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Food Processing Tools, Equipment and Utensils (2).pptx

  1. Use Food Processing Tools, Utensils, and Equipment
  2. Food successful food preservation, proper tools, utensils, and equipment are needed. Tools are simple implements for food preparation. Utensils are implement especially for kitchen use. Equipment are the materials and other items needed for a particular task or activity.
  3. A. Tools for measuring and weighing the correct amount of ingredients and materials:
  4. digital scale measuring spoons
  5. measuring glass/beaker measuring cups weighing scale
  6. B. Utensils for handling and preparing ingredients or materials.
  7. utility bowls paring knife colander strainer wooden spoon or ladle
  8. Chopping board Utility tray mixing bowl
  9. TYPES KNIVES: a. Bread- used to slice bread or cake, cutting edge is serrated. b. Paring- use to peel and cut fruits and vegetables c. Boning= to remove meat from bone
  10. TYPES KNIVES: d. Cleaver= to trim chops, cut through bone and dress poultry e. French= to slice, cut, dice and shred raw fruits. f. utility= to core lettuce and to pare and section fruits. g. butcher= cut all types of meat h. slicer= to slice all kinds of raw materials
  11. Chopping board tongs funnel plastic basin
  12. C.Equipment for Processing
  13. Stock pot (large kaldero or kaserola) wok or kawali food processor
  14. double boiler pressure cooker
  15. Meat grinder meat slicer impulse sealer
  16. D. Containers
  17. Quart 32 oz (946 ml) pint 16 oz (473 ml) half pint 8 oz (237 ml) quart pint 4 oz (118 ml) canning glass jars
  18. Quart 32 oz (946 ml) pint 16 oz (473 ml) half pint 8 oz (237 ml) quart pint 4 oz (118 ml) sterilized glass bottles