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HERE IT IS !!!! PART 3 OF THREE FROM SYM-ZONIA'S SUMMER OF SYM.-ERGY ~~~ (2014) with it's original BONUS COVER !!!

YES, it's a fact: THE PYRAMID LAKE INDIAN RESERVATION as it turned out, is shaped just like the outline of a KEY!!! making it beyond any doubt the TRUE KEY of the TRUCKEE RIVER... But we all know there's little sense in having a TRUE KEY until you can also match it to its TRUE LOCK !! So JOIN Native American UNK-KNOWN, Stephanie Beckon, Randy Kajtushka and the regular cast of experts, along w/ COL. JOHN CHARLES FREMONT, as they do what they can to assist Rupert Roget (Ret) former surveyor of Coon County, Oregon, to locate the TRUE LOCK that can UNLOCK your SUMMER OF SYM-ERGY !!!

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  2. 2. From the desk of Players, Players, PLAYERS!!!! WELCOME BACK to the TRUCKEE !! The PYRAMID LAKE INDIAN RESERVATION – The TRUE KEY of the TRUCKEE !! & vicinity thereof !! Please NOTE the implementation of YES!! yet another BONUS COVER for This Issue – creating a rare, even-more-than-unique situation of BONUS  back-to-back Bonus Covers !! -- which is intended as a big, WORLD-WIDE WAKE-UP CALL & also to serve as a gross illustration of the major premise here exercised, of the role of the conceptual INVERSION !! Indeed, you may observe such occurring AT THIS STAGE of our Expedition on behalf of Summer … Which I will demonstrate HEREINBELOWard!!! The TRUE KEY of the TRUCKEE HAS NOW BEEN REVEALED – to the WONDERING EYES of the ENTIRE GLOBALLY-EXTENDED WORLD ! Please refer back to the Last TRUE KEY Issue !! [ … Which tragically had to be issued as the TRUE- CRIME-TRUE KEY [Q.V.—Ed.] Issue, in view of the fact , that someone TOOK !!!! the original TRUE KEY map from the BANKROPT – Ed.] ] by CASTING YOUR INQUISITIVE GAZE(S) thereto … [Proposing a new plural form for archaic “gazes” here – suggest “geeze” – Ed.] [As in, “The group, almost as one, thew their geeze over the waters of Pyramid lake – Ed.] over the waters of PYRAMID LAKE!! PLAYERS!!! YES!!! Let me just say it once again …. because you’re seeking SUMMER S.Y.M.-ERGY! The stiuation is, that the LOCK lies within the KEY – or, to be precse, the TRUE LOCK fits within the TRUE KEY in his case, PRECISELY BECAUSE, PLAYERS …. of A CRITICAL, INTELLECTUAL INVERSION!!! [? – Ed.] Which I have represented by the BONUS COVER !!!
  3. 3. LAST ISSUE we learned, thanks to the experienced guidance of RUPERT ROGET, P.L.S., Coon County Survyeor (Ret.)  that, CONTRARY TO ACCEPTED OPINION, And there REALLY, REALLY IS … And, PLAYERS, what did I say? O.K. …. – yes … Right… RIGHT!!! But what I mean is… REMEMBER!!?? That.. I recommended to YOU, Players, that you begin the customary HUNT for something that would show us a LOCK that would FIT the TRUE KEY like … oh… maybe… hmmmm….. RIGHT !!! VERY Good…. And I had a couple … “Suggestions” !!! One or two MAPS for your consideration! But I was trying to get you to SEE what was in fact THERE ALL THE TIME RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES !!! NAMELY, that …. And so, Pyramid LAKE is therefore a TRUE LOCH, as it is inside the TRUE KEY, which is the Pyrmaid Lake Indian Reservation – the P.L.I.R. -- It’s fairly simple and straightforward … once you realize the STRATEGIC truth of this INVERSION !! Thereafter, you NOW realize, that the ANSWER was actually staring you in the face the entire time !!!!
