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Treatment Note - Celerio

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Treatment Note I wrote, referenced and designed for a well known ad film director.

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Treatment Note - Celerio

  2. 2. THE MEANING. Maruti; a name so quintessentially Indian that it requires absolutely no introduction. It has stopped being just a name, it is in fact a word, a part of our vocabulary that evokes a feeling of trust, familiarity and comfort. Maruti, a leading name in the automobile manufacturing business has always been the benchmark for quality and great service. The name Maruti is such an integral part of India and its ethos that it has over a period of time come to symbolize the very growth and evolution of the nation itself. When Maruti, the essence of Indian heritage married Suzuki, the technological genius of Japan’s automobile industry, what you got was a flash of brilliance; Celerio. This marriage of different worlds extends to our story too. Our film talks of a modern India that’s ethnic, rich with traditional values but also in step with individualistic thinking and progressive ideology.
  3. 3. Celerio inspires progressive thinking – a kind of thinking that brings about change; for the better. What better analogy that an automobile that knows nothing else but to move forward in life, irrespective of the time, terrain or situation! As the journey progresses, we perceive a change of heart, situation and the entire belief system. Important moments of their lives unfold in front of our eyes and lead to a beautiful, modernistic and progressive culmination. IT IS THE BEGINNING OF A THOUGHT. THE TURNING WHEEL OF EVOLUTION. AN IDEOLOGICAL REVOLUTION! That is the nature of all of our wonderful films. While the situations differ, what remains constant is its ability to surprise with an inspired moment, an inspired thought, a thought that can truly enlighten, stimulate the mind, instigate you to think and bring about a change in the collective psyche.
  4. 4. INDIA GATE
  5. 5. Celerio is interwoven beautifully into these stories and becomes the driving force for change towards a brighter tomorrow. Celerio stands as a beautiful symbol for progress but also becomes the central character. And this would be evident in the treatment of the relationship between our characters and the car. THEIR LOVE FOR CELERIO IS ON DISPLAY THROUGHOUT THE FILM The life, soul and heartbeat of this film is the brilliant thought and the mind behind it. The characters and their emotions breathe a soul into these films. We vicariously experience these noble lives of our magnanimous characters and derive immense pleasure from watching the change that they bring about not just in their lives but also in the lives of other Indians. CHARACTERS & THEIR EMOTIONAL JOURNEY.
  6. 6. While most of us have compassion in our hearts and the ability to empathize, only a few of us consider it our prerogative to take out time from our lives to do something, however small, for someone else. Our husband and wife are wonderful people who believe in doing a little something for others, even if it’s only a little gesture. While the volume of their compassion is the same, their expressions are quite different. The wife is a lot like you and me who would be more than happy to give some money to the street kids and move on with her life but the husband is made of a different metal. He believes in experiences, moments and gestures a lot more than a little penny. Our husband and wife are young, beau3ful, newly married and share a wonderful chemistry that is apparent in every li:le exchange between them – whether it is through gestures, body language, expressions or words. There is an obvious chemistry between our couple and their car where they have had many experiences together – before and a?er ge@ng married. THE HUSBAND BELIEVES THAT WITH A FEW BEAUTIFUL MOMENTS AND EXPERIENCES, HE COULD CHANGE THE LIVES OF THESE KIDS AND GIVE THEM HOPE FOR THE FUTURE.
  7. 7. IT IS THE CHILDREN WHO ADD A SPARKLE AND A GLOW TO THIS WONDERFUL FILM WITH THEIR CHARM, INNOCENCE AND SHEER EXUBERANCE. There is a charming childishness in everything they do – when they peek into the cars, they let the glass squish their faces until they look like otters rather than people. When they stand in front of the camera for a photo, they conjure up the funniest possible faces and poses. When they feel the breeze on their faces, they are at peace, having forgotten every difficulty they ever faced. When they relish the ice cream, all they know is the sweet taste it offers. When they see the balloon fly up in the sky, lit by the sunrays behind, all they feel is the visceral quality of that inspired moment. They are children. They don’t have grudges. They don’t question the difficulty of their lives. All they know, feel and experience is the wonder of that little moment gifted to them by one wonderful human being. The children will be 3-4 boys and girls who get along beautifully and yet playfully fight and bicker with each other, teasing each other with childish pokes and remarks like children do.
