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How to Be a Marketing Automation Rockstar

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How to Be a Marketing Automation Rockstar

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Want to learn the ropes for running a great marketing automation program? Check out these slides by Josh Hill, Marketo Expert and Practice Lead at Perkuto.

For more, get the ebook, The Newcomer's Guide to Marketing Automation at bit.ly/New-to-MA

Want to learn the ropes for running a great marketing automation program? Check out these slides by Josh Hill, Marketo Expert and Practice Lead at Perkuto.

For more, get the ebook, The Newcomer's Guide to Marketing Automation at bit.ly/New-to-MA


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How to Be a Marketing Automation Rockstar

  1. 1. HOW TO BE A MARKETING AUTOMATION ROCKSTAR Josh Hill Marketo Practice Lead July 17, 2014
  2. 2. 2#MARockstar Want more? Download our ebook, covering these topics and more to help you get the most out of your marketing automation platform. Bitl.ly/New-to-MA
  3. 3. 3#MARockstar Who is Josh Hill? I work at the intersection of Marketing, Technology, and Sales to deliver revenue and sales funnel visibility. • 4 years in B2B Enterprise Sales • 10 years in Tech Support • 6 years in B2B Enterprise demand generation • 4 years with Marketo • 8 years with SFDC • 3 years as a marketing consultant and author • 2 years+ Marketo Champion • 2 years Marketo Certified Expert • Always in Customer Service Marketo Practice Lead @ Perkuto Author of Marketing Rockstar’s Guide to Marketo
  4. 4. 4#MARockstar About Perkuto • Marketing Automation Agency • Clients in Canada, USA, UK • SMBs & Global Corporations • Marketo Experts since 2008 • Salesforce Experts since 2006
  5. 5. 5#MARockstar About RingLead RingLead offers easy-to-use yet powerful applications to solve data quality problems in your marketing automation platform.
  6. 6. 6#MARockstar What is a marketing automation rockstar? Rockstar: famous and successful singer of rock music; treated as a celebrity.
  7. 7. 7#MARockstar What is marketing automation? Marketing Automation: technology that allows marketers to automate repetitive tasks, effectively market across channels; method of streamlining sales and marketing with automation.
  8. 8. 8#MARockstar What is a marketing automation rockstar? Marketing Automation Rockstar - a marketer who works at the intersection of Sales, Marketing, and Technology; marketer who uses marketing automation well. Remarkable rockstar content and SEO does work 
  9. 9. 9#MARockstar No one begins life as a rockstar
  10. 10. 10#MARockstar A marketing rockstar is not an engineer A rockstar • Knows how to think • Understands technology systems • Understands basic logic • “Plays” to learn • Helps others get up to speed, shares the knowledge.
  11. 11. 11#MARockstar A rockstar embraces logic to target audiences effectively. AND = both criteria must be true OR = either or both criteria can be true. NOT = anyone without that criteria
  12. 12. 12#MARockstar Wait, I need to know about databases?
  13. 13. 13#MARockstar A rockstar understands database concepts DB The Cloud (Internet) 1. Calm down. You do NOT need to understand or know SQL unless you want to become a more technical marketing operations or business analyst. 2. But, it doesn’t hurt to know what SQL is. 3. Do you know Access? Use Excel Filters? You understand the basics. 4. Do you build Salesforce or a CRM reports? You are well on your way. Key Terms to Understand: • Fields • Picklists • Triggers • Apex Code (SFDC) • Page Layouts (SFDC) • Field history • Unique ID • Tables • Objects – Leads, Accounts, Opps, Contacts, etc
  14. 14. 14#MARockstar Rockstars use flow charts… • Know your basic flowchart shapes • You do not need to create beautiful Visio or flowcharts, just get the information down. • Flowcharts become increasingly valuable with more complex nurturing and lead lifecycle flows. • Invest in Lucidchart or Gliffy. Choice Action DB
  15. 15. 15#MARockstar Because process diagrams help you “measure twice, cut once”
  16. 16. 16#MARockstar Rockstars facilitate sales-marketing alignment Sales Marketing
  17. 17. 17#MARockstar Rockstars also seek discussions with other departments to make their project …ROCK Sales Web Tech/IT Product Marketing Finance Customer Enablement Marketing Communications Regional Marketers
