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  1. 1. REKHA PALANETHRA PH: +91 9916461122, E-Mail: rekha.palanethra@tcs.com, rekha.palanethra@gmail.com SUMMARY 7+ years of experience in the areas of Business Operations and Account Management. Proven ability to build and lead highly successful teams and programs. Built an excellent track record of implementing change management in the areas of Resource Management, Contracts & Invoice. Talented negotiator and Relationship builder with the ability to manage vendor, partner and client relationships. Outstanding presentation and communication skills. EXPERIENCE: Total 7.6 years of experience in Operations and Technical Consulting (SAP)  Tata Consultancy Services, Bangalore, India Feb 2012 – till date Business Operations & Account Management – Operations Lead, I.T Analyst  Manage the end to end operational activities for TCS account providing services to Johnson & Johnson.  Lead the change management initiative in the contracts & invoices space of TCS – J&J.  Responsible for contract submission for all services to J&J by TCS – Activities encircled contract submission, tracking till PO approval and invoice submission. Analyze and report to leadership the revenue projections, attributes which led to delay in payments like aging patterns of contract/s, % of $ amount submitted w.r.t previous quarter.  Governance - Anchor the weekly operational review with the clients. Responsible for delivering the monthly ops review, quarterly business review and Annual review presentations, Account planning and monthly head count forecast.  Report status on ongoing projects, highlights and escalations, discuss improvement plans in Application development and Support areas to optimize processes and identify $ savings.  Deliver the monthly performance dashboard on resource management, project pipeline, head count capacity and discuss open action items with clients till closure.  Managing the Resource management and Project management team – Responsible for team deliverables, trainings, knowledge transitions and team appraisal.  Review the portfolio level Application Development and Support metrics and chart out improvement plans based on metrics performance which will in turn result in $ savings.  Implemented end to end process change in resource management. A Sustainable model was implemented to ensure compliance, sanity and reduce resource dependability.  Carried out various in-depth data analysis at account levelas part of Margin Improvement Plan, Contractual Compliance, Process Excellence metrics-an extensive study of all development and support projects to infer the factors affecting the success of a project and areas of improvement.  Performed extensive data study on support project parameters to optimize support engagement model.  Overlook the demand fulfillment, attrition, resource and resume quality and other resource management activities ABAP Developer – Senior Systems Engineer Sep 2011-Feb 2012  Worked on SAP support project catering to ASPAC region as ABAP developer working mainly on reports, scripts and BADIs.
  2. 2.  Worked on a value add initiative called SPARK for Consumer ASPAC Support – Several ideas were pitched in to increase savings. Out of an exhaustive list of 53 suggestions on automation, reusability, quality and optimization 49 of these ideas were implemented.  IBM, Bangalore, India Jun 2008 – Sep 2011 SAP ABAP Developer – Associate System Engineer  Worked extensively on SD module and on few MM requirements in support environment for KRAFT Foods. Performed extensive code debugging activities for code fixes and worked on enhancements as part of customization of standard programs.  Worked extensively on Reports, Scripts and Routines: Developed several ALV reports, BADIs, scripts and smart forms for production support environment. Customized function modules to adapt to customer desired functionality. Developed ALV reports for country based tax calculation and program to create SD transfer pricing conditions.  Worked on SRM objects and Adobe forms with intermediate level complexity and rarely on Workflow objects and Enhancements.  Worked on few OOPS based programs to customize existing methods and classes. CERTIFICATIONS  Certified Business Analyst: Completed CBA certification approved by IIBA from Anisan on 18th Dec’12. Certification details available at http://search.anisans.com/index.php?q=Rekha+Palanethra  TCS Business Domain Academy Certificate in Project Management (TCS Internal) TRAININGS Agile Awareness: Workshop with an evangelist on the fundamentals of Agile: Technical practices, Team practices, Agile Principles and Values. Web based trainings on Digital Internet Of Things, Fundamentals of Agile Delivery, Big Data and Hadoop Eco System Persuade with Power: This is a TCS internal program for associates in Customer Facing Roles to better understand our customer and interact to achieve expected results. SAP Training on SRM: A four day virtual training on the basics of SRM by SAP Labs: ABAP objects, ABAP Program Accelerator, BASIS for ABAPers, LSMW (Legacy system Migration Work bench), Logical database and overview of Unicode and Performance Tuning SAP ABAP-Junior Developer to Senior Developer: ALE and IDOCS, Workflows, Adobe forms and PDF forms, SD, MM and FI – functional aspects, advanced debugging and SOLMAN. CURRICULUM PROJECT Schneider Electric, India Final Year Project, Jan 2008 – May 2008 Automation of Endurance testing of relays: The main objective of this project was to build a module which would automate the endurance (electricalendurance) testing of PCB mountable relays. A prototype of the entire unit was manufactured including the PCB board. It was later tested end to end and is now currently being used in Schneider for performing the endurance test of Relays.
  3. 3. ADDITIONAL  Branding & Marketing: Designed the TCS Branding in the Digital Lab in TCS Bangalore and the Life Sciences Innovation lab in TCS Noida  Part of CSR Initiative Abhyasa in TCS – Teach English Curriculum to standard 4 and 5 students in a Government School.  Anchored Several Town Halls and front ended the yearly Business-Sports Meet (FUZION) in TCS-J&J relationship for three consecutive years.  Fluent in English, Hindi and Kannada. HOBBIES: Painting, Coin collection, playing the Veena, traveling. EDUCATION 2004- 2008, B.E – Instrumentation Technology – 70.6% BMS COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, Bangalore, India 2002 -2004, PUC – 82.5% M.E.S Kishore Kendra, Bangalore, India 2001 -2002, X (ICSE) – 78.5% Cluny Convent High School, Bangalore, India PERSONAL DETAILS Date of Birth: 28th August, 1986. Mothers name: K.N Prameela – Assistant Teacher Fathers name: S.B Palanethra – RTO, Karnataka Government Passport No: G2675453 Date of Expiry: 04/04/2017 Address: #609/8, 14th cross, 5th main, M C Layout, Vijaynagar, Bangalore – 560040, - Rekha Palanethra