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  1. 1. Connecting brands with automotive intenders
  2. 2. Challenges of the Modern Media Landscape Today’s fractured media landscape presents a host of challenges for automotive brands operating in Australia. With the uptake of digital devices and consumers’ thirst for high-quality content constantly on the rise, meaningful and effective communication is a complex proposition. Compounding the issue, traditional advertising agencies often lack the category knowledge and technical understanding to produce rich, engaging automotive content, and can be prohibitively expensive. This is where MotorCulture steps in, developing cross-platform content strategies for automotive brands, then creating and distributing high-quality, cost- effective content across our vast digital network, as well as your brand’s own channels. Media
  3. 3. Introducing MotorCulture MotorCulture is a specialist automotive content production house and digital communications agency, operating in Western Sydney. Staffed by experienced communications professionals with a passion for the automotive industry, MotorCulture has a proven track record of producing cost-effective, premium-quality content for leading automotive brands. What’s more, MotorCulture ‘gets’ cars unlike any digital agency you’ve ever worked with. The proof lies in the engaging, technically-savvy content which we deliver for our clients every day.
  4. 4. Our Wealth of Experience For more than seven years, MotorCulture has been helping companies like yours with strategic content marketing, social thinking, brand building, advertising and marketing communications. We create value for your brand by connecting your products with automotive intenders. MotorCulture is made up of communications specialists with combined total of 70 years automotive experience. 70years combined automotive experience over
  5. 5. Our Clients Clients Our
  6. 6. Video production for marketing, public relations and training purposes Written content production for the digital space Photography, both on location and in our studio Digital content strategies and social media management Mobile and desktop display advertising across Australia’s largest independent automotive network Content seeding across Australia’s largest independent automotive network Facebook content distribution across MotorCulture’s network of automotive enthusiast pages MotorCulture’s Core Capabilities Capabilities
  7. 7. Video 2016 Subaru Forrester X-Mode Video Production We provide cost-effective, high-grade video content solutions for digital marketing, training and PR video packs, and entertainment/lifestyle videos. Camping with Mitsubishi Triton Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Launch Bridgestone World Solar Challenge click to view CHAD NEYLON
  8. 8. Written Content Whether it’s for education or entertainment, MotorCulture’s ability to produce engaging written content is second-to-none, thanks to our team of highly-experienced automotive writers. MotorCulture manages a huge digital space comprised of forum, blog and Facebook real estate, where we share client content on a daily basis to a target audience of car researchers and automotive enthusiasts. It’s like high-octane fuel for your brand’s search engine optimisation strategy. Content Tekno Autosports Blog Mitsubishi Community Forum Autoglym Blog Subaru Community Forum click to view
  9. 9. Photography MotorCulture’s professional photography service further adds to the suite of resources available. Our photographers are available to shoot on location, nationwide or globally. MotorCulture also operates its very own in-house studio, presenting your product in the best possible light. Photography Click here for more examples of our photographic work click to view
  10. 10. Social Social Media Management MotorCulture is able to strategically manage a full suite of social media channels for our clients, populating all platforms with quality, bespoke content. BLOG XForce Facebook example Bendix-TV YouTube example Autoglym YouTube example Tekno Twitter example Tekno Instagram example click to view
  11. 11. Digital Display Advertising MotorCulture offers targeted and trackable mobile and desktop display advertising across Australia’s largest independent automotive network. We currently serve over 15-million display ads per month for our clients. Display
  12. 12. MotorCulture’s Digital Footprint over 15million display ad impressions per month more than with over 788,000unique browsers per month 50websites Facebook network reach of over 1.5million people Digital
  13. 13. Sean Ryan Managing Director Robert Green Operations Manager Andrew Broadley Business Development Manager Josh Bennis Content Director Albert Nghiem Senior Campaign Manager & Photographer Blake Emirali Campaign Manager Andrew Mell Videographer The MotorCulture Team The Team
  14. 14. Contact Us Andrew Broadley Business Development Manager Desk (02) 9418 9008 Mobile 0438 953 797 1/1 Melissa Place, Kings Park, NSW 2147 Contact

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