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why work at ADP

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why work at ADP

  1. 1. Provideinte grated solutions to dea lershipsfor: One of the world’s largest providers of business outsourcing and human capital management solutions Who we are What we do Two ways to join us Roseland, NJ HEADQUARTERS 60,000EMPLOYEES WORLDWIDE Fortune 500® 255 RankedEstablished 1949 Helpcli ents unlock business p otential: Increase productivity Improve employee engagement Meet regulatory & legislative requirements Provide solutions in: Human Resources Payroll Talent Management Tax Benefits Administration Automobiles Motorcycles Boats Recreational Vehicles Heavy Equipment 1 2 Employer Services Deliver industry-leading solutions to organizations of all sizes to help manage the entire employment cycle—from recruitment to retirement. Dealer Services Provide fully integrated technology services and solutions to over 26,000 automotive dealerships and vehicle manufacturers around the world. WORLD’S MOST ADMIRED Companies Fortune 100BEST COMPANIES Working Mother 100BEST PLACES TO WORK Computerworld WORLD’S MOST INNOVATIVE Companies Forbes TOP 50COMPANIES FOR DIVERSITY DiversityInc Awards & Achievements BEST PLACES to Work in IT Computerworld TRAINING TOP 125 Training TOP 100 Information Week ADP Perks Career Areas V O L U N T E E R W I T H M O R E T H A N 1,500 CHARITABLE INITIATIVES WORLDWIDE Workplace Giving Program Volunteer Paid Time OffScholarship Program SALES TECHNOLOGY CLIENT SERVICE IMPLEMENTATIONFINANCE HUMAN RESOURCES MARKETING TRAINING Comprehensive Benefits Wellness Program Work/Life Balance LifeCare® On-Site Child Care Flexible Work Arrangements Service Awards National Discount Programs$ Tuition Reimbursement Social Responsibility FROM DAY ONE Medical/Prescription Drug Dental Vision Care Flexible Spending Accounts Life Insurance Short-Term Disability Long-Term Disability Auto and Home Insurance Pension Plan 401(k) Plan Stock Purchase Paid Time Off Chief Executive 40 BEST COMPANIES FOR LEADERS Serve m ore than 620,000 busi nesses MORE THAN 125COUNTRIES Why work at ADP?