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15 Ways to Travel the World on Less Than $50 USD a Day

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One of the biggest obstacles of traveling is cost. Unfortunately, not all of us have the luxury of pointing at a map and staying at deluxe hotel rooms, while eating at the best restaurants.

Whether you’re a budget conscious traveller or simply someone looking to save money as you travel the world to spend money on language learning or other adventures, there’s some easy ways to do this.

This doesn’t require skimping out a few bucks and skipping your daily coffee routine. The key is to go for the 20% of “big wins” that make up 80% of your budgets.

Here’s 15 Ways to Travel the World on Less Than $50 USD A Day:

Flights will make up about 70% of your cost if you can plan according to your budget. With a few minor tweaks to your planning, you can save hundreds of dollars immediately.

1. Book ahead of time

The easiest thing you can do is book well before your departure date.

How far in advance? According to Cheapair.com, 54 days is the ideal number of days before you should book your flight

Now this isn’t a golden rule, but a benchmark you should consider. The price range will vary depending on where you’re flying from and where your destination.

A tool we recommend is Hipmunk’s 90-day price range:

It allows you to look at how price varies from today up to 90-days in advance for a roundtrip booking, and you can know in one view which dates will be the cheapest.

2. Book on Sunday

There’s a lot of different advice online about which day to book your ticket. In 2012, Cheapair claimed that Tuesday was the best day to book, but several recent research claims that Sunday seems to be the cheapest day to fly.

To dig further, Cheapair claims that 3pm is consistently one of the cheapest times to book.

However, as we mentioned previously, it depends on where you’re flying and where you’re flying from.

3. Book through the right third-party

You can almost always save money on certain third-party sites because it provides you an aggregate view of all the options you have available, allowing you to filter from cheapest to priciest.

Skyscanner is widely known to provide the cheapest flights available, almost everywhere around the world.

If you’re not in a rush, you can Sign up for Skyscanner’s Price Alert to receive notifications when price of your flights go down, so you don’t need to repeatedly return to the website.

Another option, if you’re flying within North America, Central America, and the northern parts of South America, is Spirit Airlines. Keep in mind, it’s cheap for a reason.

There will be no food available on the flight, possible additional baggage fees, and lack of customer service that you may normally find in global brands.

4. Fly for free

If you’re a frequent traveller, you can fly for free by accumulating points on your credit card payments.

Read the full article at http://rypeapp.com/blog/travel-the-world

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