risk mitigation). risk projection project scheduling & tracking risk analysis &management (risk identification software project planning (ms project tool) software project estimations product and project metrics) software metrics (process risk refinement forward engineering version control and change control identification of objects in the software configur the scm process reverse engineering re-engineering types of software maintenance design concepts and design principal web application design. component level design (function oriented design architectural design user interface design object oriented design) (ms visio tool ) testing conventional applications testing strategies code review testing object oriented applications testing web and mobile applications software documentation coding standard and coding guidelines load runner). testing tools (win runner testing techniques and test case test suites design software as a service product lifetime: independent product vs. continue improvement saas architecture. requirement analysis and requirement elicitation requirement specification (srs) requirement engineering. requirement modeling understanding the requirement the rad model the linear sequential model product and process. agile process model component-based development the prototyping model software process models process evolutionary process models software engineering: a layered technology software: a crisis on the horizon and software myt the evolving role of software extreme programming agility and agile process model other process models of agile development and tool computer-aided software engineering component-based software engineering
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