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Millbrae starwarstalk

This is an extract from the Millbrae Rotary Club's Community Service Team presentation at the 2015 District 5150 Conference in Disneyland on May 2, 2015.

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Millbrae starwarstalk

  1. 1. How Friend-Raising Captured our Town Produced and Directed by The Rotary Club of Millbrae
  2. 2. building a shared vision Current LEADERS IN our COMMUNITY were vital to the process We LEARNED ABOUT stakeholder CONCERNS and sense of emerging purpose what really matters comes only from open conversation and reflection the heart of building a shared vision is to find a common ground that appeals to all
  3. 3. Get to know your members and their involvement in the community Take-aways Encourage them to share their passions and link them with your club’s vision for community service Encourage them to identify opportunities for your club to get involved
  4. 4. Locate the “opinion” leaders in your community who can help spread your club’s message More Take-aways keep in touch with them socially and invite them to your club’s events learn what goals you have in common with them treat them as stakeholders and give them credit Build community support by leveraging your community connections
  5. 5. we got organized we established a common vision we became more inclusive we used community resources well what our Rotary Club did to succeed… How Did it All Come Together?
  6. 6. Reduced original committee of 22 to small work groups to work independently Appointed a facilitator to coordinate the work groups matched volunteers with tasks that they liked and could do well Getting Organized
  7. 7. Establish a Common Vision Eliminated Territorial Issues - the Millbrae Lions Scout House was transformed into the Millbrae Community Youth Center Continually emphasized the need to give up “group” identities and work as a community. Mantra was a “Youth Center” that all could identify with and support Promoted realistic Financial Goals and Progress Reports
  8. 8. sensitive to all stakeholders and their expectations listened to concerns and addressed all issues communicated effectively managed meeting time wisely calendar agenda and minutes task assignments and deadlines be inclusive
  9. 9. Use Community Resources effectively Fundraising and Event Planning Sweat Equity and Project Management Financial Management Professional Skills and Volunteer Organization
  10. 10. the bottom line keep your eyes on the prize promote the project everywhere develop an effective fundraising plan and time frame create an environment in which everyone has pride in ownership
  11. 11. WHAT DID MILLBRAE ROTARY DO TO SUCCEED? held a district visioning workshop adopted a 5- year strategic plan to meet our goals planned and executed two targeted events with the lions club and our other stakeholders raised enough funds to complete the youth center renovation project
  12. 12. Collaboration “tools” PROJECT MANAGEMENT – planning, scheduling and controls PUBLIC RELATIONS - event flyers, press releases, tv announcements, newspaper ads SOCIAL MEDIA - website event listings, constant contact e-mails, Facebook page, survey monkey PERSONAL CONTACTS - with potential sponsors, donors and partners
  13. 13. What Goes around ... Comes around Our Positive Attitude has impressed our community The door swings the other way as civic leaders recognize our Club’s positive influence Why we are “THE CLUB THAT CAN!”