  8. 8. VISUAL LANGUAGE. BEAUTIFUL, EVOCATIVE, VISCERAL AND CELESTIAL! This film that is about progressive thought, magnanimity of the heart and pure goodness deserves an overall visual treatment that makes you feel warm inside. Each of these films will have interesting cutaways that ring true within their independent setting, such that they all seem different from each other. The transitions will be interesting and seamless so that the film feels like one flowing entity like the car itself. One example is a kid turning a cycle tyre with a stick cut to the turning of the Celerio wheel. Imagine the progression of this film from a beautiful golden evening blessed with a clear blue sky to the gorgeous sunset that has painted the world in a crimson light to the majestic twilight when the world has taken on a pink hue and finally to dusk when the world is festooned in warm street lights accompanied with celebratory fairy lights.
  9. 9. As the evening sets in, the slanting orange rays from a glowing pink and purple sky create magic. Flares cut through the frames as Celerio glides down the roads of the historical city. We intercut between the wide & aerial shots of the car against the marvelous structures, roads, bridges and monuments and the Close Ups & macro shots of different features of the car keeping in mind its true personality. These features would reveal the true nature of the car – its gorgeous appearance, its excellent performance, its evocative appeal and its adherence to family values. Maruti Suzuki Celerio is perfect for a journey through the heart of India for the comfort it provides and the emotions it is able to evoke in its passengers. The car would be explored from different angles – top, low angle, aerial – to lend scale to the film and character to the car. IT IS IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND THAT THE CAR THAT ENABLES THIS ONCE IN A LIFETIME JOURNEY IS THE REAL HERO OF THE FILM. The car would be showcased in all its glory with the reflection of the world around, the reflection of the lights on the body of the car, the characters reflected through the rearview mirrors and the reflection of the world that it leaves behind for what awaits in the future. It is also of utmost importance that the car becomes a character in the film. It is as much the car’s journey as it is the children’s. It is the car’s prerogative that the children be blessed with a moment they would cherish for the rest of their lives.
  14. 14. The variety of the visuals that capture the roads, the houses, the city, the gestures and expressions of our characters and the interactions and relationship between the car and the passengers demand a piece of music that is equally rich in range. Imagine the tempo dropping to a soothing chord or a guitar string as the high speed visuals caress the car. Imagine the fast paced rhythm as the car glides down the wide roads. Imagine the twang of a traditional instrument as our character enjoys the beauty of the moment he is blessed with. This film, while evocative, visceral and absolutely heartfelt is also about exuberance, fun and sheer passion for life and its many moments. For a film such as this, the music should be touching and yet peppy. The unforgettable ‘Chakke mein Chakka’ sung by the legendary Rafi which is full of youthfulness, exhilaration and gay abandon lends itself beautifully to this film – all it needs is a touch of contemporariness. Accompanied with western sounds, modern rhythm and perhaps even stylization through a new voice in the vein of ‘Tel Maalish’ from ‘Road: The Movie’ would take the song and the film to a whole new level – becoming a perfect representative of a film that is about traditional values reinterpreted to bring them in step with the modern world’s progressive thinking. THE MUSIC WILL BE JUST AS LIVELY & DYNAMIC AS THE VISUALS.