  5. 5. And now, a SUBMISSION from Players!! I’ve rotated this picture 90° counter-clockwise – to the LEFT !!!  ! (Approx.!) Just so’s you know!!! That one doesn’t count!!
  6. 6. Did ORION CLEMENS have a GHOST-WRITER ? PLAYERS!!! We reminded you a couple issues ago, in the TRUCKEE Issue, regarding the well-known historical fact, that President Abraham Lincoln had a unique responslbility for the creation of the State of Nevada, by initiating legislation to create the NEVADA Territory, divide it from the vast UTAH Territory. As I mentioned, this action of Unkle Abe, checked the other territorial ambitions of Brigham Young, and established a new Republican- controlled stronghold in the West, in the weeks following the “Secesh” abandonment of the Union. LINCOLN appointed one of his Republican party supporters – a gentleman, journalist, etc. by the name of ORION CLEMENS to be the first Secretary/Governor of the newly created Territory of Nevada…. (1861) . Upon his arrival in Nevada, and making his official headquarters of the new Territory in downtown CARSON CITY, among other things, ORION CLEMENS designed the new NEVADA TERRITORIAL SEAL  notable for its Loyalist or Unionist expression. AND IN SHORT ORDER GOVERNOR/ SECRETARY CLEMENS began posting back to the COMMMISIONER of the GENERAL LAND OFFICE, as to the status of commerce and development – principally mining, timbering & railroads – within this NEW TERRITORY !! Y eee-HAAAA!! THERE WAS A LOT GOING ON ! Much for Orion to do, much to keep track of, many reports to file – so it’s a good thing he took along with him, his KID BROTHER .... YOU KNOW HOW KID BROTHERS CAN BE
  7. 7. YES~!!! Along with him to act as is own PERSONAL SECRETARY and help in FILING THINGS – you know -- and TYPING !! -- WAIT !!! – That would be LATER !! The TYPEWRITER wasn’t quite nvented at the time. PLAYERS!!!! The following letter is just one of the official correspondences of ORION CLEMENS !! that may be WORTHY OF YOUR ATTENTION -- This SUMMER !!! It was published in Vol. V of the TWELVE VOLUME HOUSE DOCS for the year 1862-63!! It appears to have been written in the SECRETARY’S OFFICE [Meaning ORION‘s office – at least, I suppose .... ??? -- Ed.] in CARSON CITY, N. T., and is dated November 7, 1862. It is numbered “3” in the compilation just referenced foreinabove! The author reports that he -- or “we” -- [ But WHO ELSE COULD HAVE BEEN WITH “HIM”? – Ed.] has just returned from VIRGINIA CITY – and so he files this report ON MINING ACTIVITIES THERE – which are CONSIDERABLE !! BUT PLAYERS !!! The compositional characterisitics of the letter SEEM a little bit ...WELL, SCATTERBRAINED !!! READ FOR YOURSELF [/(Ves) !--- Ed.] IT’S GOOD !!! Make no MISTAKE!! But there’s a definite sort of seemingly bumbling or maybe groping-about beginning, followed by a helter-skelter list of references to the going market prices of sundry mining supplies – And then …..!!! It’s near the BOTTOM of the page – last paragraph – and I’ve highlighted it here with a handy-dandy bright YELLOW HIGHLIGHTER This extremely odd, almost IMPRESSIONISTICAL moment-by-moment and first person (plural) NARRATIVE ACCOUNT. THE PASSAGE WILL I submit - GRIP YOU !! It has some significant LITERARY QUALITIES, like .... MERIT !!
