their customer and consumers is the #1 gap they must address. Think platform, but engage with applications. The digital supply chain must seamlessly move across applications, as well as seamlessly leverage data sources. of companies believe their data analytics capabilities to be less than best-in-class. For more on how to become an intelligent enterprise, read the IDC paper, Unleashing the Business Value of the Digital Supply Chain with Analytics, sponsored by SAP. 60% The near future is about disruption Either by insulating the supply chain from external disruption... Technology partners will be key. Analytics drive value. 53% 22% +50% 60% 74% 40% Download the paper sap.com/dsc-analytics