  15. 15. NEW BABY
  16. 16. The grandmother’s feelings are two-folded, she is thrilled with the new addition to the family and to her home while she also feels that she has been a great success as a mother for having instilled the right values in her son. Since she has come alone, there is a sense that she is his only parent and has perhaps raised him all on her own. The tears glittering in her eyes talk of her independence, her strength, her devotion, her sacrifices and this newly acquired knowledge that everything she did has at last reaped a wonderful and compassionate son. A baby gives birth to a mother – what can be truer than that profound thought. To buckle down the concept of motherhood in its constrained and conservative definition takes away from the beauty of its very meaning. When our beautiful young lady of around 25 years in age holds the baby in her inexperienced arms, confident and yet afraid, she becomes a mother. She accepts the baby as her own and declares it a part of her family when she introduces it to the ‘dadi’ who is teary eyed with pride at having raised such beautiful, compassionate and large- hearted children. CHARACTERS. THEIR BEGINNINGS, JOURNEYS & DESTINATIONS.
  17. 17. Our guy, 25-27 years old is the one who drives this wonderful story forward. He is the ‘sutradhaar’ of the story and he knows how much to reveal and how much to hide in order to tell an impactful story. He is endearing, he has a mischievous streak, he is undoubtedly generous and magnanimous, he is confident in his decision and knows that his mother will only be proud because he knows his mother more than anyone else. Together they make a wonderful family and the warmth and closeness they share with each other foretells a bright and shining future for the new baby.
  18. 18. THE VISUAL DRAMA. Their faces are resplendent from the reflection of the crimson sky overhead. As the car rolls down the highway, the dark tar roads shimmer in the sunlight. The houses, trees and wilderness in the distance lend a range of colours to the frame. We will use different angles and lenses to capture both the grandness of the setting and the magnificent beauty of the car. Small features of the car will be shot in macro and close up. Shallow focus will create bokehs that will dance around in the backdrop to add a layer of wonder to the film. The setting is grand and dramatic. Planes are landing and taking off in the backdrop against the rising Sun. A new day has just dawned – a perfect analogy for a story about a new adopted baby. Beautiful golden sunlight rains down generously upon the world creating splendid flares and lending a quality of warmth and goodness to our characters. THE DRAMA OF THE AIRPORT, GOLDEN DAWN, THE EMPTY HIGHWAY & THE BLISSFUL DESTINATION.
  19. 19. The orphanage displays the vapidity of a government institution but in the midst of the quaintness of history that still dwells there, it appears welcoming and warm. Modernity interjected with antique furniture and fans, large windows and doors with intricate carvings and little statuettes lend the place a great deal of charm. The light is drifting in through the large windows, some of them with stained glass painting which add a tinge of colour to the contours of our characters. The golden sunlight fills up the space and creates a beautiful light and shadow play that lends depth and dimension to the beautiful setting with splendid wooden benches, endless corridors and wide staircases that add a wonderful timeless quality to the film.
  22. 22. MUSIC. This film is a wonderful amalgamation of the traditional Indian setting and modern progressive thinking. It is only natural that the music fit the theme perfectly. Perhaps we could create a tune in the vein of an old Bollywood song but with a new punch to it. THIS STYLE OF MUSIC WOULD ALSO ENSURE A COMMON THEME ACROSS ALL OF THE FILMS. The music that starts with an old tune and melody begins to change as the car enters the orphanage and the progressive nature of thought seeps in to the film. Imagine a beautiful old song in the voice of Hemant Kumar playing along the drive with a western percussion accentuating the beauty of the car’s movement. As the car enters the orphanage premises, the modernistic groove takes over and slowly the old song recedes into the backdrop. The strings and the chords add evocativeness and sentimentality to the beautifully themed film and all in all create a piece of music that is beautiful and memorable. We could make this style of music – amalgamation of old Bollywood and new sounds – a common thread to unite all of the films.
