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The Key Habit of Highly Effective Teams

All teams set out with great dreams, but few achieve great things. Why? The answer lies in the ability to empower your teams with maximum clarity. But clarity is a habit you need to cultivate, within yourself and across your teams. This is my three-pronged framework for ensuring clarity in the workplace so your teams can go from dreaming big dreams to achieving great things.

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The Key Habit of Highly Effective Teams

  1. The Key Habit of Highly Effective Teams Justin Rosenstein @rosenstein
  2. Hi, I’m Justin Rosenstein, co-founder of Asana. (but this deck isn't about Asana)
 For a decade, I’ve been obsessed with one urgent question for every leader...
  3. Why do some teams march in unison and achieve big dreams…
  4. while others waste time, get stressed, and lose steam?
  5. I’ve found that the answer is CLARITY
  6. CLARITY OF PURPOSE CLARITY OF PLAN CLARITY OF RESPONSIBILITY Highly effective teams get 3 things from their leaders.
  7. Clarity of PurposeClarity of Purpose 1. Highly effective leaders give their teams
  8. To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible 
 and useful To give people the power to share and make the world more open 
 and connected To help create an open world — where everyone’s at home and can belong, anywhere Today’s best-performing teams know why they exist and what they are trying to achieve. Ours is:
 To help humanity thrive by enabling all teams to work together effortlessly
  9. Ask yourself: If we’re wildly successful, 
 how will the world 
 be different?
  10. It’s easy to forget purpose when everyone’s working hard and in the weeds.
  11. A leader’s job is to ground the team in its purpose.
  12. Focused on relating purpose to customer feedback Every week, we review quotes from our customers that remind us when we are and when we’re not fulfilling 
 our purpose. Look, we’re helping teams work together with 
 less effort! Ouch! We need to adjust because we’re not meeting our purpose for this guy.
  13. Deliver software to… An engineer writes code to… To help humanity thrive by enabling all teams to work together effortlessly Clarity of Purpose filters down to everything your team does — even writing a line of code. Focused on relating purpose to everyday tasks
  14. With Clarity of Purpose, team members see the importance 
 of their work — no matter how 
 small or mundane their task 
 might seem.
  15. Does your team know: Why your organization or project exists? If you’re wildly successful, how the world will be different? How your day-to-day activities relate to your purpose? Are you providing Clarity of Purpose?
  16. Clarity of Purpose shows your team why… Next, Clarity of Plan will show them how.
  17. Clarity of PurposeClarity of Plan 2. Highly effective leaders give their teams
  18. Without Clarity of Plan: Projects slip past their deadlines Teams march dutifully forward… in the wrong direction Meetings end with no clear actions 1. 2. 3.
  19. To achieve Clarity of Plan: Start by creating a master strategy with your team. Purpose Master Strategy
  20. Master Strategy The strategy articulates the top-level pillars of how you’ll fulfill your purpose. Design Mobile Customer Success
  21. Ensure all teammates give feedback and have access to this master strategy. Master Strategy
  22. Master Strategy Key Result Purpose Next, create key results you’ll be tracking and working to achieve. These are measurable goals to be delivered by a specific date. Key Result Key Result
  23. Now you can map out the projects 
 and tasks that will drive your 
 key results. Master Strategy Key Result Project Task Purpose Key Result Key Result Project Project Project Project Project Task Task Task Task Task Task Task Task Task Task Task
  24. Armed with Clarity of Plan, your team will march confidently forward. As you do, check in regularly on progress. Celebrate successes, big and small.
  25. But what happens 
 when things aren’t going according 
 to plan?
  26. Clarity! Conduct a 5 Whys 1. Ask “Why?” 
 2. Then ask “Why?” of the answer you get. 3. Keep up the curiosity until you get to the root problem, so you can address it and get back on plan. Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?
  27. Are you providing Clarity of Plan? Does your team know: What the master strategy is and how to help craft it? How their tasks fit into the master strategy? How to measure successes against your key results? How to get to the root of the problem when things veer off course?
  28. Clarity of Responsibility settles the who. If Clarity of Purpose shows your team why… And Clarity of Plan shows them how...
  29. Clarity of Purpose Clarity of Responsibility 3. Highly effective leaders give their teams
  30. Clarity of Responsibility happens when you make one person responsible for each piece of your team’s plan.
  31. When everyone knows their areas of responsibility — the places 
 they have autonomy — it eliminates ambiguity, reduces politics, and empowers team members to bring their full motivation to work.
  32. While only one person should hold responsibility for a project, others can hold responsibility for a task within it. Remember: chaos starts when you make two people responsible for the same thing. Project Task Task
  33. Great leaders give Clarity 
 of Responsibility and then actually hand it off... Micromanages, meddles, and holds 
 tightly onto the controls 
 rather than handing over responsibility and empowering the team
  34. Instead, it’s OK to ask them for an outcome and give them the space 
 and freedom to deliver it. 
 Then advise, coach, support, and 
 help them grow — which they’ll 
 really appreciate. Focused on developing his 
 team through responsibility and accountability
  35. Ask yourself: Which kind of leader am I?
  36. Does your team know: The one person responsible for each piece of your plan? What their individual areas of responsibility are? That they have autonomy to figure out how to deliver an outcome? Are you providing Clarity of Responsibility?
  37. While the path to achieving great things will always 
 be a challenge…
  38. You can 
 maximize your team’s 
 for success.
  39. If you keep in mind that…
  40. As a leader your job is to empower everyone around you with maximum clarity.
  41. Clarity of PURPOSE RESPONSIBILITY It’s the difference between having great dreams and achieving great things. PLAN
  42. Want to send me feedback or questions? I’m @rosenstein