  8. 8. IT’S Almost… a STORY !! This paragraph recounting the subterranean passage of ORION CLEMENS and his unnamed KID BROTHER companion– (presumably), down into the extensive network of mining tunnels beneath VIRGINIA CITY continues on the next page. ORION’S autobiography is “LOST”!! So we do not know whether he could write a good passage of simple STORY like this !! BUT – PLAYERS -- WHETHER HE WROTE THIS HIMSELF, OR HAD A GHOST-WRITER! THERE’S AT LEAST A VERY SERIOUS NATIVE TALENT AT WORK !!! LIKEWISE, the literary merit of this particular letter to the G.L.O.Comissioner did not go unobserved... The text was, perhaps due to its undeniable facility of expression, copied out and included in a compilation – a large and excellent volume -- of texts on the development of the Amiercan West, by no less a figure than John C. Van Tramp, ENTITLED… “Prairie and Rockey Mountain Adventures; or Life in the West, to which is …p. 650
  9. 9. PLAYERS!!! No!! Not THAT kind of HERSHEY BAR !! Geologist OSCAR H. HERSHEY’S LOST AURIFEROUS HIGH ALTITUDE ANCIENT STREAMBED GOLD BAR !!! [Fix – Ed.] Players.. I HOPE you’ve been paying attention and carefully reading Hershey’s professional monographs and other articles printed during the critical years of 1903-1906 !!! YES???? No….?? ?? PLAYERSSSsssssss…. ….. ?? HOW do you expect to advance without doing the assigned reading???
  11. 11. I KNOW !!!! The TRUE LOCK Image, appears in This book !!!! It’s PLATE XI, inserted between pp. 60 and 61 of Israel Cook Russel’s GEOLOGICAL HISTORY OF LAKE LAHONTAN, a Quaternery Lake of Northwestern Nevada, published as Vol. XI, Monographs of the U.S. Geological Survey (1885) !!! You can hunt up a copy on Gargle, but certainly you can find better images of the critical drawings is you can use Ramsey’s copy !!! You will also want to look at the topo drawing of ANAHO ISLAND which is Plate X, preceding. It’s the aerial drawing of the island showing NO latitude and NO longitude, and NO compass arrow, pointing either to TRUE NORTH or MAGNETIC NORTH but LUCKILY having the word “ NORTH “at the top of the poage for your convenenicne in ORIENTATION !!! IT ALSO QUITE uniquely IDENTIFIES or LABELS “MUSHROOM ROCK” ON ANAHO ISLAND !!! NOW LET’S REVIEW:
  12. 12. Perry Powers’ 1887 P.L.I.R. the Survey indicating in RED LINES the boundaries of the reservation “precisely” as originally surveyed by Eugene B. Munroe in 1865. See the TRUE KEY ISSUE !! If we look more closely at the map, we see that PYRAMID ISLAND for which Pyramid Lake and the P.L.I.R. reservation is named, is uniquely labelled …. FREMONT’S PYRAMID While ANAHO ISLAND, the larger island to the south, also has a unique name … PLAYERS!!!  