  18. 18. 18#MARockstar All those discussions help you create a process map to guide you as you build out your system. Website SFDCMAP Salesperson PeopleSoftEmails Customer Product
  19. 19. 19#MARockstar What about content? Marketing automation will not solve your dearth of content. It will make you realize just how much more you need.
  20. 20. 20#MARockstar Common starter nurtures: • Buying Stage • Buying Stage by Persona or Product • Welcome/on-boarding • Trial drips Unusually powerful: • Boomerang Recycle • Sales-nado for qualified leads • Retention • Detective track – get them to give up the data • Baby, come back • Sleeping Beauty or “Wake from the Dead” Rockstars plan nurturing in advance Additional Sources: Marketo and Lead Lizard’s Sam Boush.
  21. 21. 21#MARockstar Rules of thumb: • 25% of your database goes bad each year* • 10%-25% of database has errors that prevent you from routing or effectively targeting audience. What to do about it • Data appending tools (Zoom, Hoover’s, RingLead,) • Data deduplication tools (RingLead, etc…) • Interns  • Automate data correction and appending with your platform. Rockstars keep their data fresh Source: just about every vendor, but also Sirius Decisions http://www.zoominfo.com/business/mktg/white-papers/crm-six-strategies.pdf
  22. 22. 22#MARockstar Rockstars use the 6 Principles of Data Cleanliness Principle What you should do Design the system to avoid human error Use picklists for standard values Use read only fields Use Role and Title Standard fields and instructions One field=One purpose Avoid letting sales or leads use a field like “comments” repeatedly. Create a process to timestamp and record history. Hint: use tasks. Use automation to correct values Fix “Country” name misspellings Employee Range = # of Employees Prevent duplicates Block creation of dupes based on Name, Email in the CRM and in MAP Regular cleaning process Have a monthly or quarterly review of dupes, data cleanliness, and asset cleanup. Use pizza to get people to help. Automate data appending Use third parties to automatically add company level detail (Industry, Main Phone, Country, Revenue) for improved segmentation.
  23. 23. 23#MARockstar Rockstars start with what they need…not what the vendor has Your tools Your Brain Existing RFP Manuals Survey of what your firm needs and when you need them Vendor sites Salespeople Review sites/social Industry analysts Your network
  24. 24. 24#MARockstar Rockstars have a rollout plan with phases to avoid massive disruption • What should you automate? • When are humans needed? • Which teams need help now? • Which teams want it later or don’t care? • What is the Impact on each team?
  25. 25. 25#MARockstar Bring others into the new world • Share the roll out plan • Get team leaders to schedule training • Provide training – Recordings – Short how to guides with images – Decks – Help them understand why doing this helps them
  26. 26. 26#MARockstar Rockstars don’t sit on their laurels Have a regular update with each team. • Listen • Feedback from sales on lead quality – Review data vs. perception. – Read Leads vs. Unread – Lead status • Share – Marketing Contribution to Pipeline – Program Analysis • Continuous improvement • Pushback if requests are going to create problems – but have alternatives or solutions
  27. 27. 27#MARockstar Congrats! You are now a rockstar
  28. 28. 28#MARockstar QUESTIONS? Contact josh@perkuto.com
  29. 29. 29#MARockstar Rockstars read regularly Site Known for Marketo.com/blog Thought leadership, nurturing, planning for marketing automation, revenue marketing Ringlead.com/blog CRM best practices, MarketingRockstarGuides.com Marketo and marketing automation How Tos Webinknow.com Social media and content HubSpot.com/blog Inbound marketing, how to use channels Content Marketing Institute Content use Perkuto.com/blog Marketo best practices and other tips

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  • Want more detail on setting up and running marketing automation? Check out the guide I wrote with RingLead’s Amanda and Joe Fusaro. It is chock full of helpful tips
  • Just so you can visualize!
  • Perkuto is a full service marketing automation agency servicing clients from startups to global corporations. We specialized in Marketo+SFDC installations and also provide demand generation consulting. Perkuto is unique among agencies – we develop Marketo launchpoint add-ons suchas the RSS to Email tool, Digesto.
  • Content marketing works.
  • Steven Tyler? http://rockhistoryandhumor.wordpress.com/2012/05/21/even-rockstars-were-kids-once/

