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Rita R Doyle CNA resume 06 25 2016

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Rita R Doyle CNA resume 06 25 2016

  1. 1. Rita R Doyle., CNA 909-536-5426 RitaRDoyle@gmail.com O B J E C TI VE Seeking a position where I can assist licensed nursing personnel in the provision of patient care and be dedicated to returning patients to healthy and fulfilling lives. SKILLS  Excellent people skills/customer service  Superb communication skills, verbal and written  Experienced assisting patients with activities of daily living (ADL’s) including personal hygiene and grooming, and providing a clean, healthy and safe environment  Cyro-Cuff Ice System  Accurate vitals, both manually or with Rosemonitor  Sara & Hoyer Lifts  Efficient alpha or numeric filing  Charting, both manual (writing) or Electronic Medical Records (EMR) of patient care  Documentation of patient care  Acute and long-term care experience  Follow CDC isolation guidelines  Appropriate use of PPE  Hand washing according to CNA training  Uses and enforces all safety regulations according to hospital protocols and CDC  Ability to recognize emergency situations with proper responses CERTIFICATIONS/LICENSES California High School Diploma California Department Of Health CNA License 00824513 04/19/2017 American Heart Association BLS/AED for Healthcare Provider 08/2016 EMPLOYMENT Braswell Skye Harbor Care Center 57333 Joshua Ln, Yucca Valley, CA 92284 09/2015-10/2015 Employment verification Lolita Kent LVN/DSD (951) 269-9391 Florida Hospital FISH Memorial 1055 Saxon Bl, Orange City, FL 32763 03/15-05/15 Employment verification (844) 843-6363 RIDGECREST Rehabilitation Center (Greystone Healthcare Corp) 1200 No. Stone St, DeLand, FL 32720 10/14- 03/15 Employment verification (813) 635-9500 ext 2358 NORTH CAMPUS Rehabilitation and Nursing Center 700 No. Palmetto St, Leesburg, FL 34748 09/14-10/14 (352) 323-2400