  13. 13. We saw in the last TRUE KEY Issue, that U.S. Deputy Surveyuor PERRY POWERS seemed to have his finger on the pulse of the locals, so that his survey work was not merely a geographical reference, in the most cold and abstract sense, but that he also picked up some unique PLACE-NAMES while executing his Contract No. 184 – including the naming of RED, WHITE AND BLUE Mountain, as the name”known locally” (or so he said ….) for the insignificant hill to the SW of Wadsworth – shown again here in satellite view from Gargle maps …. SO, THEN, WHAT ABOUT THE NAME ?? STRANGE!!! No one else has ever used it !! Not even the USGS report on Tufas of Pyramid Lake -- http://pubs.usgs.gov/circ/2004/1267/
  14. 14. Lt. John Charles Fremont was commissioned by the United States CONGRESS [!!  - Ed.] to locate and survey the headwaters of the MYTHICAL Buenaventura River – which had its headwaters deep in the American INTERIOR , in the Great Salt Lake, and which flowed westward in to the TULARES of California, following a course that was approximately parallel to that of the Rio Timpanogos -- ALSO MYTHICAL !! -- flowing from Pyramid Lake, or thereabouts, to San Francisco bay !!! PLAYERS!!! TO THIS DAY these storied rivers have NEVER BEEN FOUND !!! The intrepid American explorer, the “PATHFINDER” Col.. John Charles Fremont  of the U.S. Corps of Topographical Engineers -- sometimes known – as to his friends, close acquaintances, and his wife, Jessie Benton Fremont [J.B.F. – Ed.] and his correspondents, secretary and diary, simply by his unique initials, J.C.F., -- not to be confused with J.F.C., which were the unique set of inttials for James Fenimore Cooper – about whom more later !! Where was I? Wyld -- Mexico & The British Possessions In North America And The United States (1846) RIGHT!!! So Col. FREMONT’s first Oregon Expedition was something on the order of a catastrophic failure, in that he FAILED to find the famed lost Rio Buenaventura– although he did end up with huge land grants – including his Las Mariposas Rancho, the Island of Alcatraz [For a time! – Ed.] and a nice little home on BLACK POINT overlooking San Francisco bay – where his wife, J.B.F., preferred to dwell, in the summer !!!!
  15. 15. PLAYERS – as we know – it was later in his life, following such a string of disappointing career set- backs, and now retired from the United States Senate to the obscurity and boredeom of daily mangement of his Las Mariposas rancho, that Col. Fremont JUMPED at the opportunity which was presented to him one day, late in life, as he travelled by the steamer Golconda one summer afternoon in 1851, from Stockton, past NEW- YORK-on-the–PACIFIC, to Marysville (CA), to meete with his old friend T. Butler King, San Francisco Custom House Collector, where he was persuaded to purchase a SILENT INTEREST – in a unique and exclusive investment opportunity on the north Pacific coast !!! It was THE CHANCE OF A LIFETIME !!! For one in his position, to at last be in on the GROUND FLOOR ofwhat was probsbly the most remote and unexplored territory in the (then) United States !! An unexplored gold-bearing region, tucked just behind ind the rock-bound and inaccessible Oregon coastline !! It involved a share in the the founding and development of that Pacific coastal fishing community of .... And thus began, Col. Fremont’s adventures in this – his legendary .... –undertaken in full and complete professionaql collaboration with the reputed California Geological Survey intern, and established Marysville surveyor VITUS WACKENREUDER – as was all elaborately recounted in part in the insta-classic SPELLCHECK Issue of S.Y.M.-Zonia [May 12, 2013 -- Ed.] . Etc. The Journals and Papers of the SHIX RIVER EXPLORING EXPEDITION [The SHIX EX. EX., for short – Ed.] [ Above – Ed.] were to be released last year to great academic acclaim!!! The movie version, based on these JOURNALS, and starring Robert Downey Jr. in the title role as Col. Fremont, [And Seth Rogen as Vitus Wackenruder – Ed.] is in pre-production, as they say in Hollywood – the date of ultimate release has been postponed pending resoluion of a dipsute between our producers and the Motion Picture Ratings Agency, over the frequent use of the word “SH*T” in the screenplay and in promotional materials for the film. BUT ....
