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Refuse Specialists Overview

Hauling costs can get expensive and out of hand with added costs and fees. There are ways to overcome these extra costs and fees. We want you to learn more about RS and how we can help you nix these fees that are adding 8-30% to your expenses each year.

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Refuse Specialists Overview

  1. 1. REFUSE SPECIALISTSNotice: This information is confidential. Sharing or disbursement of this information isstrictly prohibited. All pricing, services, contract management strategies and samplereports described herein or disclosed are the intellectual location and under strictownership of Refuse Specialists.
  2. 2. What We DoA Company Overview
  3. 3. Initial Goals
  4. 4. How We Generate Savings
  5. 5. RS Compensation Model Compensation Comes from the Savings Generated 100% Aligned Interests with Clients Average Net Savings is 21%
  6. 6. Enrollment Process1. Sign the RS One Page Agreement2. Client provides LOA on Letterhead, signed and dated3. Provide copies of the latest monthly hauling invoices4. Provide Property List New rates are typically implemented within 60 days after submission of theEnrollment documents
  7. 7. Audit Function
  8. 8. Client Portal Past invoices Detailed reports Logged billing errors Property service levels
  9. 9. Savings Analysis
  10. 10. In Summary… Refuse Specialists acts solely as the client’s agent. We have no contractualobligations to any hauler. Our responsibility is to be a Dedicated Advocate, Vigilante Auditor of Invoicesand an Assurance Client Always Pay the Right Price for the Correct Equipmentand Services. We are driven by ensuring proper service levels & supply levels are ideal foreach individual property. We take pride in managing our client’s invoices and ensuring they are billedcorrectly. We are very motivated to not only secure market based pricing, optimizeequipment and correct service levels but process invoices in a timely mannerand a sensible format.