  23. 23. NAME CHANGE
  24. 24. CHARACTERS & THEIR JOURNEY TOGETHER Even in this modern world, gender equality as a phenomenon is still in its infantile stage. It requires constant thinking and rethinking. A lot of ideas, notions and practices that are taken for granted even in the educated and progressive families need to be questioned and rethought. Retaining your maiden name while adding your husband’s name may be a step further from entirely changing your name and with that, your identity, the treatment clearly is unequal because such a thing is never even expected from a man or the children the couple would have in future. It is wonderful when you see characters on screen make you question your beliefs and lifestyles and for that reason, this film is path-breaking. OUR CHARACTERS, WHILE IDEALISTIC, RING TRUE.
  25. 25. The husband is truly modernistic, progressive and a thinker. He is not the one to accept societal notions that have been practiced for ages simply because he knows that sometimes change is necessary and questioning existing practices even more so – because if one didn’t question, Sati could never have been abolished. He loves his wife more than anything else and the cause of her perturbation is absolutely understandable to him. He believes that the gesture of adding her name to his is a nobler thought than urging her to not change the name at all. This would lead to more questions from society and family members and he would have the opportunity to explain to them the injustice and inequality that they have accepted in their lives with closed eyes. He is truly remarkable in his ability to think out of the box and to ensure that his wife would never have to face the injustice that many women do just because they are women. This fantastic mind and heart that he possesses reflects on his face, expressions, body language and a general calmness he emanates in everything he does. There is a subtle glow on his face, a quiet solemnity in his eyes, a gentleness in his body language and the way he moves or drives his car, he exudes a charming confidence.
  26. 26. The wife is like any other woman and yet different because she is not the kind who would take injustice lying down. She clearly loves and respects her husband but it upsets her to think that someone who loves her dearly would willingly put her through a situation that’s clearly disturbing to her mind. She is young, modern and beautiful. While she accepts the new life and the change it entails, she expects her husband to understand her grievances and when eventually he does and also acts upon it, she falls even more deeply in love with him. Their comfort throughout the film with each other and the car is evident which also suggests that they have known each other for a while and have entered this institution of marriage after having been in love with each other for a while.
  27. 27. A BUDDING LOVE STORY IN A CHARMING SMALL TOWN ENVELOPED IN BRIGHT SUNLIGHT This film takes place on a beautiful bright day as Celerio rolls down with ease and comfort even through the narrow lanes of a small town adorned with bright colours of saris, jutis, carpets and spices being sold by loud shopkeepers. We can set this film perhaps in a tourist place like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer or Amritsar and capture a different essence of India. The idea is to show different Indias in each of the films and capture the diversity that enriches our nation. This also gives us the opportunity to perceive Celerio’s performance in different terrains, be it speed on a highway, maneuverability through narrow lanes or heavy traffic in big cities like Delhi or Mumbai.
  28. 28. The sun is bright and generously raining down upon our characters as they make their way towards the government office. The mirror work on the clothes being sold around throws a patterned light onto our characters lending visual drama to the film as our characters undergo diverse emotions. The government office is a typical government office with plain walls, chairs and tables from a time bygone, table fans that whirr and creak, files covered in cobwebs and dust and half doors that swing open and shut as people enter and leave. Even though a bit grungy, there is a charm and a sense of vintage quaintness to this place. With a somewhat high contrast lighting, we can add emotional drama to the visuals, story and the overall film.
  30. 30. CHARACTERS WITH INDEPENDENT GOALS BUT ONE SHARED FUTURE Once again, this thoughtful film is blessed with characters who believe in change for the better, a change that leads to an era of enlightenment. The wife is clearly a modern woman who has a bright career ahead of her and when she learns of an unexpected pregnancy, she cannot bring herself to digest the idea that she might have to sacrifice her career for something that was entirely unplanned. While she would like to balance both the lives, she is unwilling to give up her career she has carefully and passionately built. Her husband is a young businessman who has been raised with the right values and quality education. He understands the emotion his wife feels and while thrilled by the idea of becoming a father, he is not willing to sacrifice his wife’s happiness. He understands that his work is a lot more flexible than his wife’s who perhaps works in a conservative office environment while he has his own start up business. With that realization, he is more than happy to make small compromises that would result in their happiness as a family. He wants this new beginning but not at the cost of his wife’s success and happiness.
