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Dev-Jam 2019 - Developing & Contributing to OpenNMS

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Talk from Markus von Rüden about the tools we use and the development and contribution workflows to get your contribution into the project.

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Dev-Jam 2019 - Developing & Contributing to OpenNMS

  1. 1. Contribute to OpenNMS DEV JAM 2019 
 June 24, 2019 to June 28, 2019 Markus von Rüden who | what | where | how
  2. 2. Who Am I Involved with OpenNMS since end of 2012 
 Full time contributor for The OpenNMS Project since March 2013 Stuttgart, DE https://dev.marskuh.de
 https://github.com/mvrueden Joined ~2013 mvrueden // mvr
 Markus von Rüden Most Recent Contributions 
 Bootstrap 4 Migration Ulf Login Screen Geocoder Config UI Grafana Endpoint UI Reporting UI (WIP)
  3. 3. Who contributes to the OpenNMS project? The OpenNMS Group (TOG) Order of The Green Polo (OGP) OpenNMS Community
  4. 4. What to contribute? Documentation Code Configs Report templates Bug Reports Knowledge Features Stories Ideas Games Comics Songs
  5. 5. Where to Contribute? Chat GITHUB JIRADiscourse Configuration, documentation, patches, features Knowledge blogyoutube
  6. 6. Contribution Workflow Create Issue Checkout / Create Branch Make Changes Create Pull Request Contributor Member of TOG ReviewBuild Pipeline Merge to target branch Next Release* * Horizon Releases are every 3rd Thursday
  7. 7. Create Issue // Important fields Feature? Bug? Configuration? Story Bug Configuration Issue TypeIs it a Don’t worry about the fields too much
 we will fill them in for you Summary Affected Version Description Required fields @ issues.opennms.org
  8. 8. Issue Workflow OPEN IN PROGRESS IN REVIEW RESOLVED/ CLOSED Issue Created Working on Issue Pull Request created Pull Request merged
  9. 9. Set up your environment latest JDK 8 Maven >= 3.5 PostgreSQL Server >= 9.5 makensis Pearl git MAC OS Users 
 Docker Build Image
 https://hub.docker.com/r/opennms/build-env jicmp, jicmp6 (optional)
  10. 10. Git & Github Create account @ https://github.com/join Generate SSH Key
 https://help.github.com/en/articles/generating-a-new-ssh-key-and-adding-it-to-the-ssh-agent Add SSH Key to your Account
 https://help.github.com/en/enterprise/2.15/user/articles/adding-a-new-ssh-key-to-your-github-account Optionally add GPG Key to your Account
 https://help.github.com/en/articles/adding-a-new-gpg-key-to-your-github-account Install git either via desktop.github.com or git command o/
  11. 11. Git Settings Ensure git config —global user.name and user.email are set properly Optionally sign the commits The user.email should match any github user account email address Please use real user name and email address as it shows up in the commit history 1 2 1 2
  12. 12. Code base // Github • Code is hosted at GitHub • Everything (https://github.com/OpenNMS) • OpenNMS (https://github.com/OpenNMS/opennms) • Patches, Config files, Documentation typo fixes, new documentation • Only members of The OpenNMS Group and The Order of the Green Polo have direct commit access • There is a way for contribution —> Fork Project • Questions: https://chat.opennms.org @ OpenNMS Development Channel
  13. 13. 1. Go to the OpenNMS repository @ https://github.com/OpenNMS/opennms 3. Go to your fork of OpenNMS 
 @ https://github.com/mvrueden/opennms 2. Fork OpenNMS Forking the OpenNMS Project
  14. 14. Github Desktop Application works for Mac and Windows users Download from https://desktop.github.com/ Clone your OpenNMS Repository @ https://github.com/mvrueden/opennms Alternative git clone command
  15. 15. Manually create pull request at https://github.com/OpenNMS/opennms/pulls/create and compare across forks Pull Request Magic Choose base fork/branch and head fork/branch
  16. 16. OCA not signed? Fill out https://wiki.opennms.org/wiki/images/6/6b/ContributorAgreement.pdf send to oca@opennms.org
  17. 17. Tools Atom.io Visual Studio Code Vi, Emacs, … IntelliJ Eclipse yEd - Graph Editor DataGrip - Database Tool Development Single File / Documentation Others
  18. 18. Which base branch to use? Meridian Horizon Branch M2015 H14 foundation bug fixes M2016 H17 foundation-2016 M2017 H19 foundation-2017 M2018 H21 foundation-2018 M2019 TBA, most likely H25 foundation-2019 (not yet available) - H24.1.1 release-24.1.1 next major release develop new features
  19. 19. Branch naming conventions most branches jira/<issue-number> jira/NMS-1000 feature branches features/ features/graph-service test branches <user-prefix>/ mvr/navbar-rework
