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Sustainability in Action

  1. Sustainability in Action
  2. What can be made with recycled plastic? 2 Shoes & Clothes Bags & Backpacks Tableware Home Items Children’s Toys
  3. How can shoes and clothing be made from plastic bottles? Recycled plastic bottles are collected and sorted The bottles are broken down into small plastic flakes Flakes are compressed and spun into polyester thread Polyester thread is woven into mesh and other fabrics
  4. Sustainable Shoe and Clothing Brands Veja Uses recycled plastic bottles to create fabric for sneakers and all other materials are sustainably sourced Rothy’s Produces knit shoes made from plastic bottles and knit bags made of marine plastic, helping keep oceans clean Girlfriend Collective Makes a wide variety of clothes from plastic bottles and fishing nets and even has a garment take back program
  5. How are hard plastic products made from recycled plastic? Recycled or diverted waste plastic* is collected. This can be plastic milk jugs, fishing nets, or other plastics The plastic is cleaned and shredded into small flakes The flakes are melted and extruded into plastic pellets These pellets can then be molded into various hard plastic products Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 *Diverted waste plastic is plastic that is diverted from landfills or the ocean
  6. Recycled Hard Plastic Brands Green Toys Uses 100% recycled type 5 plastic, like milk jugs and yogurt cups, to make various children’s toys Bureo Produces a variety of products like Jenga, skateboards, sunglasses and more from discarded fishing nets. They also partnered with Patagonia to provide recycled plastic for Patagonia products Preserve Makes a variety of tableware and household products out of plastic caps, dairy containers, and prescription bottles. They also have a recycling program and a takeback program
  7. Why are take back programs useful? Produce Use Landfill Produce/ Reprocess Use Return Items Take back programs interrupt the linear economy and prevent used products from reaching landfills Take back programs “close the loop” using a circular economy system to reuse materials
  8. Is Sustainability Profitable? of the US population will choose environmentally preferable products when given the choice” of the general US population indicate that they would buy more environmentally preferable products and services if there were more selection available where they shop” >50% 49% According to the Natural Marketing Institute and backed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,
  9. What can you do to reuse plastic at home? ● Plarn (Plastic Yarn): If you have a stockpile of plastic bags, they can be cut into strips and crocheted into a sturdy, long lasting grocery bag ● Shrink plastic: Type 6 plastic from clear takeout boxes can be decorated and shunk in the oven to create keychains, jewelry, and more
  10. True or False? Most Olympic medals and podiums are made of recycled materials
  11. True or False? Most Olympic medals and podiums are made of recycled materials True! - The 2020 medals were made from recycled consumer electronics and the podiums were to be made of household plastic