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Risk Factory Big Daddy Digs Big Data

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If you are overwhelmed with hype, this primer may help.

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Risk Factory Big Daddy Digs Big Data

  1. 1. Big DaddyDigsBig Data
  2. 2. Rise in amounts of data+Rise in computing power+Rise in storage=Rise of Big DataData RisingData Rising
  3. 3. Big Data RefersBig Data Refersto:to:“Things one can do at alarge scalethat cannot be done at asmaller one.”
  4. 4. From some to all:ChurchStateCompaniesIndividualsThe Evolution ofThe Evolution ofData DaddiesData Daddies
  5. 5. We turn EVERYTHING into data!Our families: Ancestry.comOur friends: FacebookOur feelings: TwitterOur careers: LinkedInThink geolocation apps““Datification”Datification”
  6. 6. • JAIIT patented a car seat sensor thatmeasures 360 pressure points with98% accuracy = digital glutius maximuscode unique to every human being.• Apple was recently granted patent forcollecting blood oxygenation, heart rateand body temperature data through itsaudio ear buds.““Datification”Datification”
  7. 7. Think IoT
  8. 8. Big Daddy SaysBig Daddy Says“Data is the oil ofthe informationeconomy baby”
  9. 9. Big Data’s BigBig Data’s BigBangBang
  10. 10. ExpandingExpandingUniverseUniverse• In 2000, Sloan Digital Sky Survey inNew Mexico collected more data in itsfirst few weeks than had been amassedin the entire history of astronomy. By2010 more than 140 terabytes ofinformation.• The Large Synaptic Survey Telescope inChile coming online in 2016 will acquirethat amount of data every 5 days.
  11. 11. Ever ExpandingEver Expanding• The first decoded human genome in2003 took scientists across theglobe a decade of intensive work tosequence the 3 billion base pairs.• In 2013 a single facility can sequencethat much DNA in a day.• Can you dig that?
  12. 12. Embrace theEmbrace theInfiniteInfinite• Google produces more than 24 petabytesof data per day (1000x more than all ofthe printed data in the U.S. Library ofCongress).• Facebook has over a billion usersinterconnected through 100 billionfriendships. It’s users upload more than10 million photos every hour.• YouTube users upload more than an hourof video every second
  13. 13. X-Ray EyesX-Ray Eyes
  14. 14. Big Daddy SaysBig Daddy Says“The dictionary isjust a poem abouteverything”
  15. 15. It Just “Is”It Just “Is”Daddy-ODaddy-O
  16. 16. Big Daddy SaysBig Daddy Says“Every data sethas some hiddenintrinsic valueman”
  17. 17. Poetry SlamPoetry SlamOnly about 5% of alldata is structured.The rest is dirty.Big data does dirty data
  18. 18. The possession ofknowledge which oncemeant an understanding ofthe past, is coming to meanan ability to predict thefuture.Embrace the InfiniteEmbrace the Infinite
  19. 19. Big Data comes with Big Privacy Issues:Gathering, storing reusing of our PIIdata Secondary usages of data contraryto primary purposesBig data makes predictions about peoplebefore they’ve acted = Data DictatorshipWill probability trump actions?Will probability trump Privacy?RisksvilleRisksville
  20. 20. CongratulationsCongratulationsYou’re Pregnant!You’re Pregnant!
  21. 21. Big Data’s Dark SideBig Data’s Dark SideBig data facilitates bigsurveillance
  22. 22. Big Bottom LineBig Bottom Line• Big data is impossible tosanitise• Big Data = Personal SensitiveIdentifiable Information(PSII)• PSII should be encrypted instorage
  23. 23. • Big data refers to things one can doon a large scale that cannot be doneon a smaller one• Big data marks our shift fromcausation to correlation and findingthe associated benefits• Big data is about the “what” notthe “why”Know YourKnow YourGroceriesGroceries
  24. 24. • All things are undergoingdatafication• Big data proves that all data hasintrinsic value (i.e. data = cash)• Big data predictions may trumpactual user behavior & facilitatessurveillanceKnow YourKnow YourGroceriesGroceries
  25. 25. Know Your GroceriesKnow Your Groceries• Big data is PersonalSensitive IdentifiableInformation (PSII)and should beencrypted in storage
  26. 26. Big Daddy SaysBig Daddy Says“The revolution ishere baby and itsnot the machinesrising up, it’s thedata Daddy-o
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