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Data Geek 2.0 - The Rise of Dark Data Recap Infographic

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Big thanks to everyone that participated in the Ultimate Data Geek Challenge in 2013! This infographic is to show the impact Data Geek 2.0 has made globally. It offers a summary of the journey of Data Geek and some interesting insight about the participants.

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Data Geek 2.0 - The Rise of Dark Data Recap Infographic

  1. 1. DATA GEEK 2.0 THE RISE OF DARK DATA RECAP LUMIRA MANY YEARS AGO DATA CAME FROM DIFFERENT TYPES OF SOURCES AND THE GROWTH OF DATA BECAME UNSTOPPABLE. BUSINESSES PARALYZED AND THE WORLD BEGAN TO COLLAPSE. CHAOS ENSUED AND THE LORD OF DARK DATA EMERGED. THIS IS HOW DARK DATA BEGAN TO SPREAD AND TAKE OVER THE WORLD. 170+ called for a team of data geek super heros to fight The Lord of Dark Data BRAVE DATA GEEKS RESPONDED FROM AROUND THE GLOBE TO AID IN THE FIGHT 35+ 45+ North America Europe 65+ India 10+ Asia 3 Africa 5+ South America 2 Australia THE DATA GEEKS JOINED TOGETHER AND PRESENTED THEIR DATA ANALYSIS VISUALIZATION SKILLS gender super power of Choice Data dude or diva? Types of data submitted to use in the fight agianst the Lord of Dark Data 15% 85% 12% 17% Social Good Health & Science 19% People & Places VOTES # of votes to determine the Winners >16,000 30% Business 22% Sports & Entertainment DATA GEEK IDENTITIES Identities taken on by the Data Geeks on Earth 178 TOTAL 16% Customers 38% partners 20% employees 7% students 19% users TOGETHER THEY CREATED A DATA MOVEMENT 25+ MILLION SOCIAL REACH saplumira.com Varun Manko The Prodigy @sapLUMira Abhijeet Mukkawar The VIsualizer John Appleby sap LUMira The Big Data Boss sap LUMira Nameeth Raman The Predictor Robert Russell The Side Kick The superheros put their forces together and... DEFEATED THE LORD OF DARK DATA ...for now sap.com/datageek