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Bellingham Real Estate - Buying, Selling or Questions?

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At best, buying or selling real estate is a complex process. The tools on our web site www.JohnsonTeamRealEstate.com will help in your search & analysis of the market in Whatcom County.

If you have questions, you can reach us on line @ info@JohnsonTeamRealEstate.com or live @ 1-888-713-3055. We have been serving the Whatcom County community for a Veryyyyyyyyyyy long time and would be happy to help anyway that we can.

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Bellingham Real Estate - Buying, Selling or Questions?

  1. 1. Real Estate - Lets Take the Guess Work Out of itCall The Johnson Team Today @ 888 713 3056
  2. 2. Pending Ratios - What They Mean & Why They are Important
  3. 3. Look Confusing?The Johnson Team Can Help You Make theRight Decision
  4. 4. Sales StatisticsColumbia Neighborhood● Active Listings 4● Pending Listings 7● Pending Inspection Listings 4● Sold Listings 17● Days on Market● Short Sale● Bank Owned Property● Foreclosed Property● REO● Resale Property● New Construction● Lease Option● Owner ContractIt can get very confusing.● Buying?● Selling?● Need Advise?Call The Johnson Team Today
  5. 5. The Information is ThereDont Leave it to Guess Work
  6. 6. Let The Johnson Team Help you Interpret the DataMake Your Next Real Estate Decision a Good One
  7. 7. Bellingham NeighborhoodsSearch Your Favorite Neighborhood with EaseUpdated In Real Time● Photo Galleries● Neighborhood Information● School Information● Employment Information● Community InformationIts only a Click Away
  8. 8. Search for Real Estate in BellinghamThe Johnson Teams Neighborhood Search1) Alabama Hill2) Birchwood3) Central Business District4) Cornwall Park5) Edgemoor6) Fairhaven7) Happy Valley8) Lettered Streets9) Meridian10) Puget11)Roosevelt12) Samish13) Sehome14) Silver Beach15) South Hill16) Sunnyland17) Whatcom Falls18) WWU19) YorkThe Johnson Teams List of:1) Waterfront Property2) Golf Course Property3) Foreclosures4) Short Sales5) Bellingham and Whatcom County Open HousesThe Johnson Teams1) VIP Home Search2) Relocation Package3) Home Evaluation Tools
  9. 9. Search for Bellingham Real Estate on Alabama Hill
  10. 10. Barkley Neighborhood with an exciting Urban Village Environment
  11. 11. Search for real estate in the Bellingham Business District
  12. 12. Bellinghams Diverse Neighborhood Profile
  13. 13. Search for real estate in the Columbia Park Neighborhood
  14. 14. The Edgemoor Neighborhood with its Marvelous Coastline
  15. 15. The Fairhaven Neighborhood is Bellinghams Historic District
  16. 16. Our Family 1st moved to South Bellingham / Happy Valley in the early 1900s
  17. 17. The Lettered Strret Neighborhood is one of Bellinghams Historic Areas
  18. 18. Puget Neighborhood has easy access to Downtown, I-5 & Neighborhood Schools
  19. 19. Bellingham is a community of many interesting neighborhoods the Roosevelt area is one of them
  20. 20. A Hidden Gem in the Lake Samish Neighborhood is Lake Padden. Check out the January 1st Polar Plunge
  21. 21. Sehome Arboretum is always an interesting place for an afternoon walk. You can even take Fido with you.
  22. 22. Whats not to like about The Silver Beach Neighborhood - views, Lake Whatcom, sun & schools its a solid 10+
  23. 23. Sunnyland - As the name implies, its gently sloping to the South for maximum sun exposure
  24. 24. Central to the Whatcom Falls Neighborhood is Whatcom Falls Park
  25. 25. Western Washington University, a place for all ages.
  26. 26. The Question is Always about TimingDo I Buy, Sell or Hold
  27. 27. Weve Been at this for a Veryyyyyyyyyyy Long TimeWeve sold 100s of HomesInvite Us to Your Next Home Sale or Purchase - Youll be Glad You Did