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Treatment Note - Axis Mutual Fund

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Along with conceiving a lot of sequences, I wrote, referenced and designed the treatment note for a well known ad film director.

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Treatment Note - Axis Mutual Fund

  2. 2. When we were kids, we weren't bothered about how something was supposed to look. It didn't matter how polished or good it looked, Anything could be what our imagination made of it. The sky could be green and the colour didn't have to stay between the lines. Somewhere along the road, we all lose touch with our inner child and we focus on more of how things should be, rather than what they can be. Was it because we stopped being creative or was it because we started listening to how people dictated things should be?   I would like this film to be an ode to that inner child who is still alive, somewhere within each of us.That child who has not yet been forced into a mould.That child who has no idea of what normal is or how things are supposed to be. Axis Mutual Fund urges us to be free and bold like we were when younger. It urges us to expand the horizons and not get bogged down by what the society considers to be behavioral boundaries. It urges us to once again dig deep and acknowledge those wishes and desires that have been suppressed for years together and let them inspire us.Axis Mutual Fund wants to pave a path for us so we can be free and bold again. 
  3. 3. C H A R A C T E R S & THEIR INNER CHILD This film is an ode to that inner child inside of us who wants to come out and be free to express itself. A film that has such a strong metaphorical meaning running through the thematic must also inhabit characters that are rich, layered even as they are symbolic. Our little kid is a manifestation of all those little kids inside of us who want to be free. She is one such liberated soul. She is like any other kid but who has been given the opportunity to spread light in the lives of the adults and inspire them to break free from the moulds to do something that they like and enjoy.The kid has taken it upon herself to show the adults that being just a little bold can make a big difference towards a better, brighter, more enjoyable tomorrow. Our little girl who is about 8-9 years old is fascinated by cars – the car once again is a metaphor for freedom, for future and the thrill of the journey – and the myriad designs one could come up with. She is like any other child who is carefree, unrestrained and unbound by political correctness that often makes us boring. She is willing to walk up to an adult and tell them to be original in as blunt a manner as possible. She is bright, effervescent and endearing. The adults are a mix of men and women of different ages between 20 and 45 and belong to middle and upper middle class. It is interesting to see their gradual “progressive” regression from being an adult to becoming a little child in behaviour, mannerisms and spirit.This unique shared event also allows them to come together, bond and forge many friendships.They become more frivolous, carefree and casual as the film progresses It is this casual behaviour and a sense of camaraderie that the kid is able to infuse in these “newborn” children.
  6. 6. LOOK, FEEL & THE VISUAL JOURNEY Our film is ripe with metaphors that help us explore the underlying philosophical and psychological strands. It is this profound layering that makes this film rich and meaningful. It would be possible to bring out these underlying elements only through a nuanced visual treatment. The look and feel of a film has the ability to express the emotion of an individual in a visual language. The space in this film would be an extension of our wonderful kid and she carries this external space with her wherever she goes. This blurring of the boundaries between her inner self and the world beyond is to make the film evocative & visceral and ensure that the audiences see the progressive journey of our characters from being stiff adults to carefree children. Keeping this in mind, we would visually break this film down into three segments. Before the kid comes into the picture, the room where the adults have entered for their workshop is a drab and boring room with four walls, a door, a few windows and one large table in the center resembling a conference room. But the moment the kid enters the room, it changes. After introducing herself to the class, she drops down rolled up wallpaper on the front wall where the white board used to hang.The kid turns on lamps that she has already placed in the corners. The quirkiness of the lamps clearly suggests that they belong to her and not the authority. She completely transforms the room into a fun place; a little kid’s creative niche.
  11. 11. T H E M O S T C R E A T I V E MODEL CARS
  13. 13. STORYFLOW We open the film with a hand sticking a poster on a door. It reads – “Reimagining Model Cars. A workshop conducted by Kaavya Verma – Expert in building, creating, innovating.”We cut to excited people waiting in the room for the instructor to walk in. They hear a sound – sound of a running car. It is getting louder; moving towards them. It’s a little electronic car that runs inside with a sense of purpose and bumps into one guy’s leg. Just as they feel bemused, a little girl of about 8-9 peeks in and says “Hi!” and walks in. One of the women inside asks her out of curiosity, half wondering if the girl is in the right place. ​“Are you here for the workshop? Here have a seat.”The kid declines saying,“No no, thank you!” Then she does something that surprises everyone – She props up on a stool and says,“Hi everyone! My name is Kaavya. I’m in class 2 and I love building cars. So today I’m gonna teach you how to do that!”
  14. 14. As the adults in the room giggle, our little girl adds, “Really! I’ve made.... (counts on her fingers) more than 300 types of cars so far. So much fun, let’s start ha?? See this box? Everything you need is in that!” The box is full of lots of colourful tiny pieces and different kinds of cars.The room is still very silent. She picks up a few of the cars she’s already made and talks about how each one is unique. “This one only works when you run, this one can split into 4 smaller cars, this one, well my grandfather built, because I forced him.” People start picking up different pieces wondering what they are supposed to do with them. They look around for moral support but almost everyone seems just as clueless. Just then the kid says, “Achcha how many of you have studied science?” One guy shoots up his hand. “Then you make a car that runs on wind energy.” She shows a balloon and says,“May be this will help.”The guy seems to enjoy the prospect of doing that.The kid points to a woman and says,“You make an anti gravity car.”And patting one guy’s back she says,“You make a car that turns into a robot.”
  15. 15. In order to compress the film while maintaining the beautiful rhythm and peppiness of the film, we can slowly drift into a montage of the girl inspiring all these men and women to be as creative and original as they can be. •  She likes a car she sees. But quickly puts a wheel on its head and says,“Why does this car only have four wheels? Agar car ulti ho gayi toh kya karoge?” •  The kid is having a time of her life, inspecting every car that is being constructed there, inspiring them, egging them on to be original in thought. •  She sees a regular car, removes its wheels and says,“Ooh this one can fly, but what if you want to go under water? Make it a submarine also na.” •  Someone makes a tank, she suggests that instead of shooting bullets, it should shoot bubbles. •  Someone is painting their car.The girl says,“Why just one colour? May be it turns neon in the night so we can see it clearly in the dark.” •  She tells one person “put an engine on both sides so you can drive it either way!” •  “Make a smart car, give it an eyes and face”
  16. 16. Finally she lands at a table where she sees a car with an orange top and asks,“Why is there an orange on top of the car?”The guy proud of himself exudes,“So people will know that this needs orange juice and not petrol.”The kid is clearly impressed. Suddenly as the kid scans the room, she realizes that everyone is doing something strange and creative now. They have dismantled their safe cars and trying to create something unique out of it.The kid is thrilled to see that her adult students have themselves turned into little kids crouching on the floor and racing their cars. We end the film with a quick stop block montage of all of them standing proudly next to their whacky creation. The VO plays in the backdrop. It exudes, “When did you stop exploring possibilities, without limits? Bring back that Bold version of you. Axis Mutual Fund will guide you with the best investment options to take you further towards your Bold goals.Axis Mutual Fund. Let's plan a BOLD future.”
  17. 17. MUSIC Just as the visual treatment of the film is a manifestation of a character’s mood and emotions, music completes the picture. It gives this world a finishing touch and enhances the overall mood of the film. The music itself has a journey of its own in our film. When the film begins, the music is soft, minimal and hopeful with a single chord or string that establishes the space that is about to change drastically. The moment the kid enters the room and transforms the room into our beautiful childhood memories, the music springs up. The strings, somewhat childish and frolicky find a buoyancy and the beats or off-beats find a tempo until this room resembles a dance floor where the building of the model cars is almost like an unrestrained dance with unconventional movements and expressions. The music could be a blend of Indian sounds and Western rhythm to showcase the free spirit of this place and the characters within. The music reaches its crescendo when the child has successfully infused her own spirit and enthusiasm in the adults around. It slowly gives way to the VO at the end that sums up the whole film.
  18. 18. It would be my pleasure to work with you on this fantastic film that is bound to etch itself in the minds of the audiences for a long time to come, both philosophically and visually.While we have a wonderful story and script in our hands, the treatment of this film can take it to another level altogether.A psychological journey is not an easy thing to convey especially when we do not have the liberty of time and dialogues like we do in feature films. For it to be successfully conveyed we need to represent it through casting, performances, expressions, body acting, visual graph and music. Every cinematic element needs to come together so we can effectively convey the inner transformation in our characters. Nuances in acting are important because child-like behaviour can seem unconvincing and artificial. Performances will be key in determining the success of this film. This film has the power to be immersive and with the overall treatment we can bring the audiences into that workshop room.The seat beneath you melts, the walls around you disappear and the roof over your heads disintegrates until your surroundings change completely and transform into the world on screen. That is the transcendental power of a film like this. My aim with this film would be to create a heightened experience that transports you from the four walls of your room to the journey into your free-spirited childhood. I look forward to working with you on this distinct and delightful film! Thank you!