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How to Hire & Retrain TOP TALENT

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Reasons to Train and Teach

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How to Hire & Retrain TOP TALENT

  1. 1. Availability 24/7 Accessibility Cloud-Based eLearning Online Courses 4,500+ Live Events 7,000+ Implementation Easy & Fast The cost to replace an employee is 6 to 9 Month’s Salary IMPORTANT LEARNING TOOLS ENGAGEMENT IS KEY Million Satisfied Customers11 REASONS TO TRAIN AND TEACH FINDING THE BEST LEARNING RESOURCE of employees said that job-related training and development opportunities directly influence their decision to stay with a company. Business success depends on an engaged workforce. Companies scoring highest for engagement achieve 2.5 times the revenue growth of those that rate lowest. Companies that improve corporate culture can see turnover decrease by a third. Works with passion, drives innovation and moves the organization forward. Contributes time, but has no energy or passion for work. Acts out unhappiness by undermining engaged coworkers. % 70 pryor.com 855.780.8476 Pryor Learning Solutions has been helping organizations and individuals succeed for more than 40 years. How to Hire & Retain TOP TALENT (CEO Magazine) (Elajalde-Ruiz, 2016) (The Hays Group) (Zane Benefits) Engaged Not Engaged Actively Disengaged |