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3.11.09 Third Sector.

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Interview in Third Sector magazine in November 2 2009 issue, on how Whizz-Kidz engages with those using social media.

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3.11.09 Third Sector.

  1. 1. Client: Whizz Kidz Source: Third Sector (Main) Date: 03 November 2009 Page: 19 Circulation: 13357 Size: 311cm2 Value: 1937.53 EH»SB1 Why social networking is so useful Rob Dyson of Whizz-Kidzargues that online communities are a great way for small charities to make an impact hen Whizz-Kidz designed a new poster to encourage City workers to take part in the Paris Marathon earlier this year, the charity wanted a second opinion. So it showed the poster, which featured a young woman looking seductively over her shoulder, to its followers on social networking websites Twitter,Flickrand Facebook. The results, according to Rob Dyson, the charity's PR manager, were enlightening. "Potentially sexist, and can't see how fits with Whizz-Kidz,"commented one user. "I think Freud would have a field day with the poster," said another. "And the Fundraising Standards Dyson Askedfor feedback about poster (inset) Board logo appears to be approving the good lady's posterior." insightful," he says. "It Social networking is particularly useful Dyson says the Whizz-Kidz events makes sense, if you are a small for smaller charities, he says: "In team took on board some of the "constructive" with fewer resources for advertising, of more traditional media, it remains charity terms feedback, but went ahead to use all the free channels a challenge to make an impression with the poster. It was designed by an available to promote your work." on a national scale for a smaller, all-female team and meant to be ironic, Dyson first started to see the benefits rather niche organisation." he says, and the comments came of social networking when he set Despite the potential of social networking, from charity PR and marketing professionalsgroup on Facebook for charity up a Dyson says, there are dangers. rather than the campaign's press officers and soon realised the "The audiences are very diverse target audience. However, the episode technology could be used to benefit and immediate with social media, so has provided some important lessons his charity. "It occurred to me that it's important to be thoughtful and for future campaigns, he says. Whizz-Kidz really had to be in the targeted with replies,"he says."It's invaluable "I really value the feedback, which spaces where our supporters already to engage people straightaway is generally supportive and sometimes were,"he says. and build relationships." è
  2. 2. Client: Whizz Kidz Source: Third Sector (Main) Date: 03 November 2009 Page: 19 Circulation: 13357 Size: 311cm2 Value: 1937.53 è Curriculum Vitae 2008 PR manager, Whizz-Kidz 2007 Created the Third Sector PR and Communications Network on Facebook 2002 PR officer,Scope 2000 Bookstart scheme liaison officer and conference coordinator, Booktrust Establishing a dialogue quickly is crucial to improving a charity's profile, he says. That means responding to 'tweets' and other messages that would previously have been directed to specific people within the organisation. As a result, Dyson says, he always needs to be thinking about the bigger picture: "The key is not just to broadcast, but to engage."PaulJarvis I MoreCommunications at: thirdsectorxo.uk/resources/ goodpractice n