  32. 32. A BRIGHT DAY THAT FORETELLS A BRIGHT FUTURE Once again, this film takes place on a beautiful day when the skies are clear and the sunlight is generously raining down upon the world making the world look warm and bright. The exterior of the maternity clinic where the film begins is embellished with a beautiful garden full of lush green plants and trees and blossoming flowers of every colour and kind. The garden that has been just watered is glittering in the sunlight and this dew is creating beautiful bokeh effect in the out of focus depth as the car glides away. Celerio then traverses the main city roads to finally arrive at a beautiful avenue lined by colourful trees that provide shade to the roads on hot days. It’s a residential area with bungalows and tenements standing behind the trees that form this avenue. The houses are beautiful and up market. Our Celerio enters the garage of one of these houses where the husband now intends to start his business. As the car moves down this shaded road, the light and shadow play is gorgeous with shafts of light seeping in through the gaps in the leaves and branches to create gorgeous visual drama.
  35. 35. CHARACTERS & CHEMISTRIES This film would resonate with youth the most. It is the most contemporary of all – in a day and age when we are all busy getting higher education or making careers, we rarely get time for love. But when the onus is on us to find partners for ourselves, we use dating apps to make friends or find life partners. While it is a great window into the new world, it is also safe to be cautious and ensure that the person you are interested in is honest and the right person for you. In a world where certain specific roles have been allocated to men and women, it is refreshing to see these gender stereotypes being shattered by a few brave and rule-bending people. Our girl is one of those. BEAUTIFUL. VIVACIOUS. EFFERVESCENT & FULL OF LIFE. SHE BELIEVES IN SEIZING THE MOMENT. She doesn’t believe is being passive. She is the kind who would determine her own future. She is the kind who would hold the reins of her life and ensure that she stays on the right track. She is interested in a man she has met on a dating app but she refuses to be taken for a ride. She needs to meet this guy and ensure that he is what he says he is, that he is honest and true to his word. While her friend is concerned for her safety, she is also trying to mould her into a person society expects her to be. Her strong ideals, confidence in herself and her determination to live life by her own standards reflect in her appearance, dressing and hair. SHE IS CAREFREE, CASUALLY DRESSED AND WEARS WIND-SWEPT SHORT HAIR/UNTAMED CURLS EVEN ON HER FIRST DATE. This frivolity and carefreeness would make this character extremely compelling, appealing and endearing.
  36. 36. The guy is a simple character who appreciates that the girl he likes has taken the first bold step of meeting him. It is now up to him to make her feel welcomed and comfortable. He does that charmingly well by being casual and warm. He is clearly honest as has been proven by his words and actions. As they walk down the country path in the moonlight, one can see the chemistry developing. Their body language becomes casual and they laugh as they talk to each other. It gives them great joy that their dogs are also getting along well with each other.
  37. 37. THE BEAUTY OF THE NATURE, THE RUSTIC, THE UNDULATING PATHWAYS & THE CLEAR AIR The air is refreshing, the traffic is sparse and the street leading to the hill station is beautifully lit. Our Celerio worms and winds up the hill steeped in troves of natural riches past trees and wilderness, past the villages yonder that sleep, along the twisting and turning roads taking you on an evocative journey that makes you experience the rustic life like you never have. For a film that is so novel in its perspective, we need a visual treatment that brings the reality of the moment at your doorstep. It would have to be a film that makes the walls around you disintegrate and takes you on a journey through this natural splendour. Since the film takes place in the night, we would travel through locations that are well lit in beautiful moonlight accentuated by warm streetlights. Since the winter air is foggy, the effect would be nothing less than celestial. We would see Celerio from all angles – close ups of its features in shallow focus with bokeh effect lending beauty and drama to the frame, aerial shots to capture the entire moon draped beauty of the landscape, tracking shots to capture the gliding nature of the car’s movement, follow shots for speed and performance interspersed with the interior of the car and the emotions surrounding it; whether it is the girl’s anticipation of a beautiful future or the dog’s genuine pleasure of that very moment.
