Design Project Overview

  1. Design Project OverviewDesign Project Overview PEGN 151 Bowling Coursepack
  2. PurposePurpose Create a coursepack that graphically reflects the sport of bowling. Provide more objective learning material to the students in the class. Provide information that helps the student improve their skills, thus improving their game.
  3. DescriptionDescription A graphic enriched coursepack that uses visual aids, photos, and illustrations. Replaces outdated course guide from 1983. Uses modern terminology. Promotes bowling as a recreational activity.
  4. AudienceAudience Students who are beginning bowlers. Phase-II students who are intermediate bowlers. Post class students.
  5. Tools UsedTools Used MS Word 2000 Dell Photo Editor MS Excel
  6. Design elementsDesign elements Font Selection Textboxes Photos Graphics
  7. Font SelectionFont Selection Primary text is Oldstyle. Textbox text is Sans Serif. Headers are Oldstyle but larger and bold. 12 point is used for better legibility of the main copy.
  8. TextboxesTextboxes Used to highlight important supplemental text. Used for photo captions. Used for PBA player profiles.
  9. PhotosPhotos •Gives students a visual learning aid.Gives students a visual learning aid. •Serves as supplemental instruction.Serves as supplemental instruction. •Used for historical information.Used for historical information.
  10. GraphicsGraphics Stinger.gif Tornado.gif •Gives audience better visual learning tools. •Can relate image to practical applications. •Serves as future reference.
  11. ConclusionConclusion Final completion target June 30, 2003. Printers by July 5, 2003. Available for Fall 2003 classes.
  12. ReflectionsReflections Merged graphics and writing into one project. Will enhance portfolio when finished. Might help me to bowl better?
  13. The EndThe End