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The Electromagnetic Spectrum
The Electromagnetic Spectrum
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for LIVE Teaching 2-Practical Applications of EM wave.pptx

  1. 1. FORCE, MOTION AND ENERGY Quarter 2 Week 2
  3. 3. LEARNING COMPETENCIES •Cite examples of practical applications of the different regions of Electromagnetic (EM) waves. •Explain the effects of EM radiation on living things and the environment.
  4. 4. Recall Who am I?
  5. 5. Recall 1. I have greater frequency and energy than microwave, but of longer wavelength than visible light. Who am I? Infrared
  6. 6. Recall 2. I have the greatest energy and frequency among other EM waves, but of shortest wavelength. Who am I? Gamma Rays
  7. 7. Recall 3. I have different regions of colors, arrange in increasing frequency and energy. Who am I? Visible Light
  8. 8. Recall 4. I have the longest wavelength and least frequency and energy among other EM waves Who am I? Radio wave
  9. 9. Recall 5. I have the longer wavelength than x-ray but of greater energy than visible light ? Ultraviolet rays/ UV rays
  10. 10. ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS •How do regions of Electromagnetic spectrum affects our daily living and the environment? •Why do gamma rays considered as the most harmful type of electromagnetic wave? •How important are the radio waves in the telecommunication and information dissemination?
  11. 11. RADIO WAVE •Do you wonder how we can watch our favorite noon time show, or news program in television? Or how we can tune in our favorite FM radio station? • Since in EM wave it has the longest wavelength but of least frequency and energy at same time, this region can be use to transmit signals for communication and broadcasting.
  12. 12. RADIO WAVE How does it happen? Take a look at this picture
  13. 13. MICROWAVE •Do you wonder how we can watch our favorite NBA team in playoff, or an international event via satellite? This is due to.. • Since this wave have greater frequency and energy than radio wave, this EM spectrum is used in satellite communication. How does it happen
  14. 14. MICROWAVE Look at this picture
  15. 15. MICROWAVE Another application
  16. 16. MICROWAVE Other applications Mobile phones
  17. 17. INFRARED 1. Infrared photographs taken from a satellite with special films provide useful details of the vegetation on the Earth’s surface.
  18. 18. USES OF INFRARED 2. Infrared scanners are used to show the temperature variation of the body. This can be use in medical diagnosis. Also used in thermal scanning in the airport to detect passenger’s temperature
  19. 19. USES OF INFRARED 3. Infrared remote controls are used in TVs, video-cassette recorders and other electronic appliances.
  20. 20. USES OF INFRARED 4. Infrared telescope used to study in celestial bodies
  21. 21. USES OF INFRARED 5. Autofocus camera has a transmitter that sends out infrared pulses.
  22. 22. USES OF INFRARED 6 Augmentative communication devices. 7. Car locking system 8. Computer’s mouse, keyboards and printers 9. Emergency response system 10. Headphones 11. Home security system 12. Navigation system 13. Signages 14. Telephones and some toys
  23. 23. VISIBLE LIGHT The visible light shares the thinnest slice in the electromagnetic spectrum. It lies in between the infrared and the ultraviolet rays. It is the only EM wave perceived by the human eye. White light is made up of variety of colors arranged as follows: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. Though the colors travel at the same speed, they come in different wavelengths.
  24. 24. VISIBLE LIGHT From red to violet, the colors comes from decreasing wavelength. Red has the longest wavelength and violet has the shortest. Our eyes is sensitive to EM with a wavelength range between 4 X 10-7 meters to 7 X 10-7 meters.
  26. 26. VISIBLE LIGHT-application 1. Optical fibers in medical use 2. Screen of electronic device 3. Artificial lighting
  27. 27. ULTRAVIOLET RAYS Ultraviolet radiation lies beyond the violet of the visible spectrum. It’s wavelength is shorter than the visible light but carry more energy and higher frequency. The sun is our main source of ultraviolet radiation, but there are also artificial sources of UV light.
  28. 28. USES OF UV RAYS UV radiation in UV lamps are used by banks to check the signature on a passbook and also used to identify fake banknotes
  29. 29. USES OF UV RAYS 2. Ultraviolet radiation is also used in sterilizing water from drinking fountains.
  30. 30. USES OF UV RAYS 3. Some washing powder also contains fluorescent chemicals which glow in sunlight making shirts whiter than white in daylight. 4. UV radiation in sunlight produced vitamin D in the skin and gives us tanning effect.
  31. 31. X-RAYS X-rays just comes next after ultraviolet rays. They are shorter wavelength but carries higher energy than the UV rays. X- rays are produced using an X-ray tube. They are emitted when fast moving electrons hit a metal target. X-rays were discovered by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen in 1895
  32. 32. X-RAYS Long wavelength x-rays can penetrate the flesh but not the bones. They are used in X-ray photography to help doctors look inside the body. They are useful in diagnosing bone fracture and tumors.
  33. 33. X-RAYS 2. Short wavelength X-rays can penetrate even through metals. They are used in industry to inspect welded joints for faults especially in engineering. 3. All x-rays are dangerous because they can damage healthy living cells of the body. This is why frequent exposure should be avoided. Too much exposure to X-rays can damage body tissues and can cause cancer.
  34. 34. GAMMA RAYS Gamma rays lies at the end of the electromagnetic spectrum. They are the shortest in wavelength and highest in frequency. They carry the highest amount of energy; thus, they are the most dangerous. Gamma rays are emitted by stars and some radioactive substances. They can only be blocked with lead and thick concrete.
  35. 35. GAMMA RAYS Gamma rays are very strong that they can kill living cells. Gamma rays are used to treat cancer cells through the process called radiotherapy. They are also used in sterilizing medical tools.
  36. 36. EXERCISES Direction: Identify the type of electromagnetic wave used in each application 1. Sterilization of medical tools – Gamma rays 2. Use to treat cancer cells – Gamma rays 3. Remote control – Infrared 4. Thermal scanning – Infrared 5. Artificial lighting – Visible light
  37. 37. EXERCISES Direction: Identify the type of electromagnetic wave used in each application 6. RADAR – Microwave 7. – diagnosis of bone fracture & tumors X-rays 8. Optical fibers – Visible light 9. Broadcasting communication – Radio wave 10. Detecting fake banknotes – UV rays
  38. 38. Please be guided
  39. 39. Reference Science 10 Quarter 2 Self-Learning Module
  40. 40. PREPARED BY: Mr. Rowel V. Engreso Science Teacher