  16. 16. THAT IS --- back again in 1841, on his famous first FAILED expedition, FREMONT is credited with having discovered and named “Pyramid Lake” during this exploration into California and Oregon during the years 1843-45. He named the lake after the prominent rock formation we know so well! He wrote: “It rose, according to our estimate, 600 feet above the water; and, from the point we viewed it, presnted a pretty exact outline of the great pyramid of Cheops. The accompanying drawing presents it as we saw it. Like other rocks along the shore, it seemed to be encrusted with calcerous cement. This striking feature suggested a name for the lake; and I called it Pyramid lake; and though it may be deemed by some a fanciful resemblance. I can undertake to say that the future traveller will find a much more striking resemblance between this rock and the pyramids of Egypt, than there is between them and the objects from which they take their name…. “ p. 607 Pyramid Lake – Engraving by Preuss -- from Explorations of John Charles Fremont p. 606 (19__) PLAYERS --- it is – TO ME!!! -- not immediately apparent to what arcane item of Egyptological lore, Lt. J.C.F. was referring in this passage on the naming of the Pyramid, and Pyramid lake !!! Read it through once again, with more attention to the lines I have indicated in red  !! J.C.F. is implying that he knows the shape of some lost & forgotten ancient archaeological objects or obelisks - of a certain geometrical conformation -- after which the Egyptian pyramids were modelled in their exterior form !! He says that the Egyptian Pyramids only “take their name” from these other objects! !!! PLAYERS!!! I KNOW !!!! It borders on the INSCRUTABLE…. A casual, offhand remark that seems completely out of place …
  17. 17. “ I repeat …. I know it seems a little O.T. at the moment, but…. What was J.C.F. referring to ???? ??? WHO IS The mysterious “FUTURE TRAVELLER”? Who will identify this resemblance? IS IT YOU??? From WHAT or WHICH COMPLETELY UNKNOWN objects to the Pyramids take their names? The word “pyramid” is evidently Greek in origin, “pyr” is basic Greek pyros – “fire” – but the second component of the Greek word “Pyramid’ is obscure – although for no apparent reason, many seem inclined to conclude it means “inside” – as if it wer an English word …. ‘amid” – looks a lot like English “amid” – as in “amidships” like in the middle or FIRE from wtihin …. Le FEU-FOLLET!!!! Players!!! In this drawing of the TRUE LOCK, by J.H. Mays, engraved by the Randolph Co. of N. Y., IS the SUN seen SETTING BEHIND the PYRAMID? Or is there, PERHAPS, a FIRE WITHIN the Island? FIRE within the PYRAMID NOW REFER TO OUR And what is that small sailing craft hugging the shore or maybe anchored at the foot of this so-called … PYRAMID of FIRE! Is it a lugger? Or a felucca? EITHER WAY, it can mean only …. YES!!
  18. 18. It’s undeniably a reference to that famous novel by RIGHT! At LEFT !!!! YES!! I refer to his immortal novel, well-known under the title  THE WING-AND-WING, or LE FEU-FOLLET. (THE JACK O’LANTERN.), BUT ALSO much beloved under Oher variations of that CATCHY title -- such as ... THE PRIVATEER, aka, THE JACK O’LANTERN (LE FEU-FOLLET) or THE PRIVATEER, aka WING AND WING or Le Feu-Follet, aka WING AND WING ..... etc. etc., Yes!!! COOPER had a recurring moment or two of indecision, as to which of these excellent TITLES to this masterwork of FICTION would prove most saleable!!! Or perhaps, since sales were so poor, and no-one was reading his books anymore, he just slapped a NEW TITLE on an old work, and sold it again !! And again !! And .. PLAYERS!! While WING AND WING was used for most U.S. editions, I think the English edition was marketed under the variant title, “THE JACK O’LANTERN”..... [ YES!! That would explain it all. – Ed.] [? – Ed.]
