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Data Analytics Help Drive Digital Transformation Infographic

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Digital transformation has become a board-level initiative at many companies. A key part of this investment is being focused on data and analytics.

For more on how data and analytics is being used in digital transformation, download the IDC paper, “The Value of Data & Analytics in Digital Transformation”, sponsored by SAP. Download here: http://bit.ly/2siS5QY

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Data Analytics Help Drive Digital Transformation Infographic

  1. 1. All IDC research is © 2017 by IDC. All rights reserved. All IDC materials are licensed with IDC's permission and in no way does the use or publication of IDC research indicate IDC's endorsement of SAP’s products/or strategies. Help Drive Digital Transformation An IDC infographic sponsored by SAP Data-Fueled Digital Transformation Market Leaders Embrace Modern Analytics… …While Challenges Remain But Overcoming Obstacles Is Well Worth It 75% of application development includes cognitive/AI or machine-learning functionality in at least one app. 75% of workers using enterprise apps have access to intelligent digital assistants to augment their skills and expertise. of organizations starting advanced and predictive analytics projects in new areas or domains of organizations using data from new sources and new types of data of organizations applying new analytic techniques to data Organizations are adopting cloud analytics 5x faster than similar on-premises functionality of organizations cite too few internal data scientists of organizations cite lack of data from all relevant internal sources of organizations don’t have an enterprise-wide analytics strategy decreased costs/expenses improved employee productivity For more on how data & analytics is being used in digital transformation, download the IDC paper, The Value of Data & Analytics in Digital Transformation, sponsored by SAP. Data & Analytics 2017 2018 2019 64% 69% 71% 70% 50% 75% 70% 77% 67% Revenue from information-based products is growing 2X the rate of growth of other products and services in 1/3 of Global 2000 companies. increased sales/revenue or improved ability to fulfill mission (in public sector) 83% improved ability to innovate Revenue Productivity Reduced cost Innovation