    You have to start somewhere, so read vendor blogs, consultants’ blogs, and practitioners.
    It’s a transformation.
  • Explain what these mean and why play is important.
    Thinking – this is what College was all about – think through what you want to do and how the system might help you do that.
    Tech – this about databases, computers. Why things work the way they do. Things are interconnected. Systems often perform similar functions.
    Logic – we’ll get to that next. Boolean logic and basic set theory were a long time ago in school – but they are critical to segmentation and running successful marketing.
    Play – studying a system or taking tutorials can help many people. I find that playing around works too – if you reach a point where you aren’t sure, then hit the books. Ask What do I want to do?
    Sharing – help others because you learn more when you teach.
  • If you have ever taken set theory, Boolean logic, tried a search engine, or keyword search, or worked with MS Access…or even XLS, you know some logic. Marketing automation works the same way. This is not the complicated version, just a group of AND, OR, NOT. If you have already worked with certain databases, list pulls, and SFDC, you are already well familiar with this. Each system implements or visualizations this slightly differently, but the CONCEPTS are the same.

    Venn diagrams are your friends and you can use these three options in tons of ways. If you are a creative type attempting to get into marketing automation, become familiar with these concepts.

    Operators like
  • There have been “database marketers” for dozens of years, working in direct mail and then switching to completely online systems. If you are one, great you will do well. If you aren’t want, say in branding, ads, or just getting started in marketing, never fear! You can learn these tools without needing programming skills.
  • You don’t have to know SQL, but if you know Boolean, Venn diagrams and some basic concepts.


    Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/facing-my-life/3038310109/
  • You do not need to be a Visio guru, but you should start to become familiar with process diagrams and drawing out processes on a whiteboard or in lucidchart. As you attain Rockstar status, you will become more reliant on these charts to troubleshoot as well as work with highly complex situations, especially at Fortune 1000 firms.
  • This is a lead lifecycle diagram. If you aren’t sure about it, visit Marketo to find out more. Essentially you always want to map out workflows before you build them. A more detailed process chart would show the systems involved as well as the triggers for moving leads between each Stage shown here. You can do this for any part of the process, whether it is a nurturing campaign, sales-marketing workflow, etc.
  • Marketo and other vendors, as well as consultants discuss this in detail…check them out.

    Alignment is about understanding each other’s goals.
    Alignment is about continual communication and feedback…faciliated by marketing automation.
    Alignment is about getting your workflow “right”.
  • You may only have 2-3 of these at your firm. The point here is marketing automation can automate A LOT of communications. Once you get it going you will certainly add flows that help more than just sales and marketing. Provide examples…
  • Not a great diagram, but you get the idea.
  • Rockstars do something about this by collaborating with other marketers, marcom, product marketers & managers, and external writers. Heed the call to become a publisher and have a plan to do this while you build up your marketing automation tool.

    Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/sepblog/
  • http://blog.marketo.com/2013/10/the-8-lead-nurturing-tracks-youve-never-heard-of.html


    Remember to map this out with a process chart.

    Did a wake from the dead and revivied about 10% of leads with a 4.6% response and 2% to opportunity.
  • Country, industry, annual revenue…lead source, hidden fields in forms.
  • Before selecting a MAP or switching, it’s important to go through an RFP process.Get the vendors to tick boxes and to share with you their vision, their roadmap, the nitty gritty. Don’t let salespeople ignore you or run over you…make them stop and find the answer from someone who really knows. Seek out recommendations from G2Crowd and network, don’t rely on the vendor.


    Image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/flamephoenix1991/8376271918
  • I’m not going to write yours, but here’s how to think about it.
    And by impact, I don’t just mean dollar figures, I mean, will it change their work lives? How? Do you really want to disrupt them fast or slowly?
  • Analytics!
  • Rockstars get here because of hard work, delivering value for the company, and most importantly, delivering a better experience for the Customer.
  • Questions? We have about 15 minutes. Amanda who do we have?