  19. 19.   NOTE: AT THIS POINT, PLAYERS WILL FIND IT APPROPRIATE TO APPLY THE “INVERSION” THEME INTRODUCED ABOVE, WHEREBY IT WAS OBSERVED THAT The TRUE LOCK LIES The TRUE KEY!!! - IN OTHER WORDS, THERE’S ANOTHER INVERSION AT WORK....!!!!! Pretty WILD, Huh? PLAYERS ..... YOU WILL NOW WANT TO OPEN THE COOPER BOOK, AND FIND THE PASSAGE WITHIN LE FEU-FOLLET THAT DESCRIBES THE COLLAPSE of the BURNING MASTS of a SMALL FELLUCA, AS THE FALLING OF Right! WITHIN LE FEU FOLLET !! GOT IT? You might also want to refer to the principle of “NESTING” as deployed by Ignatius Donnelly, aka ”THE SAGE OF NININGER” in publication of ‘THE GREAT CRYPTOGRUM”!! [LAST ISSUE !!! – Ed. ] In these illustrations, “A PYRAMID OF FIRE” “falls” at the end of Chapter XI, at p. 197 of the WHEELER edition of the Works of Cooper (Vol. IX) but it falls [Literally!!! – Ed.] in Chapter II, p. 63, in the SECOND volume of the London (1842) edition!! PLAYERS -- Since the pagination and chapter numbering of LE FEU FOLLET varies from edition to edition, it’s probably best to look for the chapter that begins with the captioned poem – erroneously attributed by J.C.F. to “ANONYMOUS” but written by Bryant, which goes: The human mind, that lofty thing, The palace and the throne, Where reason sits, a sceptered king, And breathes his judgment tone; O! Who with silent steps shall trace, The borders of that haunted place, Nor in his weakness own, The mystery and marvel bind, That lofty thing – the human mind! No wait. That was J.F.C. ... But I digress!!
  20. 20. NOW, to USE the TRUE KEY it must first be RIGHTLY INSERTED in the TRUE LOCK !! This we do instinctively with a door-key, or a car-key!! We rarely think that the said ordinary key must be CORRECTLY ORIENTED, up vs. down – and then CORRECTLY ALIGNED, and then PROPERLY INSERTED to CORRECT DEPTH !! [ Please? – Ed.] WELL, PLAYERS -- This is a specifically mechanical operation, and not something that can be done just by…. These two photographs  show two views of Fremont’s PYRAMID ISLAND from the eastern shore of PYRAMID LAKE !! TWO VIEWS that are indeed VERY SIMILAR to that of the TRUE LOCK  ! You can OF COURSE ATTEMPT to EYEBALL IT LIKE THIS – go ahead if you think you CAN! But MARK MY WORDS, PLAYERS!!! you could end up playing a pre-emptory and very challenging round of the game … In a lonely canyon somewhere on the Western shore of Pyramid Lake !!! PLAYERS Can you say
  21. 21. PLAYERS: look again WITHIN the TRUE KEY ! PERRY POWERS MAP !! POWERS gave UNIQUE NAMES to the TWO ISLANDS in PYRAMID LAKE, both to PYRAMID ISLAND “FREMONT’S PYRAMID” and to ANAHO ISLAND or “THUNDER ISLAND.” PLAYERS – there’s an IMPORTANT INTERFACE HERE BETWEEN PERRY POWERS 1887 SURVEY MAP and the ISRAEL COOK RUSSELL book .. GEOLOGICAL HISTORY OF LAKE LAHONTAN, a Quaternery Lake of Northwestern Nevada, etc. etc. which includes the critical TRUE LOCK Image! Indeed- I KID YOU NOT !!! NOTE a topographical drawing of THUNDER ISLAND  in the COOK BOOK (at p. _-) with a unique stand-alone label of MUSHROOM ROCK !! PLUS, there is, in the COOK BOOK, a largee DRAWING of MUSHROOM ROCK set on the shores of THUNDER ISLAND!
