How to Grow Your Twitter Following (and Become the Badass of Your Industry)

Founder | CMO | Author | Social Media Trainer um Rebekah Radice
13. Nov 2015

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How to Grow Your Twitter Following (and Become the Badass of Your Industry)

  1. How to Grow Your Twitter Following (and Become the Badass of Your Industry)
  2. About Rebekah Radice @RebekahRadice @PostPlanner #ViralWebinar
  3. About Diana Adams @AdamsConsulting @PostPlanner #ViralWebinar
  4. What We’re Going to Cover How to: ● Optimize Twitter to maximize your results ● Make connections to grow your ● Build a loyal and enthusiastic audience ● Discover and share viral matter the industry ● Market your business like a BOSS #ViralWebinar
  5. Optimize Twitter Get your bio in TIP- TOP shape. #ViralWebinar
  6. Load Up Your Profile Pic You don't want to BE an egghead. Keep your pic consistent across all social channels. #ViralWebinar
  7. Make the Most of Your Space You have 160 characters of space - make each one count! #ViralWebinar
  8. People Connect with People Make your bio as relatable and approachable as possible. #ViralWebinar
  9. Share Your SUPER Duper Awesomeness Help others get to know you. Share what makes you SPECIAL. #ViralWebinar
  10. Get Branded Make your account instantly recognizable by adding a customized Twitter cover. #ViralWebinar @starbucks
  11. Brand Your Cover Photo Use images and elements to showcase your accomplishments. #ViralWebinar @marshacollier
  12. Brand Your Cover Photo Clearly express what you do. Help people take that next step. #ViralWebinar @jedrecord
  13. Brand Your Cover Photo Streamline your look and feel. Draw from your website and keep it consistent. #ViralWebinar @pegfitzpatrick
  14. Don’t Forget Your Keywords The words you use in your bio are searchable keywords. #ViralWebinar
  15. Share What You’re Passionate About Share what you love in your bio and connect with others who have the same interests! #ViralWebinar
  16. Use Twitter Lists Like a PRO Twitter Lists are the ultimate way to keep your Twitter timeline organized and relevant. #ViralWebinar
  17. How to Organize Your Lists Use them to organize the people you begin to interact with. #ViralWebinar
  18. Optimize Lists for More Engagement Get creative with your lists to encourage engagement in a specific group of people. #ViralWebinar
  19. Get Involved in Twitter Chats Find people with similar interests in Twitter chats and gain followers. #ViralWebinar
  20. Use Twitter Chats to Build Credibility Twitter Chats are all about engaging. Get in the convo and share your expertise. #ViralWebinar @isocialfanz
  21. Struggling to Grow a Twitter Following? Grow your Followers with Chats! #ViralWebinar @micadam
  22. Build a Loyal and Enthusiastic Audience Engage with others! (but listen too) #ViralWebinar
  23. Follow Interesting People Don’t fall into the trap of thinking Twitter is all about the numbers! #ViralWebinar
  24. Focus on Relationship Building Social media success can be measured by the meaningful relationships we build. #ViralWebinar
  25. Write a Tweet Worth Reading According to @HarvardBiz, only 36% of tweets are worth reading! #ViralWebinar
  26. So...Tweet Great Content! Does your tweet have all 7 of these components? Use this checklist to be sure. #ViralWebinar
  27. Recycle Successful Tweets #ViralWebinar
  28. Look to Your Analytics to Find Them #ViralWebinar
  29. Tools like #ViralWebinar Identify your top tweets from the last 3200.
  30. Mix Up Your Headlines (and content) #ViralWebinar Use a combination of content and context to bring your tweets to life!
  31. Analyze Headlines to Predict Results Use a tool like CoSchedule to analyze each one of your headlines for effectiveness. #ViralWebinar
  32. Tweet Eye-Catching Images #ViralWebinar
  33. Don’t Be Afraid to Use Bold Colors! #ViralWebinar
  34. Use Visuals to Create Brand Messaging Nike knows how to connect image and message perfectly. #ViralWebinar
  35. Use Video to Increase Engagement Twitter just enhanced the video feature! (video image source: GoPro) #ViralWebinar
  36. Make Your Video Personal Personalize your videos and Twitter experience! #ViralWebinar
  37. Connect with Influencers Connect the right way. Focus on relationship building. Don’t spam influencers. #ViralWebinar
  38. Use a URL Shortener Using a URL shortener has many benefits - including giving your followers more retweet options. #ViralWebinar
  39. Benefits of Using Shortened URLs Increase trust and collect data #ViralWebinar
  40. Share Other People’s Content But do it the RIGHT way! Always give proper credit. #ViralWebinar
  41. Twitter Calls to Action Boost your interaction with a well-placed call to action in your tweet! - Please RT (studies show that asking for a retweet will increase your retweets by 12x) - Click here to download - Please reply - Tweet the answer for a chance to win - Use the hashtag to join the conversation #ViralWebinar
  42. Get Local Find and connect with potential customers and peers. #ViralWebinar
  43. Create an Easy Twitter Schedule Schedule your tweets ahead of time so you can focus on engaging and building relationships! #ViralWebinar
  44. Rinse and Repeat Identify what’s working and what isn’t. Make necessary tweaks along the way. Rinse and repeat! #ViralWebinar
  45. Come GROW With Post Planner With our *scientifically proven* Viral Content, you will triple your Retweets, Follows and Clicks! #ViralWebinar
  46. Get Started Today 30% off Love annual $ - that’s 5 per month billed annually! Coupon: GWLOVETW #ViralWebinar
  47. THANK YOU! @PostPlanner @RebekahRadice @AdamsConsulting #ViralWebinar