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Chatbots Best Practices & Design Patterns

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Chatbots Best Practices & Design Patterns session at #PaaSForum in Budapest 2018

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Chatbots Best Practices & Design Patterns

  1. 1. Chatbots Best Practices & Design Patterns…
  2. 2. Intent Separation Entity Definition 1.Multi-language 2.Bot training Flow-chart approach 1.Multi-bot approach 2.Custom component approach 3.Channel agnostic design Best Practices Design Patterns
  3. 3. • Cloud & Mobile Solution Specialist • Oracle ACE • Blogger (www.rsantrod.com & blog.avanttic.com) • Cloud and Mobile Consultant • UI Designer & Architect • Tech Enthusiastic • Blogger & Writter (http://adfjava.blogspot.in/)
  4. 4. • The architecture and functionality of the Oracle Mobile Cloud enterprise • Build RESTful APIs using Oracle ADF BC as REST, and with Node.js • Deploy web services on Java Cloud Service and Application Container Cloud Service • Integrate different systems and building Mobile ready APIs using Mobile Cloud • An overview of Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit • Build hybrid applications using Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit • Create mobile-first Uis using zero- code platforms: Oracle VBCS and Oracle MAX • Build a Chatbot for your enterprise using Oracle Intelligent Bots Cloud Service
  5. 5. Customer Success Ajuntament de Sant Just Desvern © avanttic Consultoría Tecnológica, S.L. Oracle Mobile Cloud enterprise - chatbots Customer business challenges Improve the citizens experience with the town hall, provide an easier way for the citizens to access to the services, reduce call center cost, reduce waiting time of the citizens. Solution implemented The solution implemented is a chatbot through Facebook Messenger and a widget within their website, which helps the citizen to perform the different arrangements that the citizens can do in the town hall Next steps Add more functionality to the chatbot, including the ability to request census documents and self-assessments.
  6. 6. Chatbot terms I want to request an appointment for tomorrow at 12 Utterance Intent Entity
  7. 7. Best Practices
  8. 8. Best Practices: Intent separation
  9. 9. Best Practices: Entity definition
  10. 10. Best Practices: Entity definition
  11. 11. Best Practices: Entity definition I want a medium thin pepperoni pizza Size Crust Type Pizza
  12. 12. Best Practices: Multi-language Detect user’s language: translation services
  13. 13. Best Practices: Multi-language Detect user’s language: custom component chatbot Mobile Core / nodejs http://bit.ly/ORACLEBOTS-DETECT-LANGUAGE
  14. 14. Best Practices: Multi-language • Multi-bot approach • Translation Services Intent detection MasterBotEN ESBot CABot NLBot
  15. 15. Best Practices: Multi-language Answer in user’s language
  16. 16. Best Practices: Bot training
  17. 17. Best Practices: Bot training
  18. 18. Best Practices: Bot training
  19. 19. When you don’t need a chatbot • Mid/High Volume Search Activities • Form-filling • Login • Command Driven Activities
  20. 20. Best Practices: Instant Apps
  21. 21. Best Practices: Instant Apps
  22. 22. Design Patterns
  23. 23. Design Patterns: Flow-chart approach I have been scammed in marktplaats When/How File a report Someone broke into my house When/Where File a report My car is stolen When/Where File a report Intents Entities F L O W
  24. 24. Design Patterns: Multi-bot approach Detect Language System.switch System.intentEN System.intentES System.intentNL PolitieBot_EN PolitieBot_ES PolitieBot_NL
  25. 25. Design Patterns: Custom component approach • Bot Flow is comparatively small • Only NLP and Entity matching is used • Strong integration with Backend • Business logic intensive flow • Flexibility in bot platform • Wit.ai, Api.ai Intent Match Component A Component B Component C
  26. 26. Design Patterns: Channel agnostic design
  27. 27. Conclusions
  28. 28. Conclusions • Separate Intents • Define Entities • Use Batch/Run Report Regularly • Use Translation Services and Resource Bundles • Draw some flow diagrams • Define the boundaries • Take care of channel-agnostic features • Keep the flow fexible
  29. 29. www.linkedin.com/in/rsantrod @rsantrod ruben.rodriguez@avanttic.com Questions www.linkedin.com/in/soham-dasgupta- 91b75410 @iamsoham soham.dasgupta@capgemini.com