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Manage Services of Telco Equipment

  1. 1 RF Manage Services Offering Proposal By PT Global One Solusindo
  2. 2 Services Solution Global One Services Solution: Customer Challenges • Exponential growth in customer base needs to be sustained by the network • However there’s limited skill set & knowledge within internal team for • design and capacity consulting • ongoing performance management • Also huge focus on reducing CAPEX & OPEX due to their low-cost market offering RF Managed Services BSS & NSS Performance Core & BSS experts End to End RF services with key objective is to maintain the Customer access KPI Nortel developed tools provided advanced level of performance analysis Onsite SMEs provide assistance and guidance on capacity optimization. Performance tools developed for forcasting the growth and monitoring the network Assist customer in daily operation and NOC operation and troubleshooting Keeping the Core & BSS Network out of trouble
  3. 3 3 SERVICE HIGHLIGHTS > RF Optimization Performance tool NEWTUN,WIKI • Collect real time system logs & provide accurate performance improvement Analysis. • Collect Mobile logs and simulate accurate user information over the Map. • Atomized Email for the sector report for troubleshooting . • Wiki Support and Services > RF Trouble Ticket System online tracking • Capturing the daily troubleshooting cases • Daily progress reporting on trouble ticket • Severity index for prioritize the response time on critical ticket > Performance reporting • Daily RF Performance reporting as agreed • Weekly Performance Meeting & action register review • Submission of monthly report • Trouble Spot wise performance review of KPI & Actions • Monitoring on Busy Hour to minimize the impact  Site Database Management • Online BTS site database management • Change request and configuration management • Rigger and drive test productivity
  4. 4 4 SERVICE HIGHLIGHTS Inter Vendor Hard Handoff Border Management (New Service) • Special attention and focus on the Border BTS on performance and configuration management. • Change Request and work flow process to be agreed , prepared and managed for the both the Vendors for Nortel and Huawei Area. • Antenna tuning and configuration changes to be done within 24 hrs, • Special Drive test team ,RF Engineer and Rigger to be assigned to focus on the border Areas. Technical Support Inter Operator Benchmarking quarterly for Data/Voice Customers Complaint Handling Jakarta and Bandung for data and voice Performance Optimization during EVDO Overlay
  5. 5 Wiki Advanced performance monitoring & troubleshooting tool • Global one current has the supporting & further development of tool • High processing Server Setup in Tamana Rasuna • Offline wiki for recovering the previous and old database • Alarm monitoring (new feature) & troubleshooting with the help of Map. Newtun Remote Optimization tool • Remote Optimization tools for finding call drop/Distance • Quicker resolution on the customer complaints Configuration tool • CACP to be used for BSC configuration • BCP tool to be used for MTX configuration such as border cell paging • PN planning to be done by BTS database tool Tools used in Service Global One will ensure the service contracts and agreement for the tools are renewed Drive test & Post processing tool • Drive test tools used will be XCAL, Nemo and Agilent • Post processing tool will be used XCAP, Nemo and Actix • Handset for voice and data will be used Huawei, Motorola, LG and Samsung
