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Treatment Note - Skoda Superb

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Treatment Note I wrote, designed and referenced for a well known ad film director.

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Treatment Note - Skoda Superb

  2. 2. MEANING  &  VALUE   This  &ilm  is  about  royalty  on  the  road.  It  is  about  a  car  that   gives   way   more   than   its   segment   competitors   but   at   the   same  price.  It  is  about  a  car  that  is  stylish  but  also  cares   for   you.   It   is   about   an   underdog   that   punches   above   his   weight.   Skoda   Superb   is   back   and   this   time   it’s   bigger,   better  and  bolder.     The   idea   is   to   make   a   &ilm   that   highlights   the   fantastic   features  of  the  car.  To  successfully  tell  the  audience  that  it   beats   its   competitors   hands   down   in   design,   safety,   comfort  and  overall  smartness.  Having  said  that,  this  &ilm   is  not  a  straightforward  depiction  of  the  car’s  unparalleled   qualities   but   a   highly   stylized   one   that   leaves   a   great   impact  on  the  audience  and  the  consumers.  The  intention   is  to  make  a  &ilm  that  is  a  visual  and  an  auditory  treat.  The   idea  is  make  the  audience  aware  of  the  true  nature  of  the   car.  The  need  of  the  hour  is  to  make  them  realize  that  the   car  adds  élan  and  dynamism  to  their  personality  but  also   cares  for  their  safety  and  security.  Bottomline,  the  idea  is   to  say  that  nothing  beats  Superb.  
  3. 3. LOOK  &  FEEL   A  &ilm  that  is  about  a  car,  its  genius  design  and   its  features  that  surpass  all  other  cars  in  the   same  economic  class  needs  a  top  notch  visual   language  –  visuals  not  just  great  but  stylized   and   with   a   distinct   grammar   that   raises   the   &ilm  on  a  different  level.       The  &ilm  opens  in  a  boxing  ring.  We  see  quick   glimpses  of  some  mysterious  cuts  showcasing   different  parts  of  the  car  mostly  inde&inable  in   different  coloured  lights  with  the  help  of  wide   and  macro  lenses.  Slowly  the  shapes  become   more  determinable  as  more  and  more  of  the   car   begins   to   get   revealed.   With   a   bang,   a   backlight  comes  on  in  this  foggy  arena  and  we   introduce   the   gorgeous   shape   of   Skoda   Superb  in  silhouette.    
  4. 4. VISUAL  REFERENCES   References  for  lighting,  photography  and  showcasing  different  features   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hh2qABI1sEw   https://vimeo.com/51588793     https://vimeo.com/29790649     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hnYf-­‐Xvmss    
  5. 5. The  lighting  would  mainly  be  white  so  it  shows   off   the   car   in   its   true   colours.   Barring   the   coloured  lights  that  highlight  the  contours  and   create   a   mystical   effect   to   suggest   a   world   unknown  before  the  car  is  fully  divulged.       The  idea  is  to  make  the  car  highly  aspirational   and   yet   accessible   through   the   strategic   and   stylized   use   of   lights   and   cinematography.   Lights  that  caress  and  sweep  across  the  body  of   the  car  lending  movement  and  dimension  to  the   car  as  well  as  the  &ilm.  Lighting  that  accentuates   the  sharp  and  geometrical  contours  of  the  car.   Lights  that  give  a  chic  and  yet  celestial  quality   by  creating  a  sense  of  mystery  around  the  car.   Lighting  that  is  high  contrast  and  doesn’t  reveal   the   car   in   its   whole   in   order   to   maintain   the   mystique   of   the   divine   machine   in   front   of   us.   Lights  that  have  no  de&ined  source  –  it  is  as  if  a   heavenly  spotlight  has  fallen  on  the  car.    
  6. 6. In  order  to  add  further  panache,  the  car  would  be  put  on  a   turntable  that  ensures  a  complete  showcasing  of  the  hero   of  the  &ilm  –  Skoda  Superb.  The  movement  of  the  camera   and  the  car  itself  on  the  turntable  would  be  &lashy  at  times   and   slow   and   caressing   at   others,   somewhat   like   the   cinematic   depiction   of   a   boxer   in   a   boxing   ring   whose   punches  are  sometimes  quick  that  don’t  allow  any  reaction   time   to   the   opponent   and   sometimes   the   high   impact   punches   come   in   slow   motion   that   brings   the   &ight   to   an   end  and  knocks  the  opponent  out  once  and  for  all.  Similarly   the  fast  motion  cuts  to  highlight  its  youth  would  be  intercut   with  slow  motion  to  emphasize  its  beauty  and  safety.    
