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Resume_Rishiraj Goswami

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Resume_Rishiraj Goswami

  1. 1. RISHIRAJ GOSWAMI R.G Baruah Road, Pragati Path, House No. 10, P.O-Silpukhuri, Guwahati-781003|Phone No: +918876826463|Mail: rrj.goswami@gmail.com OBJECTIVE  To secure a challenging engineering position where in my team player attributes, knowledge and communication skills can be utilized in obtaining personal career goals and those of the employer. EDUCATION  10th|CBSE|Passed in the year 2008 : 94.6 %  12th|CBSE|Science|Passed in the year 2010: 76.2%  Degree: Bachelor of Technology | 2011-2015| Dibrugarh University Institute of Engineering & Technology (DUIET), Department of Petroleum Engineering| CGPA of 8.72 on a 10 point scale with no backlogs in any paper. INDUSTRIAL EXPERIENCE/PROJECTS  Trainee at Selan Exploration Technology Limited, Gandhinagar on the topic “Drilling, testing of development wells and Production Activities in marginal oil and gas fields of Cambay Basin, Gujarat ” .Trained in different aspects ofoil well drilling and production operations during the twenty one days training period (2nd-21st Jan,2014).  Summer Intern at Cairn India Private Limited (7th July 2014-8th August 2014). Worked in the well services (PE department) on the project titled "Scale Treatment" under Mr. Mayank Varshney (Petroleum engineer) during the course of the internship. Learnt in details about the various mechanical and chemical treatments employed to remove scales in the wells of Mangala oil field . Got very good field exposure and learnt about Slickline , E Line and Coiled Tubing services in details.  Completed the Final Year Project Dissertation on the topic “An Analytical Study on Oil & Gas Processing in a part of the Upper AssamBasin “. Visited an Oil & Gas Processing Facility in the Upper AssamBasin, analyzed its various aspects and came up with a new modified design of the facility to negate all technical difficulties presently faced by it. SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENTS  Presented a technical paper on “Oil and Gas Scenario in Nigeria: A Case Study” in “Petrofiesta”, the annual academic meet of IIT Kharagpur organized by the IIT Kharagpur SPE student chapter & sponsored by CAIRN ENERGY in October 2013. Also won the 1st prize in “Petrogyan”,the petroleum quiz competition and the 2nd Prize in “Petrosoft”, a drill bit design competition using simulation software at the same venue.
  2. 2.  Won the 2nd prize in the postermaking competition at “Petro Conclave” organized by Dibrugarh University in association with Oil India Limited, Duliajan. Also won the 1st Prize in the inter department quiz competition organized by SPE Dibrugarh University student chapterand conducted by industry professionals from Oil India Limited.  Research Paper on a new and innovative technology-“Robotic Logging Technology and the Special Case of Electronic Casing”, selected for presentation in International Conference on Reservoir Surveillance and Management 2013 held in Xian, China. The same paper won the 1st in the 3rd International Conference on Earth Science and Climate Change held in San Francisco, U.S.A in July 2014. PUBLICATIONS  Lahkar N, Goswami R (2014) Robotic Logging Technology: The Future of Oil Well Logging. J Geol Geosci 3: 166. doi: 10.4172/2329-6755.1000166 (ISSN-2329-6755)  P. Talukdar and R. Goswami. (2015) Estimation of Coal Bed Methane Potential of the Coal Seams of Margherita Coal Field, Assam, India. Int J Appl Sci Biotechnol, Vol 3(2): xx-xx  Goswami R, Lahkar N, Talukdar P(2015) Design and Layout Modifications of an Oil & Gas Processing Facility in a part of the Upper Assam Basin. Journal of Petroleum Engineering & Technology (JoPET) 2015;5(2):15-20 P KEY SKILLS Workaholic, keen on learning, good communication skills, seminar and presentation expertise, Innovative ideas, creative and technical writing, management and leadership skills. ADDITIONAL MERITS AND CERTIFICATES  Won various awards in technical, +non-technical, +management seminars, presentations,quizzes, extempore speech competitions, Science-exhibitions at the University level.(at all levels)  Winner of the Amul Vidyashree award for outstanding performance in Class X. PERSONAL DETAILS Father’s name: Mr. Raj Kumar Goswami Date of Birth: 6th January 1992. Citizenship: Indian Marital Status: Single Passport Number: L2122467
  3. 3. REFERENCE Mr. Pradip Kumar Chowdhury Chief Technical and Business Development Officer PETROCRAFT CONSULTANTS PRIVATE LIMITED Email:Pradip_Chowdhury@petrocraft.com Mobile: +919821157990,+91996775559