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Trend and jewellery

No matter the Jewellery is precious or not, what matters more now is ‘it is beautiful and trendy or not’. Go with the trend and you are going to rock every event!

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Trend and jewellery

  1. 1. Trend and Jewellery India is a country where jewellery is not considered as something that enhances your overall look and adds t your beauty, it is also an important part of married women here. Different ornaments symbolize different things about the women. Like Sindoor, Bichhiyas the rings she wears in her feet and the Mangalsutra hanging around her neck can tell that the lady is married. Jewellery has become an important part of our life. Whether you wear it out of fear in the form of rings or pendants carrying precious or semi- precious stones or just to keep yourself up with the latest fashion.
  2. 2. The Journey of Jewellery: Wearing ornaments has always been loved by every women from all ages. Going back several years, if we look at our ancestors, the ladies used to wear jewelleries made of colourful pebbles, flowers, leaves etc. As the civilization developed and people became more aware they discovered metal. This was the time when the ladies started wearing jewelleries made of aluminium, copper and even iron. As time passed, people realized that gold is the most precious metal and sooner they started moulding it into jewelleries and coins. Gold ornaments were adored not only by ladies but also by men during the era of kings and queens. Types of Jewelleries: Jewellery is no less than clothing. It has seen so many transformations and still undergoes lot of changes as per the changing trend. The fashion is dynamic and so is the jewellery as it form a major part of fashion in a way. There are varieties of jewelleries as per the occasion they are used to wear. But basically there are two categories:
  3. 3. • Typical Traditional Jewellery- These are heavy Jewelleries beautifully moulded in unique style. Many such types of Jewellery are usually a part of a clan and are passed through generations. They are very expensive and rare. Such heavy Jewelleries were usually worn by brides. Brides in south India still wear such traditional Jewelleries.
  4. 4. • Partywear Jewellery- These are simple, elegant and delicate Jewelleries. These are mostly meant for wearing in parties and other such functions, therefore these are made as per the latest trend. Much such artificial Jewellery are adorned by famous celebrities as well because of their elegant and eye conic designs. The variety you get in this category is usually not seen in gold. And these are safe to wear as you don’t have to worry even if you lose them by any chance. The latest design Jewellery is what youngsters these days die for.
  5. 5. The Change in Trend: These was a time when brides used to cover them up with heavy loud Jewelleries but now everyone prefers to keep it light and simple. Many of them even prefer to match the Jewellery with dress and this option they can get only in artificial category. No matter the Jewellery is precious or not, what matters more now is ‘it is beautiful and trendy or not’. Go with the trend and you are going to rock every event!