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F15Performance Review For Richard Moiloa Moagi

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F15Performance Review For Richard Moiloa Moagi

  1. 1. Performance Feedback Richard Moagi
  2. 2. © SABMiller plc 2013 Internal Use / Confidential / Secret Performance Feedback for R Moagi Page 2 of 2 Performance Feedback F15 Hi Richard I would like to use this opportunity to give my feedback to you with regards to your services rendered for the F15 financial year here at Rosslyn brewery. It has been great working with you, and I commend you on your willingness to assist our users, no matter what. I believe that you showed your commitment to your role this past year, especially around the time there were so many issues relating to printing performance and downtime issues at the ops department at beergate. Fielding support calls in the middle of the night, and actually driving out on occasions to assist prove this beyond a doubt, and further supported by the fact that it turned out to be unrelated to your printers, but actually the facilities and servers causing downtime to your printers. Your proactive support is impeccable, ensuring total uptime on our printers are practically guaranteed. I have in fact, never had an escalation from any of our users that a printer is out of toner, or is not working for extended periods of time. In conclusion, thanks for the great year, I appreciate your willingness to assist, your brilliant customer service, and not being afraid to “get your hands dirty” even if it does not necessarily fall in your scope of work directly. Regards Jonathan van der Walt. BSS – BIS North Regional IT Support