  7. 7. Various  different  angles  would   be   explored   for   the   bene&it   of   maintaining   the   beauty   and   glory   of   the   car   –   a   low   angle   shot   would   make   it   look   commanding,   a   top   angle   accessible   and   wide   angle   close   up   would   give   it   a   whacky  young  feel.    
  8. 8. Important   features   like   the   brand   name   and   the   logo   would   be   repeated   a   few   times   with   the   use   of   different   lighting,   angles,   shot   sizes   and   camera   movement.    
  9. 9. PRODUCT  FEATURES   Skoda  Superb  is  being  relaunched  with  incredible  features  that  boast  of  a  car  that’s  beyond   the  reach  of  other  same  segment  cars.  The  features  cover  the  most  important  attributes  in   any  car  like  the  design,  safety,  engine,  storage,  comfort  and  more  comfort.  It  is  a  car  that  is   designed  for  all  but  certainly  feels  like  it  is  customized  just  for  you,  keeping  your  tastes  and   needs  in  mind.  A  car  that  takes  design  seriously  because  it  realizes  that  modern  life  is  all   about  style,  verve  and  vivacity  but  remembers  that  nothing  is  more  important  than  safety.  It   is  a  car  that  knows  the  value  of  your  and  your  loved  one’s  life.     A  car  is  not  just  a  vehicle  that  transports  you  from  one  place  to  the  other.  It  is  much  more.  It   is  nothing  less  than  a  family  member  who  extends  love  and  care  to  its  family.  It  is  an  owner’s   pride,  it  is  his  delight  and  it  is  something  he  trusts  with  his  life.      
  10. 10. DESIGN   The   sharp   design   of   the   headlights   with   geometrical   patterns   highlight   its   evolutionary   nature.   With   lighting  that  is  high  contrast,  the  front  of  the  car  would   acquire  an  added  depth  and  dimension.  
  11. 11. With   colour   highlights   on   the   contours   and   the   red   and   yellow  re&lection  of  the  tail  light  itself  on  the  rear  body  of   the  car,  the  overall  effect  would  be  magical.  Extreme  Close   Ups  and  Macro  shots  with  gliding  movement  of  the  camera   and  the  lights  would  lend  distinction  to  the  frame.     These  fantastic   features   like   the   wide   LED   tail   lights,   17   i n c h   a l l o y   wheels,   rear   deck  lid  spoiler   a n d   t h e   polished   dual   exhaust   pipes   would   acquire   smoothness,   dimension   and   depth   when   lit   w i t h   h i g h   c o n t r a s t   lighting.    
  12. 12. C   O   M   F   O   R   T   Exterior   high   contrast   lighting   and   colour   would   re&lect   beautifully   in   the   interiors   thanks   to   the   panoramic   sunroof.   Other  beautiful  comfort  features  like  the  Canton  system,  the  AC   vents,   front   seat   ventilation,   virtual   pedal,   ambient   lighting,   adjustable   driver   seat,   the   Laurin   &   Clement   inscription   would   look  very  appealing  when  shot  with  tele  and  macro  lenses  with   shifting  focus  and  gliding  camera  movement.    
  13. 13. A  car  is  our  home  away  from  home.  And  it  should   never  be  complete  without  the  safety  features  that   ensure  our  and  our  loved  ones’  long-­‐life.  Which  is   why  it  comes  with  Bi-­‐Xenon  headlamps,  rear  view   camera,   driver   fatigue   detection,   multi   collision   braking   and   8   airbags.   These   would   be   shot   in   Close  Ups  and  beautiful  high  contrast  lighting.       Storage  features  included  Notchback  design,  1760   Storage   Capacity,   jumbo   box,   tablet   holder   and   storage   compartment   in   front   and   rear   console.   Wide  angle  lens  would  be  used  in  order  to  make   the  storage  capacity  appear  even  more  spacious.   SAFETY  &  STORAGE  
  14. 14. The  engine  is  the  heart  of  the  car.  The  best  way  to  depict  an  engine  is  to  show  one  in  gorgeous   high   contrast   lighting   with   a   bit   of   warmth   for   highlights   and   subsequently,   show   the   car   in   speed.  1.8TSI  132  kW  MT  (6-­‐Speed  MT)  /AT  (7-­‐Speed  DSG)  and  2.0  TDI  130kW  AT  (6-­‐Speed   DSG)  ensure  Skoda’s  long-­‐life,  power  and  strength.   ENGINE  &  TRANSMISSION  
