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Green (in)dispensable in architecture

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Dennis Hauer

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Green (in)dispensable in architecture

  1. 1. Green (in)dispensable to architecture Dennis Hauer – 3 december 2015
  2. 2. Sr. Architect at Urban Climate Architects in Delft Started career in 2000 as architect at RoyalhaskoningDHV in Amsterdam Worked with Michael Braungart on translating C2C to the built environment Expert in daylight design and green design Worked on projects in NL, Belgium, UK, Algeria and Vietnam About Dennis Hauer
  3. 3. High Line New York Green as katalysator for urban development The added value of green?
  4. 4. From an abondoned industrial area
  5. 5. To a place to be
  6. 6. Result: atrractive development around new urban space
  7. 7. Bonus; growt of biodiversity in the city
  8. 8. Theory versus practice But how does this work in buildings?
  9. 9. High ambition Great pics! Theory:
  10. 10. Budget cuts on (part of) green ambition Building finished; let’s put some green in! Green design incorrect (daylight/humidity/watering) Not part of an integrated design process Green is hardly rated in certification programms (e.g. in BREEAM / LEED <1% influence by green!) Practice:
  11. 11. Green is expensive A lot of maintanance Living green dies (replacement costs) Green and hygiëne (allergies) Ignorence, what we can’t control…
  12. 12. What problem can green solve in the concept? Start wit a clear ambition Create the budget Find ambassadors Combine the right expertise in an early stage How does it work for me in practice?
  13. 13. Temporary classrooms Amsterdam (2011) Green insulation (slows accumulation facade) Green sunscreen (open in winter, closed in summer) Green as thermal buffer
  14. 14. Transformation office to hotel (2010) Green facade (air purifier) Green renovation (esthetic) Green as air purifier
  15. 15. Renovation school building (2014) Greenhouse (natural ventilation) Green facade (thermal buffer) Green as ventilation
  16. 16. Transformation schoolbuilding into Community center (2014) Greenhouse (marketing concept) Urban farming (growing food) Green as developer
  17. 17. New hospital for Childcancer (2015, research on hygiëne and green) Can green be used in a hospital environment? What functional aspects have to be taken into the design? Do’s and dont’s Green as healer Image: LIAG Architects
  18. 18. Inspiration
  19. 19. Venlo Floriade (2012) Closing the circle Villa Flora
  20. 20. Villa Flora
  21. 21. Milano (2014) Appartment tower as air purifier Bosco verticale
  22. 22. Vietnam (2015) Green as space divider Naman SPA
  23. 23. Ken Yeang Ecology and biodiversity as the starting point of the design process Eco skyscrapers
  24. 24. Barcelona (2014) New typology by green public space Lush hotel
  25. 25. More integration/cooporation between ‘green’ and ‘red’ sector More exchange between ‘green’ and ‘red’ education More awareness to the wide public on the benefits of green Rules and regulations sometimes oppose green solutions But in the end; just do it! Recommendations
  26. 26. Thank you for your attention!