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Sara Haslam -

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Sara Haslam -

  1. 1. Contested Ground: alcohol, attachment, and the hut habit at war Sara Haslam sara.haslam@open.ac.uk http://www.open.ac.uk/people/sjh673
  2. 2. From Archbishop Davidson’s diary ‘Then we went to Talbot House, where in the garden, there was a large gathering of Church of England chaplains… We had a fairly lively discussion on the question of the relation of Army work to the National Mission… Confirmation followed…’. From The Church of England Record Society, vol. 18, eds Melanie Butler and Stephen Taylor (2010).
  3. 3. www.ymca.net
  4. 4. ‘The equal sides of the triangle stand for “man’s essential unity, body, mind and spirit, each being a necessary and eternal part of man, he being neither one alone…” 1895 www.ymca.net
  5. 5. Queen Mary (Queen Consort) visits the YMCA Hut given her name on 3rd June, 1917 IWM Q2527
  6. 6. • Identity affirmation • Care • Ritual function • Celebration and reward • Cure and anaesthetic • Stimulant.
  7. 7. ‘I don’t go over with a skinful, as some of them do; but, by God, when I come back I want it’ (p. 3). Frederic Manning, The Middle Parts of Fortune
  8. 8. ‘When you came in the space was desultory, rectangular, warm after the drip of a winder night, and transfused with a brown orange dust that was light. It was shaped like the house a child draws.’ Ford Madox Ford, No More Parades.
  9. 9. Sara Haslam http://www.open.ac.uk/people/sjh673 • Fragmenting Modernism: Ford Madox Ford, the Novel and the Great War (2002) • ‘Between St Dennis and St George, Propaganda and the First World War’ (2007) • ‘The “moaning of the world” and “the words that bring me peace”: Modernism and the First World War’ (2012) • ‘A literary intervention: writing alcohol in British literature 1915-1930’ (2013) • http://theconversation.com/glory-farce-and- despair-the-many-stories-of-world-war-i-22201