  15. 15. EDITING   Editing   is   an   art   most   underrated   despite   the   fact   that   a   &ilm   gets   made   at   the   edit   table;   it   becomes   coherent   at   the   edit   table,   a   story   emerges  at  the  edit  table  and  the  &ilm  acquires  a   punch   at   the   edit   table.   A   &ilm   like   this   would   sorely  miss  a  punch  if  it  weren’t  for  an  effective   editing  style  and  a  distinct  language.       This   &ilm   that   aims   to   appeal   to   the   modern   world  that  breathes  technology  and  moves  at  a   fast   pace   needs   an   opening   that   has   an   incredible   impact   on   its   young-­‐hearted   consumers.  The  &ilm  opens  with  a  style  of  editing   that   is   quick   paced,   high   impact   and   gives   an   impression  of  visuals  dreamt  up  by  a  zesty  brain.   The  beginning  would  be  de&ined  by  the  energy  of   quick   paced   jump   cuts   and   &lashes   of   coloured   lights  in  order  to  create  a  sense  of  mystery.  The   &ilm  eventually  slows  down  to  become  more  like   a  visual  and  musical  brochure  that  highlights  all   its   features   in   detail.   This   melange   of   fast   and   slow  beautifully  suits  the  car  that  is  about  youth,   pace  and  modernity  but  also  safety,  security  and   well   thought   out   decision-­‐making.   The   opening   of  the  &ilm  sets  a  mood  and  takes  the  audience  to   a  world  of  mystique  but  ensures  that  eventually   step  by  step  the  fantastic  features  are  revealed   to  the  audience.  
  16. 16. MUSIC   The   &ilm   starts   with   quick   techno   music   that   creates   an   atmosphere  of  mystique  and  intrigue  almost  to  the  point   of  suspension  of  disbelief.  It  continues  to  build  up  to  the   point   of   revelation.   This   tension   is   relieved   with   the   revelation  of  the  car  and  the  music  begins  to  wind  down.   The   music   acquires   a   completely   different   quality   once   the   car   is   bared   and   in   front   of   us   in   all   its   glory.   It   becomes  more  soothing  and  harmonic  as  the  features  are   highlighted  one  after  the  other.   Music   in   this   &ilm   is   just   as   i m p o r t a n t   a s   l i g h t i n g ,   cinematography   and   editing.   A   &ilm  that  is  all  about  creating  a  stir   and   an   impact   would   never   be   complete  without  music.  A  &ilm  is   a   three   wheeled   vehicle   where   visuals   become   a   mode   of   storytelling,   editing   makes   it   coherent  and  music  highlights  and   emphasizes  the  emotions  inherent   in  the  story.  In  this  &ilm,  the  music   at  the  beginning,  a  bit  techno,  a  bit   mysterious   would   create   a   mood   and  an  atmosphere  that  intrigues.   Eventually   the   music   would   become   even-­‐toned   and   soothing   to  aid  the  storytelling  that  focuses   on  the  various  features  of  the  car.   A  &ilm  with  a  visual  range  such  as   this  would  really  require  a  piece  of   music   that   is   complex,   intricate   and   rich   with   a   high   emotional   range  much  like  a  symphony.    
  17. 17. MUSIC  REFERENCES   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfSZJLkt67E     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHFA_wEK_00   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1l-­‐kUlTpy58   https://vimeo.com/64170204  
  18. 18. A  &ilm  that  is  about  a  car  that  boasts  of  a  great  design,  caters  to  all  the  demands  of  the  consumers  but  also  provides  safety   and  security  to  one  and  all  is  a  car  that  rises  not  just  way  above  mediocrity  but  the  rest  of  the  crowd  as  well.  A  car  that   has  always  been  top  notch  and  yet  has  the  courage  to  relaunch  itself  and  come  back  with  features  better  and  bolder  is  a   car  that  should  be  taken  seriously.  It  shows  its  ability  to  evolve  with  time  and  keep  up  with  the  pace  of  the  changing   times.  I  would  be  privileged  to  make  a  &ilm  about  a  car  that  upholds  integrity  more  than  anyone  else  in  the  market.       It  would  an  absolute  honour  to  be  a  part  of  a  &ilm  that  marks  the  launch  of  the  product  that  the  country  will  swear  by.  It  is   the  launch  of  the  product  that  the  young  will  &ind  attractive,  that  the  old  will  trust,  that  the  children  will  get  emotionally   attached  to  and  remember  it  as  their  &irst  car  for  the  rest  of  their  lives.  It  is  a  car  about  style,  panache,  speed  and  safety,   all  wrapped  in  one  beautiful  package.  
  19. 19. THANK YOU!