  38. 38. MUSIC. Music is a crucial element in any film. But when a film is riding high on emotion, it cannot be complete without evocative music. Music heightens the emotional value of a scene and the film. Music lends it life. Music makes it a journey worth undertaking. Since this film is all about love – love between Celerio and its rider, love between the girl and her future partner, love between the dog and the owner, love between two dogs and love between the dog and the car that takes it on an unforgettable adventure – it requires a track that talks about the various nuances of love, hope and freedom. Tune and melody that talk of the duality that this film partakes in – adventure and a stable future hand in hand.
  40. 40. CHARACTERS & THEIR EXPLORATION OF THE TRUE MEANING OF LOVE This is a truly heart warming film about two people who value change for the better more than most people. Our man loves and respects his partner who is a single mother who has raised her beautiful 4 year old child all on her own. He admires the chemistry between the mother and the daughter. The daughter has allowed the mother to be innocent and childlike despite the hardships at such a young age and the mother has raised a girl so young and yet so caring and loving even at that age. They are a wonderful pair and they are extremely lucky to have each other.
  41. 41. The only thing missing in their lives was a man who can be a wonderful father and a great husband. Now that they have someone who loves them equally, their lives are complete. It is not as if their worlds were incomplete or devoid of a male presence, it is just that the more the people, the more the love and joy. The man understands the anguish of a woman who naturally needs a partner like any other person does but must also take care of a child and may even be required to keep the lives separate. But he understands that such a dynamic can take a toll on all three. The man wants to ensure that he enjoys a beautiful relationship not just with the mother but also her little girl. He would rather have a life where they are all together and make each other happy and complete. He loves the little girl as much as her mother.
  42. 42. He stops once again and this time easily parks by the side of the road outside a house. Beautiful Sonam steps out of the house while still pulling up one of her shoes. This makes her cute and endearing. Prabhjot is quick to notice it and laughs at her childlike mannerisms.
  43. 43. THE MAJESTY OF THE NIGHT. Perhaps it is Sunday evening and our couple is getting ready to go out for a movie beating the evening traffic. The night is aglow in the warm street lights that cast its warmth and envelopes the entire setting in its divine lighting. The warm light occasionally caresses the gleaming car and our guy inside. The warmth of the street lights, the glow of the moonlight, the contour defining coloured lights of the neon street signs and advertising boards create a sense of drama as Celerio drives past bustling traffic to a rather peaceful and calm residential area that is lit beautifully with fairy lights and Chinese lanterns hung from the trees.
  44. 44. He stops once again and this time easily parks by the side of the road outside a house. A T R I A D O F G L O R I O U S MOONLIGHT, WARM STREET LIGHTS & THE NEON LIGHT FROM THE SIGNAGES & THE TRAFFIC
  45. 45. When a brand that denotes quality, reliability and beauty is married to a thematic that is progressive and inclusive, what you get in your palms is this set of wonderful and unforgettable films. I would consider it my honour and privilege to be associated with something that has its heart in the right place, that believes in equality and progressive thinking, that values compassion and empathy, especially in a world that thrives on mediocrity both in thought and quality. If I am given the opportunity of making these inspired films, I would want to ensure that I add to the wonderful scripts and concepts through a treatment that is contemporary, modern and world class. I would ensure that the films look sleek and beautiful even as the characters, their relationships to each other and the car create moments that are evocative, visceral and such that they pluck at your heartstrings. This film is as much about beauty as it is about emotions and it is the marriage of these two elements that would make these films shine for many years to come. I look forward to working with you on these films that would make the makers as well as the audiences proud! Let these films pave the way for future films to come. Let these films pave the way for those who believe in brotherhood, oneness, inclusion, equality and respect for one another. THANK YOU!