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Forest Enterprise Week 2011

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Forest Enterprise Week 2011

  1. 1. Forest Enterprise Week Supercharge your Social Media 18 11 11
  2. 2. Agenda You and your social Socialisation of search Facebook Groups vs Pages Twitter…or not LinkedIn Blogging for business YouTube Google+
  3. 3. Renegade is… a PR and digital marketing agency that specialises in PR, search and social media Public Relations Digital Marketing Strategy and planning Social Media – strategy, campaigns and channel Messaging workshops management Media relations Social Listening Blogger outreach Video, game and app seeding Copywriting Search engine optimisation Experiential events & stunts Pay per click (Facebook, Google, BING) Issue management Digital consultancy Media coaching & training Email strategy Speaker opportunities Blogger outreach
  4. 4. You and your social It’s just marketing
  5. 5. Part of the marketing mix Where your website finishes your social channels begin Where your conversation offline continues online Where your customers are talking about you When your customer service lines are busy or closed Where you can direct traffic to your page When a networking event finishes the connections are made When your customer wants to share
  6. 6. Everything starts with a goal – what’s yours? Engage with existing customers Raise awareness and attract new customers Drive customers to purchase new products Improve search engine optimisation
  7. 7. The socialisation of search
  8. 8. Leverage social media for SEO lloves social Align social media with SEO strategy. Social media platforms and social sharing increase online mentions and links to your website. 1. Encourage online reviews of your products or services 2. Add social sharing buttons to content on your website 3. Produce content for social platforms and include web links
  9. 9. Three pillars of social media
  10. 10. It’s not what you say about yourself it’s what others say about you
  11. 11. Facebook Pages and Profiles VS Facebook Groups
  12. 12. Why a Facebook Group? • Can be invitation only • Set approval restrictions • Sharing can be limited to those in the group • More private • Updating a group means users get a notification but not in their newsfeed • Group members receive a notification when another member interacts with the group
  13. 13. Six benefits of a Facebook Page 1. Customers can connect with your business eco system 2. Update customers via their newsfeed 3. Support via highly targeted adverts 4. Vanity URL reinforces your brand 5. Build a community to market to, but engage with it 6. Target updates to a specific country, region, city But beware
  14. 14. A good page
  15. 15. But beware….
  16. 16. Five mistakes to avoid 1. Not putting enough time into maintaining the page and monitoring dialogue 2. Not answering questions and addressing issues 3. Taking a “brand” tone instead of a human tone 4. Underestimating the power of the crowd and word of mouth 5. Not promoting your Facebook page elsewhere (more to come...) A Facebook page is a place to listen to those interested in your offer Ask questions, learn what people are doing and what they need It’s a place to offer free advice and help build real relationships
  17. 17. Promote it • Newsletters (electronic or print) • E-mail signature • Signage • Business cards and other printed materials • Online social networks and forums, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. • Radio, online or print ads • Website or blog
  18. 18. Newsfeed optimization Less then 4% of users come back to a page after they „like‟ it Reach them through the News Feed through status updates Facebook decides which content each user sees Just because you write an update, doesn’t mean all your fans see it 199 out of 200 likes or comments are in the News Feed, not the page Around 70% of fans on average will NOT see your status updates. Focus on News Feed Optimization and building out your Facebook Page
  19. 19. Five ways to encourage engagement 1. Questions and polls 2. Engage – thank fans for their replies 3. Encourage mentions 4. Encourage likes 5. Put fans in charge Fans want to be involved Involve them and they will spread the word
  20. 20. The best days, times and ways to post
  21. 21. Twitter… or not? 175 million accounts
  22. 22. Twitter for business A listening device Use #hashtags Use it as a customer service tool Promote upcoming events Drive traffic to website or blog Offer tips or offers to followers Use shortened links to track clicks (bit.ly)
  23. 23. Beware the #fail
  24. 24. LinkedIn 100+ million members
  25. 25. Start with a Personal Profile • Connect with business contacts • Generate leads from decision makers • Join in discussions and create groups • Find new employees – research prospective staff • Integrate updates from your own blog or Twitter feed • Ask questions and provide answers – when providing answers make them personal and show a genuine interest • Tap clients and ex-clients, former employers to write a personal recommendation
  26. 26. Company page Companies can create a page on LinkedIn which people can follow for updates and staff can be connected to from their own profiles. • Add keywords to the description • Add company website or blog to the group to drive traffic • Keep group members updated with weekly or monthly roundups • Connect people with each other via introductions • Host an event and invite people from LinkedIn • Source and recruit candidates via job adverts and networking • A platform to share white papers and educational resources
  27. 27. LinkedIn Groups • Great way to create a community • Create discussion posts or featured posts • Groups rarely grow on their own until they reach 100 members so you will have to do some leg work by sharing across all channels • Make sure the group is of interest to a significant number • You can advertise a group – how much do you value members? • A place to share whitepapers and educational resources • Downside: for the „admins‟ groups are time consuming
  28. 28. HP’s company page
  29. 29. Business blogging
  30. 30. Eight benefits of business blogging 1. Increases your reputation as an expert 2. Helps with search engine optimization 3. Makes it easier to get inbound links 4. Enables you to show your personality Over 3 billion videos are viewed a day 5. Helps you to stay up-to-date within your field 6. Makes you the central source for curating quality content 7. Encourages people to connect with you 8. Keeps your website fresh A website built on WordPress is a powerful online presence.
  31. 31. YouTube Over 3 billion videos viewed a day
  32. 32. Six benefits of YouTube 1. Second most searched platform online 2. Cost free global audience 3. Shareable vs watchable – the former can help you „go viral‟ Over 3 billion videos are viewed more likely to be found than other content 4. SEO friendly – 56 times a day 5. Extend brand with customised channel 6. Seeding strategy helps reach new audiences The most important thing is to create something (at worst) worth watching but (at best) worth sharing
  33. 33. Google+ More than 40 million users
  34. 34. Google+ Pages Google trying to emulate Facebook MINI, Pepsi, Chelsea, Red Bull, Boss are among the first Marketing messages will appear in Google searches Google+ users can follow favourite brands
  35. 35. Key features? Stream – This is basically the same as Facebook‟s news feed. Unlike Facebook you can edit a status update even after it‟s been posted. Circles – The easy way to categorise connections and manage them. Hangouts – Video chat service which lets you conduct a group chat with up to 10 people all at the same time. Sparks – This is Google’s content recommendation component. Here you can discover news articles, videos and photos. Photos – Similar to Facebook, Google lets you upload and tag photos of you and your friends.
  36. 36. Beware
  37. 37. Before I go…
  38. 38. Do something worth talking about and people will
  39. 39. Then make the digital physical me

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