  22. 22. SO, PLAYERS: You have to draw a bead from Colonel FREMONT’S PYRAMID through the MUSHROOM ROCK, on THUNDER ISLAND as illustrated here !! JUST DON’T attempt this exercise using standard USGS QUAD SHEETS !!! Because FREMONT’S PYRAMID ISLAND falls exactly on longitude 119° 30' -- which is the VERY longitude line that divides the WADSWORTH Quad from the RENO Quad – the two neighboring quads, which cover the two critical bearing points !!! I find this to be an UNACCEPTABLE BASIS for approaching a TRUE SOLUTION – you know ?? ONLY ½ of PYRAMID ISLAND is on each map !! from Reno Quad 1893 (1943 reprint) from Wadsworth Quad 1894 (1952 reprint)
  23. 23. For instance …. Lt. Geo. M. Wheeler’s 1877 Survey cartography …!!!: On this map, a line -- here INDICATED BY A RED LINE -- sighted on the key inserted in the TRUE LOCK overlooking Pyramid Lake, crosses THUNDER ISLAND @ about MUSHROOM ROCK and the southern waters of Pyramid Lake, running south of ___ and across the VIRGINIA RANGE of mountains the valley of the TRUCKEE river!!! And appears eventually to terminate in the neighborhood of DAVIDSON’S PEAK at the western terminus of the SUTRO TUNNEL, running under VIRGINIA CITY!!! But … I mean, PLAYERS!!! That’s just where I – PERSONALLY -- decided to STOP drawing the line! It seems so …. Arbitrary, and, on my part, capricious!! I’m the FIRST to acknowledge, that this method diverges MARGINALLY from the S.Y.M.-Zonian ideals of TRUE SCIENCE!!!
  24. 24. OR… For instance … The California Geological Survey’s Map of Central California and Part of Nevada …[OTHERWISE KNOWN AS The Topographical Map of Central California Together With a Part of Nevada, Sheets I-IV.; California Geological Survey ; Hoffman; Hoffmann, Charles F.; Whitney, J.D.; 1873, etc. – Ed.] SHEET II Right !! You will remember this KEY SURVEY MAP from LAST SUMMER’S S.Y.M.-F.O.N.I.C. Wackenreuder’s Topography!! PLAYERS !!! Once again, OUR TRANSIT LINE (again indicated in red) reliably runs from FREMONT’S PYRAMID & crosses THUNDER ISLAND @ MUSHROOM ROCK – leading to EMPIRE CITY, NEVADA !! …
  25. 25. Or another G. M.Wheeler – PARTS OF EASTERN CALIFORNIA AND WESTERN NEVADA, ATLAS SHEETS 47(B) AND 47(D) (1877) -- this one with topographer Anton Karl ! Although most of the topography has been omitted from this map – something like on SHEET I of the WACKENREUDER composite Map of Central California and Part of Nevada-- [Above – Ed.] this map shows primarily drainage, roads and railroads – and This Wheeler is in color !! PLAYERS!! I’m focusing on G.M.Wheeler’s survey work here, because he’s in the Corps of Topographical Engineers – as was Col. Fremont !! It seems to me not entirely IMPROBABLE that there was an INSTITUTIONAL HERITAGE – a tradition or a legacy or a SOMETHING !! – that was handed down within the ARMY CORPS OF TOPOGRAPHICAL ENGINEERS !! An insider tradition .... PLAYERS!!
  26. 26. I KNOW !! It does indeed -- seem so arbitrary !! But that’s ONLY because we haven’t yet located the correct MAP !!! The method is in fact FOOLPROOF – I can almost GUARANTEE I T !! Because we have located the TRUE KEY and the TRUE LOCK and have found a BEAD and a SIGHT with which to ALLIGN IT !!! What more can I say? IT CAN BE DONE! You need to find a map with a proper STOP or DOG that can effectively BACKSTOP the TRUE KEY – basically limiting the length of its insertion into the TRUE LOCK !!! Simple enough!!! WASTE NO TIME !! Summer will SOON be over !! And, for all we know this could be the last crucial piece of the puzzle that will allow us to help get Native American anthropologist UNK-NOWN released from what must seem an interminable captivity in the WHITE MAN’s legal system !!! It’s been almost a YEAR !!! PLAYERS!!! Can you help UNK out? YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO !!! IF the P.L.I.R. is the TRUE KEY of the TRUCKEE and IF IT FITS INTO THIS LOCK OVERLOOKING PYRAMID LAKE – THEN YOU’RE IN LUCK!! YOU CAN UNLOCK YOUR SUMMER of