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my resume

  1. 1. RUBEN DARIO FELIZ 3340 BAILEY AVE APT 13-F, BRONX NY 10463 718-708-5216 House 718-548-0806 Other House Phone 347-376-9665 Cell CUSTOMER SERVICE PROFESSIONAL Employment NOVITEX ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS CUSTOMER SERVICE ASSOCIATE NEW YORK, NY, USA SEP 2009-PRESENT -Use Pi tney Bowes Connect 3000 mai ling machines. -Sor t incoming mai l and packages. -Prepare outgoing packages using FedEx Shipping management and UPS Wor ldship. -Organize and take inventory of supplies and using Excel . -Ser ve as back up for faci l ities. -Set up conference rooms and cafeteria for events. -Ser ve as back up for copy operator using GBC and Konica Minolta C6501 BIZ HUB. _Used the Oracl e system to process payments. _Ser ve as back up Customer Service answer ing the phones. 2009 - Present MACY"S MERCHANDISE HANDLER NEW YORK, NY, USA November 2007 - December 2007 -Organized merchandise on display and on the racks. -Helped customer wi th their purchase such as looking for speci f ic sizes or colors in the stock room. -Suppl ied the cash register of any addi tional suppl ies such as shopping bags and tie and shi r t boxes. -Distr ibuted the merchandise to thei r r ightful f loor and back to my designated f loor. 2007 CLEANING SERVICES PORTER/SECURITY NEW YORK, NY, USA June 2007 - August 2007 -Cleaned lobby and basement area. -Put up carpet when required. -Vacuum carpet. -Provided security in the lobby. -Conducted perimeter checks. -Swept the vicinity. -Worked at 605 3rd Ave Fisher Brother site. 2007
  2. 2. CROSS & GUARD EMPLOYMENT AGENCY MAIL/OFFICE CLERK New York, NY, USA April 2007 - July 2007 -Worked at the Natori company site. -Process and distribute all incoming mail and packages. -Input all incoming/outgoing packages using Excel. -Check email using Outlook for any additional errands and jobs. -Check and replace all lighting bulbs. -Keep an inventory of sodas and snacks and replenish as they run out. -order supplies and keep track of supplies. -Stamp outgoing mail using Pitney Bowes DM400/500/550 mailing machine. -Keep hallways clear of obstructions and maintain kitchen area clean. -Prepare boxes for storage in warehouse and keep a log of all items going into storage. -Processed all outgoing FedEx using FedEx Shipping manager 2007 PINEY BOWES MANAGEMENT SERVICES 2ND SHIFT OPERATOR New York, NY, USA April 2006 - November 2006 -Worked at Schulte Roth and Zable. -Copy litigation papers using Xerox 765 work stations. -Service the Xerox and supplied the paper to the work stations for employees to use. -Help employees with any questions regarding copy or print jobs. -delivered urgent print or copy jobs to their destination. -Keep a log of all paper used by the secretaries in their own work stations. 2006 PINKERTON SECURITY SECURITY OFFICER New York, NY, USA October 2001 - March 2002 -Provided security surveillance of building and adjacent vicinity. -Managed daily activities of loading dock and maintained daily traffic log. -Provided security for employees and oversaw parking facility. -Escorted visitors through premises. 2001-2002
  3. 3. PITNEY BOWES CUSTOMER SERVICE ASSOCIATE New York, NY, USA February 2000 - June 2001 -Oversaw correspondence and deliveries throughout site. -Developed and maintained accurate record system of transactions. -Replenished inventory for a variety of departments. -Worked at Time Warner site. 2000-2001 DYNAMEX/NYMEX MAILROOM CLERK New York, NY, USA March 1998 - February 2000 -Distributed correspondence and packages throughout the site. -Recorded all postal transactions. -Worked effectively with supervisor to collect incoming documents. -Worked at Banco do Brazil site. 1998-2000 Education BRONX COMMUNITY COLLEGE BRONX NEW YORK 1997 35 CREDITS ACCUMULATED References Furnished Upon Request