  6. 6 Global One will use Nortel recommended tool for manage service S.No Name of Tool Type of Tool No of Tools provided purpose Remark 1 Wiki Ad. Performance management & troubleshooting 1 1. Performance management 2. Alarm monitoring 3.Troubleshooting Service level agreement to be done with Nortel GDNT china for support and further devlopment Server will be set up in TR 2 NEWTUN RF performance monitoring tool 6 1. Call drop/Distance 2.Quicker resolution on the customer complaints 1. Server will be set up in TR 3 BTS database Management & Trouble ticket Database management 1 1. for easier database tracking and change request process management. 1.Server will be set up in WB 4 Actix Post processing drive test logs 4 1. drive test data analaysis 5 XCAP Post processing drive test logs 4 1, drive test data analysis 6 XCAL Drive test logs 8 1. collection of drive test data 7 Agilent Drive test logs 6 1. collection of drive test data 8 BCP tool MSC configuration tool 1 1. Border Cell paging datafill tool 1. Tool devloped by performance Engineer Nugraya 9 CACP BSC configuration tool 3 1.BSC datafill Engineering tool 10 Handsets & 1X data card Drive test handset 20 1. Drive test support 11 PN Scanner Scanning freq & PN 1 1. RF scanner 12 Agilent Scanner Scanning freq. 1 1. inteference detector RF Tools Description
  7. 7 7 SYSTEM WIDE OPTIMIZATION (Daily) • Traffic Balancing Capacity Optimization across the Network • Antenna Tuning and Data fill changes • Hot Spot and toll/high way optimization Solution • Night monitoring for Busy hour & recommendations to minimize impact Network Health Check (Daily)  Day to Day network health check and action on top 10 worst performing cell  Identification of Poor performing Cells and coverage Areas  identification of the RF Capacity issues for Voice and Data  Daily Optimization report to BTEL Prime WEEKLY & MONTHLY ACTIVITIES  Quarterly drive test for Jabotabek on predefined routes and comparing the performance on Quarterly basis  Weekly progress report and action register to BTEL Mgmt  Antenna change and recommendation Customer Care and Services Support  Weekly Customer Complaints identification and actions  RF Services Support for New feature Roll out and Support for New tech./equipment trial etc  Innovative solution for Voice/Data optimization on hot spots  VIP Complaints Response within 48 hrs SCOPE OF WORK
  8. 8 Antenna tuning & BTS database management (online) 2 RF Engineer + 2 DT for benchmarking One Nortel skilled SME for RF + 3 Sr. RF Engineer based on 3 cluster Trouble Ticket Management(online) 3 RF + 3DT + TT Admin + IT manager Engineer for clearing up the ticket Daily performance monitoring & weekly meeting and Monthly dash report. Quaterly Benchmarking 10 Riggers + RF Admin + 4 DT+ Project cordinator RF Manage Services (Team Leader) Ticket classification minor/major/critical SLAs Minor ~ 15 Major ~ 8 Critical ~ 4hrs Advance troubleshooting & performance monitoring with NEWTUN & Wiki Work Flow & Service Preposition
  9. 9 RF Engineering Team Structure Andy Riadi RF Leader Chen Wei RF Manage Servicers Ramses RF Deployment RF Engineers Felix P Agus S Renny Rudy Neighbor List Heisa N BSS Datafill Agus WP RF Planning Putut Project Admin Siska RF Engineers Arthur H Roy Adhi Nikky Galih Adha Wisnu BSS Datafill Bayu BSS Support Noer Performance Nugraha DT and Rigger Lead (Hendro) Drive Test Team Riggers Team DT and Rigger Lead (Hendro) Drive Test Team Riggers Team Global One ensure 95% of team to be same as Nortel previous manage services Gina Database & TT NL Tunning Abul
  10. 10 10 Initial DB Insertion Escalation after 2nd Optimization DB Update Status Update Ticket Close with or without Note Ticket Not Close Optimization Process Ticket Distribution I. Big Block Trouble Ticket Administration TR1, TR2, TR3 Area : Rinto & team TB1, TB2, WB1 Area : Arthur & team CD1, CD2, WB1 Area : Galih & team Optimizatio n Process 2nd Optimization ? Close? Email Ticket Closure Ticket From BTEL Ticket From BTEL Improve? 2nd Optimization ? Ask Closure With Note Escalate to Nortel Leve1 SME Update Summary Trouble Ticket Forward to Gina and cc to Pak Rohit and Pak Andy Result and Report Close? Update Status Update Status Ask for Closure Justification Report Close With Note Update DB Update DB Upload to DB Server II. Detail Trouble Ticket Administration Agree to Close? Existing Site New Site Y N Y N Y N Y N Y N Y
  11. 11 End…