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Cosmetics Export to USA www.cosmeticexportpro.com

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Cosmetics exporting with USAFrance, LLC

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Cosmetics Export to USA www.cosmeticexportpro.com

  1. 1. In order to be able to offer a complete service, USAFrance,LLC, Dba ReussirUsa has established a long term cooperationwith business consultants,AmerisStart, international governmental organizations, OSEO,cosmetic manufacturers, Cosmetic Valley, CorrespondanceNew York…We offer a comprehensive package of services :  Our package : Translation and Regulatory compliance  Our package Market validation  Our package business financial planning  Our package marketing and sales implementation, representation  Formulation, design, and manufacturing of beauty and personal care products
  2. 2.  Services Focused on Successfully Building Your Exports! Analysis of the current state of the market in the country(ies) that you target Opportunity and feasibility study: preparation of an in-depth study of market needs and trends, characteristics and performance of the various distribution channels, conditions for successfully differentiating your product line, and creation of a strategic growth and development plan tailored to your business Establishment of distribution outlets appropriate for your product line: arranging initial contacts with key figures that influence public opinion, as well as with major buyers and potential distributors; identifying target distributors, negotiation and confirmation of commercial terms, establishment of distribution contracts and oversight of target achievement) Complete management of the opening and development of the targeted markets
  3. 3. Our network in Europe and USA
  4. 4. • Phyt’s• La Maison de l’Argan• R457• Katimaa• Ametis• Sno Bioflowers• Beauty ID• Bliss,• Clarisea,• Clinique, Face Stockholm,• Mineral Care,• Peter Thomas Roth• Hello Kitty• Parfums Barbara Bui• Navajo• Keeki• Glamhours…..
  5. 5.  Market Validation and Channel Selection (What will we sell to who?) Business, Strategic and Financial Planning (How should we sell it?) Marketing & Sales Implementation (Start promoting and selling!)
  6. 6. Virtual •Basic administration help on an hourly basis •Point of contact for customers, regulators, etc. Office •Distributor search, FDA, labeling & customs issues Start •USA website with video & e-Commerce Selling •USA social media sites & campaigns •Daily community building & promotions Online Add Offline •PR & Advertising campaigns •Direct mail to prospects / customers Marketing •Trade Shows & Sampling Reach Out with •Call and visit prospects •Train distributors & customers Direct Field Sales •Customer service, etc. •Complete turn-key subsidiaryBuild Your Brand with a •"Build-Operate-Turnover"Turnkey USA Subsidiary •Our management or yours! •Priced per employee
  7. 7. Your Beauty PlanVaninaJoulin-Batejat, founder of UsaFrance,LLCSucceed in Europe and USAUsaFrance,LLCVaninaJoulin-Batejat-CEO USATel: 1-828-310-7505/France: + 33-9-70-46-46-35Fax: 1-828-327-8678www.reussirusa.com ;contact@cosmeticexport.comLet’s speak about your projects