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K2C Listening - Social Media Monitoring and Engagement

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K2C Listening brings in all mentions about your company and to your company in real time and allows you to respond in real time to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram postings and more. PLUS a rich back office series of insights and analytics is provided to show you how to use your Social Media better.

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K2C Listening - Social Media Monitoring and Engagement

  1. 1. Social Web Monitoring and Engagement tool Key Benefits and Advantages
  2. 2. K2C Listening: A Summary • K2C Listening tracks down all relevant conversations made to and about a brand, product, competitor and industry and brings them into the console in real time • Monitor conversations on the entire social web • All Major Social Networks • All News sites, blogs and forums • In all countries • In Real- Time • Monitors and allows Real-Time Engagement too • Links in with Google Analytics too
  3. 3. Some Key Benefits • Brings in all Social Media mentions in real time into one inbox • Allows full response/engagement on any social profile • Advanced Publishing Tools • Assign mentions • Reply to mentions • Retweet direct from the tool • Skill base route the mentions by profile • Resolve mentions automatically or individually • Resolve mentions one by one or in bulk
  4. 4. Some Key Benefits • Monitoring of competitors • Automation recipes possible • Canned responses and tagging • Custom dashboards possible • Automatic emailing of reports and data on daily, weekly monthly basis • Team performance dashboard showing individual performance of agents and/or team • Custom user roles – 33 possible levels • Chart building possible with templates and customisable • Branded interface
  5. 5. More Key Benefits • Determination of Sex and age and geography of responders possible • Details of when customers are active by day and even hour • Approval flows for supervisors • Summary pages of all social media profiles in one place showing numbers, growth and KPI’s • Shows top photos and videos too
  6. 6. K2C Listening: Monitor. Evaluate. Engage  Some of our Listening users:
  7. 7. K2C Listening: Monitor. Evaluate. Engage  K2C Listening monitors all mentions ABOUT a company and TO a company in real time from the web in any language  Allows full engagement in real time direct from the console/tool  Most comprehensive monitoring tool available  All major Social media profiles, blogs, forums, news sites and websites  Allows full engagement in real time to any posting or Tweet on any social media profile with advanced publishing tools  Extensive set of Reports, Analytics and Charts – available in real time and exportable  Web Agent Team Performance monitored and reported on  Sentiment, sex, geography and age all defined and shown  Easy and fast to set up and implement  Cloud based so zero intrusion into a customers IT environment
  8. 8. Klick2Contact EU Ltd www.klick2contact.com Suite 36, 88-90 Hatton Garden, London, EC1N 8PG, United Kingdom Telephone: +44 (0) 845 434 8162 Email: info@klick2contact.com Thank you