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Accelerate the Time to Action in Finance Functions Infographic

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http://www.sap.com/solution/lob/finance.html - In the fall of 2014 CFO research and SAP conducted a survey among senior finance executives around the world to explore developments in the finance functions. Businesses have a growing need for constant innovation and improving finance functions performance.

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Accelerate the Time to Action in Finance Functions Infographic

  1. 1. Accelerate the “time to action” THESE DAYS, DECISION MAKERS MUST GET INFORMATION FASTER, ABSORB AND ANALYZE IT FASTER, AND MAKE ADJUSTMENTS FASTER. Businesses have a growing need for “CONSTANT INNOVATION” in order to meet their targets for profitability To keep pace, finance functions know they will also have to IMPROVE THEIR ABILITY TO DELIVER DATA, ANALYSIS, AND INSIGHTS 87% Finance function needs to improve 91% Finance function needs to provide better forward-looking analytics What are your company’s goals for PROFITABILITY over the next year? What do you need to do to get there? New... Products Services Markets Techniques Businesses Ways of doing business Customers “Constant innovation” 39% Improve profitability substantially 51% Improve profitability moderately 10% Maintain current level of profitability For the full report from CFO Research and SAP, go to “The Next Stage in Creating the Value-Added Finance Function.” CFOresearch