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Ricky_Ng_Resume - 2016

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Ricky_Ng_Resume - 2016

  1. 1. Ricky Ng 340 Ashton Ave, San Francisco, CA94112 415-269-1125 | ricky.h.ng@gmail.com PROFI LE  Ambitious and enthusiastic professional with 7+ years in all types of customer oriented environments. Accomplished team leader with administrative assistant experience both professionally and academically. Excellent team player with strong written and verbal communication skills.  Physiological Sciences graduate from University of California, Los Angeles, with a relentless work ethic. Advanced knowledge on medical terminology and medical office experience. EDUCAT I ON University of California, Los Angeles Los Angeles, California Bachelor of Science, Physiological Sciences 2007 Familiar with protein assays, mass spectrum analysis, gel electrophoresis, distillation, dissections, and muscular identifications EXPERI ENCE Sutter Health – San Francisco San Francisco, California Electronic ICU Unit Coordinator II 2008 – current  Operating remotely from the Electronic ICU office, providing non-direct patient care by overseeing an average of 105 patient electronic health records on a daily basis  Supporting physicians and nurses in researching patient’s electronic health record to expedite patient’s processing time, decreasing the time gap of patients being unmonitored  Resolving any issues complicating user experience for clients, physicians, and nurses  Trained and coached new hires on the processes and workflows of the Electronic ICU  Represent fellow coordinators in The Unit Partnership Council to review, discuss, and improve the office environment and workflow  In depth experience with EPIC, PIIC-IX, McKesson, Meditech, Words, and Excel UCLA BruinCorps – Los Angeles Los Angeles, California Community Service leader and teacher assistant 2003-2007  Organize bi-weekly community services with clients such as food banks, soup kitchens, schools, and neighborhood groups  Prepare children in under-resourced communities for educational success by enhancing their academic skills  Guide youth to eligibility for college admission and inform parents of financial aid resources