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Miramar, CA - How to Sell & Buy in a Hot Market Deck

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Miramar, CA - How to Sell & Buy in a Hot Market Deck

  3. 3. ABOUT REDFIN On Your Side Your Redfin Agent guides you through each step and is accountable to get you the right home — not just any home. Smarter & Faster Move quickly and confidently with our easy online tools and the most complete and accurate home sales data available. You Get More Get full service and better results while saving thousands in fees. 100% Team Support You’ll work with a team of real estate pros, so there’s always someone ready to help. A better way to buy & sell
  4. 4. The Redfin Refund and 1% Listing Fee You buy your dream home. The 6% sales commission gets split in two Your buyer’s agent gets 3% commission The listing agent gets 3% commission Redfin keeps a portion as our fee Redfin gives you a portion of the commission, so you save
  5. 5. 1. Local Real Estate Trends 2. Home Selling Process 3. Buying While Selling 4. Q&A AGENDA
  6. 6. Local Real Estate Trends
  7. 7. Median Sale Price • Compare neighborhoods at the Redfin Data Center: redfin.com/blog/data-center • Updated every 15–30 minutes
  8. 8. Days on Market • Compare neighborhoods at the Redfin Data Center: redfin.com/blog/data-center • Updated every 15–30 minutes
  9. 9. Home Selling Process
  10. 10. HOME SELLING PROCESS Decide to Sell1 Choose an Agent2 Prepare Your Home4 Market Your Home5 Sell & Close5
  11. 11. CHOOSE AN AGENT Interview Multiple Agents • Don’t just go with an agent who promises the highest price • Find an agent who has recently sold homes in your neighborhood Read Customer Reviews • Find the agent that will work hard to get the deal that’s best for you
  12. 12. Better Agents On Your Side
  13. 13. We Work as a Team ASSOCIATE AGENT • Assists with open houses • Delivers lock boxes & flyers • Assists with showings TRANSACTION COORDINATOR • Prepares paperwork • Schedules appointments • Works with escrow AGENT • Responsible for your success • Markets your home • Handles negotiations
  14. 14. DETERMINE YOUR BOTTOM LINE Understand & calculate your net proceeds What’s it going to cost to sell your home? • Commission • Outstanding Mortgage • Taxes and fees • Out-of-pocket expenses (updates, repairs, etc.)
  15. 15. Current Market Value
  16. 16. PREPARING YOUR HOME • Less is more • Make sure your rooms are well lit • Get other opinions • Don’t hide any of your home’s assets • Create traffic flow through the rooms • Freshen up your home — air out rooms, add fresh flowers • Update your main locks • Remove all pets • Make minor repairs • Clean and make your bed every day • Don’t forget yard maintenance • Remove all personal items
  18. 18. Redfin 3D Walkthrough™
  19. 19. Seller Dashboard See how your listing is performing with your own custom Seller Dashboard
  20. 20. MARKETING YOUR HOME ONLINE Twice as many people see your home on Redfin.
  21. 21. Maximum Exposure  Over 90% of home buyers search online  Twice as many people see your home when you list with Redfin  Our marketing blitz reaches potential buyers (online & offline) We use proven techniques to market your home
  22. 22. Buying While Selling
  23. 23. • Renting vs. owning • Length of ownership • Life changes (family, job) • Personal finances Things to ThinkAbout Before You Buy….
  24. 24. New Construction
  25. 25. DO YOUR RESEARCH • Create a wish list for home features • Location & neighborhoods • Check out open houses • See homes in person • Save searches on Redfin 1
  26. 26. GET PRE-APPROVED • Choose the right lender • Compare rates and fees • redfin.com/buy-a-home/openbook 2
  28. 28. MAKE YOUR OFFER • Selling & buying simultaneously • Pricing & comparables • Common contingencies • Negotiations • Mutual acceptance 3
  29. 29. How Might A Lender Help Strengthen Your Offer? You may not have considered such, but your financing plays a role in a sellers decision to accept your offer • Provide a current pre-approval with accurate offer amount vs old, outdated, inaccurate information • Short contingencies and escrow timeframes can help sellers feel at ease they have a qualified buyer. It also may be key if the sellers are contingent on selling to purchase themselves • Availability of your lender in the evenings and weekends can help especially when you see the perfect home and want to submit an offer right away • Experience/reputation is huge especially when the listing agent reports to his/her clients who they may be depending on
  30. 30. Close! • Mutual acceptance • Inspection • Appraisal • Loan Approval • Final WalkThrough 4
  31. 31. Congratulations! You’ve Bought a Home
  32. 32. Thank You For Coming! Cristian Crabb cristian.crabb@redfin.com Angelite Armento-McWhorter a.armento.mcwhorter@redfin.com