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  1. Dental products Presented by Drx. Kolhe Yash Anil F.Y Bpharm Satara college of pharmacy SCOP
  2. Index • Dental products • Anticaries Agent • Dentifrices • Desensitizing agent • Cement and Filler
  3. Dental products Dental products are used to maintain the dental hygiene and to prevent the decay of tooth
  4. Anticaries Agent • Dental caries or tooth decay is caused by acid produced by the action of microorganism or carbohydrates, it involves decalcification of the tooth accompanied by foul odour
  5. • Dental caries or cavities are formed by the growth and implantation of microorganisms on surface of teeth. • Dental caries can be prevented by maintaining the oral and dental hygiene with the help of dentifrices. • Enhance the removal of stain and dental plaque.
  6. Examples: Anticaries agents-sodium fluoride, stannous fluoride, sodium monofluorophosphate (USP)
  7. • Cleaning Agents or Dentifrices Dentifrices or cleaning agents are the inorganic substance which is used for cleaning teeth and adjacent gums. These agents are responsible for physically removing plaque and debris
  8. • Dentifrices contain agents deanting tooth surface and providing polishing effect on the cleaned tooth. • Examples for dentifrices include calcium carbonate, dibasic calcium phosphate
  9. Desensitizing agents • Usually teeth are somewhat sensitive to heat and cold. • Especially during teeth decay or toothache. • The perception of heat and cold has been felt strongly.
  10. • Desensitizing agents are used in dental preparation so as to reduce sensitivity of teeth to heat and cold • The exact mechanism is not known. • They act probably like local anaesthetic • Examples: Zinc chloride, strontium chloride.
  11. • Cement and Fillers Dental cements are used to temporarily cover or protect the area that has undergone operation as in dental surgery. The temporary cement is also medicated usually with eugenol which is antiseptic and local anaesthetic.
  12. • Fillers: • It is used for temporary fillings. • It can be used as Pulp capping agent and Cavity Liners • The secondary use of zinc eugenol cement is root canal restorations
  13. • The consistency of the cement can be controlled by additives. • A cement of suitable consistency finds use as temporary fillers for cavities. • Most often noble metal and their alloys are used as permanent filing materials.
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