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Richard Gibbens Resume 2017

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Richard Gibbens Resume 2017

  1. 1. Richard Dean Gibbens Jr. Cell: (850)358-0770 1309 Mississippi Ave. Lynn Haven, FL 32444 Rich.Gibbens@gmail.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/richardgibbens Education  Master of Business Administration – Troy University, Troy, AL • Graduated December 2015  Bachelor of Arts in English – University of Florida, Gainesville, FL • Graduated May 2007 Work Experience Sprint / Teleperformance USA* Panama City Beach, FL Call Center Senior Customer Service Representative (Promotion) June 2015 - Present  Respected leader and contact for evaluating and improving company processes and policies.  Lead team of 12-16 agents toward delivering consistent excellent customer service. • Created presentations and led meetings to train team and center on new concepts. • Created and analyzed team metric reports and scrubbed raw data. • Prepared performance summaries to identify and analyze trends. • Evaluated performance and provided corrective action to improve agent performance. • Created tools using Excel used to determine best plan for the customer.  Provided resolution to complicated issues and escalations. Sprint Call Center Customer Service Representative July 2010 – June 2015  Ranked number 1 in the company for 1st and 2nd quarter of 2015, and consistently ranked in top 20 since 2011 (Out of 1000+).  Six time winner of “Going the Extra Mile Award.”  Selected for multiple temporary leadership positions.  Consistently went beyond job description to make the company better as a whole. • Created and presented multiple training decks to make complicated concepts easy to understand. Many of the presentations I created were used company-wide. • Reported and helped to fix hundreds of process issues and considered a valuable resource for feedback.  Provided customers with premier customer service earning high marks in net promoter score while maintaining low average handle time. Southern Transport Services Part-Time Bookkeeper August 2016 – Present  Keeping books for the company in QuickBooks.  Inputting paid bills into QuickBooks and filing.  Running payroll, paying payroll taxes, sending Quarterly tax filings.
  2. 2. First Baptist Church Panama City Men’s Ministry Panama City, FL Editor in Chief (Volunteer Position) December 2010 – January 2015  Supervised publications ministry and the creation and maintenance of the ministry's website and development of monthly newsletter with WordPress and Adobe Photoshop.  Developed a yearly plan of action for the men's ministry outlining all of the policies and procedures of each area.  Created ministry news articles, editorials, advertisements, brochures and monthly newsletters using Microsoft Word.  Created marketing materials to communicate events and programs of the Men's Ministry to church members and public. Publix Lynn Haven, FL Produce Clerk January 2006 – July 2010  Earned awards for customer-service at both the personal and store level.  Took control of Balloons and Floral and increased sales by 30% within 6 months with customer focused ordering.  Inventory control and management including counting inventory, organization, storage, and ordering.  Stocking, rotating, and culling product for damages.  Designing and building retail displays for sales and cross-merchandising. Additional Information  “Big picture” thinker – adept at making complicated concepts easy to understand and providing perspective.  Ability to quickly learn and adapt to new software then teach it to others. • Advanced proficiency with Microsoft Office including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. • Experience with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. • Ability to troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair Windows systems at an intermediate level. • Typing speed - 375 CPM / 75 WPM -- 10-key typing speed - 215 KPM  Oldest of six brothers, natural leader in every organization, team, and club I have been in.  True servant leader who drives performance by focusing on what I can do for my team to foster growth through team development.  I believe you either accept things the way they are, or accept the responsibility for changing it. • When issues arise I take on the responsibility of creating and executing the solution. • I will never point out a problem without also supplying a relevant and practical solution. * Note: Teleperformance USA purchased our call center in July 2016. For the purposes of work verification, my employment with Sprint ended on July 7, 2016, and began with Teleperformance USA that same day. My official title with Teleperformance USA is “Mentor,” however, we have continued to service Sprint customers and my position and responsibilities have not changed.