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  1. 1. Ricardo Mosconi 2320 Florida St. Apt 7, Huntington Beach, CA 92648 H: 714-377-7646 C: 415-272-1067 r.mosconi@comcast.net WORK HISTORY Driver/Asst. Manager/Manager: On The Move Company, Larkspur, CA 3/2002-4/2015 ● Driver transporting clients with disabilities to 'Day Programs' ● Driver for absent employees on regular routes covering sick days and vacations ● Asst. Mgr. and Manager responsible for opening office, checking messages, driver timesheets and dispatch communication among drivers ● Scheduled maintenance dates, payments, CPR certificate renewals ● Forecasted personnel requirements based on daily workload and company targets ● Communicated emergencies, weather delays and schedule changes to supervisors and customers ● Established positive long term customer relationships through prompt and courteous service ● Supervised hiring and training of new employees quarterly Pharmacy Tech: Rite Aid Pharmacy, Corte Madera, CA 4/2006-5/2015 ● Helped achieve pharmacy objectives by increasing sales and gross margins ● Translated pharmacy communications for Portuguese and Spanish speaking customers nationwide ● Retail Cashier: Rite Aid, Corte Madera, CA 4/2006-4/2007 ● Performed patient-oriented and comprehensive clinical pharmacy services and pharmaceutical care ● Assisted customers by answering questions and locating desired items ● Accurately completed pharmacy paperwork, daily and weekly reports ● Assisted other pharmacy staff with drug inventory, purchasing and receiving ● Worked with doctors and insurance companies ● Performed daily the 13 steps of pharmacy drug prescription rules Deli Department: Nugget Market, Corte Madera, CA 6/2015-6/2016 ● Responsible for production and plating of desserts ● Answered calls and responded to inquiries ● Created all garnishes for main courses, pastas, soups ● Always displayed knowledge and enthusiasm for restaurant’s menu and products ● Conducted inventory and restocked inventory daily
  2. 2. ● Restocked salad bar, grain bar, soup and hot foods area, refill condiments, organize pantry area ● Sweep and mop floors Instructor: Cedars of Marin, Ross, CA 5/2015-6/2016 ● Observed and monitored clients' behavior and responses to treatment ● Guided clients on field trips ● Assisted clients with horseback riding exercises ● Taught clients all aspects of gardening, honey production, and produce planting and harvesting ● Drove clients to and from community homes EDUCATION Rite Aid Pharmacy School, Santa Rosa Medical 2011 High School Diploma : Caetano De Campos, Sao Paulo, Brazil 1987 SKILLS Fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English Prescription drug labeling Pharmacy technician Certification Training (Rite Aid Corporate) Medication Inventory Management Prescription filling training Kitchen management Food Standards Enforcement Supply ordering Food Regulation Compliance Training Defensive Driver Training OSHA requirement knowledge HAZMAT training (Rite Aid Corporate) Certified Pallet Jack Operator (Rite Aid Corporate) Attention to detail Quick learner References available upon request