  20. 20. Coding Conventions • Always create JIRA issue first • Only change what is in the focus of the issue • No whitespace changes • No re-arranging of imports • Don’t comment obvious things • Always provide test coveraged • No issue required for small changes, such as typos or minor documentation changes • Always prefix commits with issue number • No TODOs
  21. 21. Useful git commands Git Cheat Sheet
  22. 22. General Build Steps ./clean.pl Deletes all target directory for root and assembly projects ./compile.pl -DskipTests compiles project ./assemble.pl -p dir -DskipTests [-Dopennms.home=/opt/opennms] produces tar.gz distribution time (./clean.pl && ./compile.pl -DskipTests && ./assemble.pl -Dopennms.home=/opt/opennms - DskipTests); say "OpenNMS may be ready for deployment” Takes roughly 15-20 Minutes if .m2 already populated, otherwise hours
  23. 23. Run Individual Tests Do a full build cd features/<my-feature> mvn clean install -DskipTests mvn test 
 For the whole module, will not run ITs mvn verify -DskipITs=false 
 Runs Unit and Integration Tests
 mvn clean test -Dtest=<myTest> -Dmaven.surefire.debug mvn clean verify -DskipITs=false -Dit.test=<myIT> -Dmaven.failsafe.debug
 This will also run all Unit Tests and the specified IT
  24. 24. Run Smoke Test Always only run a single test. Never the whole suite! Requires Firefox 45.0.2. Alternatively use Chrome, which requires chromedriver Do a full build 
 (or use mvn clean install -DskipTests --also-make) cd smoke-test mvn clean install -DskipTests 
 (make sure it compiles) mvn clean verify -Dsmoke=true -DskipITs=false -Dit.test=<myTest> [-Dmaven.failsafe.debug] mvn clean verify -Dorg.opennms.smoketest.webdriver.use-chrome -D"chrome.path=/ Applications/Google Chrome.app/Contents/MacOS/Google Chrome" -DskipITs=false - Dit.test=AngularLoginRedirectIT [-Dmaven.failsafe.debug]
 (Run with Chrome instead of Firefox)
  25. 25. Run System Test Always only run a single system test, never the whole suite System Tests require the OpenNMS Docker Test images Bamboo must have build them, otherwise this is going to be more tricky Checkout repository 
 https://github.com/OpenNMS/opennms-system-test-api Modify accordingly
 https://github.com/mvrueden/scripts/blob/master/opennms/system-tests.sh Downloads the RPMs from Bamboo and builds the Docker Images
 ./system-tests.sh https://bamboo.opennms.org/browse/OPENNMS-OPENNMS57-2 mvn clean verify -Dorg.opennms.smoketest.docker=true -Dsmoke=true [- Dorg.opennms.smoketest.docker.skipTearDown=true] -DskipITs=false -Dit.test=HealthCheckIT - Dorg.opennms.advertised-host-address=
  26. 26. • OpenNMS in Debug mode
 $OPENNM_HOME/bin/opennms -t start • If Docker Image, ensure Debug Port 8001 is exposed • Maven with debug options will open a port on 5005 • Add a remote debug connection from your IDE using port 8001 or 5005
  27. 27. bundle:watch * • OpenNMS is most likely run as root • link <root-home>/.m2/repository to <your-user>/.m2/ repository • ssh into OpenNMS’ Karaf Shell: ssh admin@localhost -p 8101 • bundle:watch * • now do a mvn clean install -DskipTests of your maven module (must be a bundle) and it will automatically be refreshed no rebuild required
  28. 28. Only assemble.pl Check all the root modules which have been changed
 git status Manually build each non bundle maven module (i.e. opennms-webapp)
 mvn clean install -DskipTests Stop OpenNMS, delete target and rerun 
 ./assemble.pl -p dir -DskipTests Even faster
 If only one jar changed, you can copy it to target/opennms-<version>/lib and restart OpenNMS
  29. 29. UI Work Most UI Work can be done without restarting or rebuilding 
 (except Java changes or new Javascript Modules) Java-Script changes • Link jetty-webapps/opennms/assets to core/web-assets •echo "org.opennms.web.assets.minified=false" > ${OPENNMS_HOME}/etc/ opennms.properties.d/assets.properties • yarn build in core/web-assets on each change or yarn watch JSP-Changes in opennms-webapp
 rsync -auv src/main/webapp/ /Users/mvrueden/dev/opennms/drift2/target/ opennms-25.0.0-SNAPSHOT/jetty-webapps/opennms
  30. 30. Questions?
  31. 31. Where to go from here? Developer Guide 
 https://docs.opennms.org/opennms/branches/develop/guide-development/guide- development.html IntelliJ
 https://wiki.opennms.org/wiki/IDEA_and_OpenNMS Eclipse
 https://wiki.opennms.org/wiki/Eclipse_and_OpenNMS Issues
 https://issues.opennms.org Discourse
 https://opennms.discourse.group/tags/devjam-2019 Chat
 chat.opennms.com @ DEV JAM Checkout the Github Repository
 https://github.com/opennms/opennms Git Cheat Sheet