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Infographic: Capture the Full Potential of Your Predictive Analytics Investm

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Anticipate the future and make more profitable decision for your digital enterprise with predictive analytics.

To learn more about SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics, visit http://www.sap.com/predictive.

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Infographic: Capture the Full Potential of Your Predictive Analytics Investm

  1. 1. For more information about predictive analytics from SAP: Read the full Forrester Consulting report, commissioned by SAP Visit us Read about a transportation company’s successful deployment of SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics Get a Clear View of the Risks and Opportunities Ahead Reimagining Decision Making with Machine Learning Technologies Anticipate the Future and Make More Profitable Decisions for Your Digital Enterprise with Predictive Analytics Business analytics excel at revealing the past and present – everything from where your company has been to how well it’s performing. But what if you want to look ahead? Wouldn’t your business benefit from seeing where you’re heading and using that insight to steer your enterprise in the right direction? Powerful predictive analytics solutions from SAP can help you identify and seize opportunities hidden in your data while avoiding risks. Assessing Business Value Benefit 1: Improved Employee Safety Benefit 2: Higher Employee Satisfaction Expanding the Use of Predictive Analytics Benefit 3: Reduced Costs We commissioned the independent research firm Forrester Consulting to assess the financial impact of using SAP® BusinessObjects™ Analytics solutions, including predictive analytics, on a representative sampling of companies. Predictive insight helps reduce employee risk and accidents during labor-intensive manufacturing processes or while driving. In the surveyed organization, 4,200 employees experienced: With increased focus on employee well-being, workforce satisfaction grows. The analytics-driven insight enabled: By using predictive analytics to identify and mitigate potential risks, the surveyed company realized: In its survey, Forrester Consulting discovered that organizations want to expand the use of predictive analytics and broaden the data sources used. Rethink Analytics Learn More Every business has different questions. With machine learning solutions enabled by SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics software, you’ll get answers that can help your enterprise run more effectively, efficiently, and profitably. Deployed on premise or in the cloud, our solutions can help you better understand your business, simplify the enterprise, and transform your future. Less damage to trucks and goods Weather forecasts and patterns to avoid storms and other poor travel conditions Truck locations for greater visibility into assets Reports on nearby traffic so trucks can be rerouted to avoid delays Fuel station locations to negotiate better terms with chosen fuel partners Reduction in turnover Fewer accidents = With predictive analytics: 28% reduction in issues US$2.1 million in annual savings or cost avoidance By avoiding $9,048 for each new hire, enhanced employee satisfaction creates $1.9 million in savings through reduced turnover and hiring costs. Improved safety for drivers Fewer late shipments 5% In risk-adjusted total savings per year $3.2 million If I can predict truck drivers at risk, I can get to them [before a potential accident] so everyone goes home safe to their families. – Vice president of a transportation company Studio SAP | 47820enUS (17/01) ©2017 SAP SE or an SAP affiliate company. All rights reserved. Sample Survey Participant Large transportation company Location in the southwest United States Short- and long- haul delivery Employment of more than 4,000 drivers Multiple years of experience in using analytics Software and services Consulting services Hospital networks Transportation Four companies Potential new data sources include: