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Persona-Led Reporting: Designing Blinding Reports to Keep Every Stakeholder Happy

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Are they reading our reports? Do they understand them? Stop spending days creating complex reports nobody is going to read or understand! This talk will provide the answers you have been waiting for on what should be included in a monthly, quarterly or annual digital marketing report. By using Data Studio, Supermetrics and Funnel as SEOs we can keep the Board, Head of Digital and the marketing team happy.

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Persona-Led Reporting: Designing Blinding Reports to Keep Every Stakeholder Happy

  1. 1. Persona-Led Reporting: Designing Blinding Reports to Keep Every Stakeholder Happy Rumble Romagnoli // Relevance SLIDESHARE.NET/RUMBLITO @ROMAGNOLIRUMBLE
  2. 2. How do you report for so many different products and services. SELLING
  3. 3. How do you report for so many different stakeholders. STAKEHOLDERS
  4. 4. Do your clients deserve customisation in their reports? CUSTOMISABLE
  5. 5. relevance.digital ONBOARDING • Who is involved in the project? • What are the clients business aims? • What are the main issues they have in achieving this? • How will we measure our value add? • How often will we mark milestones? • What Data and marketing platforms are involved?
  6. 6. relevance.digital ONBOARDING
  8. 8. History of SEO Reporting relevance.digital
  9. 9. relevance.digital WELCOME TO GOOGLE DATA STUDIO
  10. 10. ● Google opened their community connectors. ● Google Launches Data Studio. ● Funnel, and Supermetrics integrate their connectors into Data Studio. WHAT HAPPENED THEN? ● Users migrated from 3rd party reporting tools to Google Data Studio.
  11. 11. • Data Guarantee - Data from any source • Pre-Built Data Model and flexible data transformation tools • Auto Converted Currencies and field normalisation • No-Code Business Logic • Unified Repository - All of your data, mapped and in the same place • Send your data anywhere - Direct integrations with all major providers • World-class customer support & fast implementation relevance.digital With integrations to over 400 marketing and advertising platforms, Funnel collects, organises and displays your data in one place. You have the freedom to feed your data to any tool you like, whether it's your data warehouse, BI solution, visualisation tool (e.g. Data Studio) or a simple spreadsheet. Trusted by the world’s most data-driven businesses
  12. 12. • These guys claim they offer the best-in-breed integrations. They have 400k+ user base (335k+ for Google Sheets), 4.5-star ratings, and the fact Google uses them to pull their own marketing data are the best demonstration of the quality of our products. • The entire workflow in Data Studio, Google Sheets or any other tools you use. • Competitive pricing • Offer a number of top-notch reporting templates for users to plug and play. • News about new connector relevance.digital SUPERMETRICS
  13. 13. relevance.digital WHAT IS A CONNECTOR?
  15. 15. relevance.digital THE CLIENT
  16. 16. MEET THE BIG 5 - PERSONAS The BIG FIVE CEOCMO Head of DigitalHead of SEO PPC Specialist
  17. 17. • How much money is the company making? • How much are the sales costing? • What is the ROI? • Who are her clients and where are they coming from? • Are they new or returning? • Which houses are the most successful? • Do we need a new website? • What is the average deal size per source? relevance.digital CEO - Emilia
  18. 18. New Design VS Old Design
  19. 19. • Website/ Channel Performance • ROI on marketing efforts • What countries had the best conversion rates • Best referral partners there are • How effective mailings were • Funnel drop-offs and retargeting list growth • Sales Performance and Community growth and engagement • Most successful content relevance.digital CMO - Alena
  20. 20. Marketing Director Reporting relevance.digital *excluding Paid Search results
  21. 21. • What are her KPIs? • SEO Progress • PPC Progress – what is working and what isn’t • Social Media – what is engaging their audience • What times of year drives the most traffic. • When people book - is it around holiday periods or just randomly • What are we going to be focusing on over the next month relevance.digital Head of Digital - Louise
  22. 22. Head of Digital Reportingrelevance.digital *excluding Paid Search results
  23. 23. • DA, average keyword position, impressions, clicks • Position of Major Keywords on the Top? No API possible • Page Content Optimisation -how close we are to the Site Map - No API • Website Technical Optimisation - No API • Best performing entry pages from organic search with CR • CTR for the search terms that are important to the client • Number of links won lost • Keyword Ranking Effects after Major Tweeks relevance.digital Head of SEO - Nico
  24. 24. Head of SEOrelevance.digital
  25. 25. • Overall account average CPC, conversion data, cost/conversion or CPA, conversion rate, CTR • Each campaign with the individual details to see the top performing ones • Identify top converting search terms and ads • Which locations and devices convert better than the others relevance.digital PPC Manager - Jackie
  26. 26. PPC Manager - Dashboardrelevance.digital
  27. 27. the tools you need the onboarding process the relevant information your stakeholders require SUMMARY
  28. 28. relevance.digital THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX
  29. 29. • recognise your persona types, • request onboarding, • set up a dashboard for the different stakeholders, • pull in the data using your preferred tool, • add your analysis, and • get in touch with me for more insight relevance.digital TAKEAWAYS
  30. 30. • I am Rumble, • yes that is my real name….. • I am from a digital agency in sunny Monaco called • We are always looking for great people so please get in touch, if you are looking for an awesome suntan. If you aren’t ready for that we have an office in Bath office with very nice people. relevance.digital RUMBLE
  31. 31. relevance.digital THERE IS SO MUCH MORE WE CAN DO