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Infographic: Survey Shows Just How Much Texting Matters at Work

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Text messaging is no longer just a personal preference—it turns out 80% of people use texting for business and 15% say over half of their text messages are sent or received for business purposes. RingCentral recently commissioned a survey by Instantly and the results are surprising: SMS texting is a preferred mode of communication for both personal and professional use.

While more than half of the people surveyed (56%) use 2-3 messaging apps on a regular basis, 72% admit they prefer SMS texting. All of the back and forth on preferred business communication tools puts businesses at risk of overloading their employees. In fact 42% of survey respondents admitted feeling “communication overload” from time to time, with too many apps to check for messages on a daily basis. We believe the cause of it of this overload is digital communications fragmentation, the all-to-common situation of having too many communications and collaboration tools, in addition to too many emails received on a daily basis.

This employee feedback in our survey suggests the dire needs for companies to adopt the right business communication tools, policies and procedures to empower texting, calling, messaging, and online meetings—through more efficient communication platforms—at work. As new communication preferences emerge, employees and employers must devise a system that prevents communication overload, while enabling efficient communication both internally and externally. Preparing employees with the right tools to call, text or message one another should remain a top priority to help workplace productivity and efficiency.

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Infographic: Survey Shows Just How Much Texting Matters at Work

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