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DDS in the Broadcast Industry

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Presented by: Sandy Kellagher, Director of Software Systems, Snell Advanced Media

The presentation will describe SAM's use of RTI DDS Connext Professional in a number of applications related to professional video processing in the broadcast industry. A good example is as the underlying transport mechanism for SAM's award winning Media Biometrics technology. This provides broadcasters with a uniquely powerful range of signal monitoring tools, allowing them to check that every stage of their media processing and delivery chain is operating correctly with minimal need for operator intervention.

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DDS in the Broadcast Industry

  1. 1. Presentation Title Presenter Date DDS in the Broadcast Industry Sandy Kellagher Director of Software Systems
  2. 2. www.s-a-m.comwww.s-a-m.com Los Angeles Toronto New York UK Wiesbaden Moscow Paris Madrid Beijing Tokyo Sydney Dubai New Delhi Hong Kong Headquartered in the UK 550 Staff Worldwide, and growing 14 International Offices
  3. 3. www.s-a-m.comwww.s-a-m.com
  4. 4. www.s-a-m.comwww.s-a-m.com ContentCreation MediaDistribution Management & Workflow Infrastructure & Image Processing Live Production Production Editing & Finishing Playout & Delivery Our Market Place Technologies for evolving media production ecosystems
  5. 5. Why did SAM choose DDS? To migrate from disparate existing in-house protocols… To a single, unified, open standard, high performance standard
  6. 6. www.s-a-m.comwww.s-a-m.com In-house protocols - RollCall • RollCall was designed ~20 years ago for SAM’s IQ modular range of products: • defines a proprietary (but openly published) set of messages and a wire protocol • client-server protocol with various services (control, logging, file etc) • all traffic end-to-end acknowledged • ‘menu’ service provides metadata about (description of) controls offered • allows generic GUI client to work with any RollCall device • However, the simplicity of the protocol limits its usefulness for handling the complex types of data structure involved in advanced router control
  7. 7. www.s-a-m.comwww.s-a-m.com In-house protocols - DCCP • DCCP is the SAM proprietary protocol used for advanced router control: • is essentially an object-oriented remote procedure call mechanism • devices are defined in XML and can have arbitrarily complex control sets • DCCP framework allows ‘strongly typed’ client code interaction, with all communication over the wire handled transparently by the framework • DCCP framework supports persistence and replication of objects • wire protocol recently adapted to improve performance over WAN links • However, ongoing in-house support and development of DCCP (eg to improve performance over WAN links or to support new platforms) is a significant cost, and slows down product development
  8. 8. www.s-a-m.comwww.s-a-m.com Desirable Protocol Characteristics • So we wanted a protocol that could provide a solid and proven framework for a unified future C&M solution across the full SAM product range: • scalable to support many clients and large volumes of data • high performance and light footprint • cross-platform and open-standard • available as a proven COTS solution rather than developed in-house • mature ecosystem with multiple users, vendors and tool support • support for persistence, redundancy and replication • supports a distributed architecture • automatic discovery of devices • adaptable to different underlying transport mechanisms, eg LAN, WAN • And RTI DDS Connext met all of these requirements
  9. 9. www.s-a-m.comwww.s-a-m.com Key aspects of DDS • Full name is OMG Data Distribution Service (DDS) • Open standard with proven interoperability between several commercial vendors (RTI, PrismTech, etc), as well as Open Source solutions • DDS is a data-centric solution (ie modelled in terms of data ‘Topics’ rather than messages exchanged) • Basic underlying mechanism uses a ‘publish – subscribe’ model: • effectively creates a distributed global data space • designed to be scalable and perform well with large volumes of data • Proven in safety- and performance-critical applications, eg military, aerospace, air traffic control, NASA, medical, imaging, power utilities etc
  10. 10. www.s-a-m.comwww.s-a-m.com DDS Framework • DDS framework provides an extensive set of Quality of Service options: • allows system to be ‘tuned’ for optimum performance based on user requirements and underlying network features/performance • Framework provides many advanced features as standard: • redundancy and replication • persistence • automatic discovery • security and authentication • Application code becomes simpler and smaller, which leads to faster product development…
  11. 11. www.s-a-m.comwww.s-a-m.com Application to SAM • Unified control and monitoring of all SAM broadcast products • IP routing • Media biometrics
  12. 12. Media Biometrics
  13. 13. www.s-a-m.comwww.s-a-m.com What is Media Biometrics? Media Biometrics is SAM’s unique signature technology for video, audio and metadata Initial application is for Media Assurance
  14. 14. www.s-a-m.comwww.s-a-m.com What is Media Assurance? Media Assurance is the act of automatically checking and verifying media throughout a broadcast production chain • Can be deployed in both SDI and IP streaming environments, and for files • Media can be compared, corrected and identified Why? • Improves efficiency • Reduces the need for skilled operators • Reduces operational cost Unique signatures
  15. 15. www.s-a-m.comwww.s-a-m.com What are Biometric Signatures? A set of numbers which represent each frame of video, audio & metadata • Low data rate enables many hundreds of data sets to be stored or streamed over an IP network • Can be transported within VANC in SDI / MXF or via IP using DDS • Support for multiple audio channels
  16. 16. www.s-a-m.comwww.s-a-m.com What Can You Do With Media Biometrics? 3562178865 7654299888 8765542344 6721663554 8642341561 5277731896 9066738712 0651823119 2784957718 Analyze them …. • Video there ? • Video still ? • Video dark ? • Audio present ? • Audio level ? Compare them …. fast • Is the video the same ? • Is the audio the same ? • Absolute delay ? • Lip sync ? 3562178865 3562178865 Identify them …. fast • What video ? • What audio ? 3562178865 UMID=2347654 Transport/Store them • What video ? • What audio ? 3562178865 UMID=2347654
  17. 17. www.s-a-m.comwww.s-a-m.com What is Unique about our Media Biometrics Signatures? It is resilient to …
  18. 18. www.s-a-m.comwww.s-a-m.com Initial Media Assurance Applications • Lip Sync detection & correction • Audio mapping detection & correction • Confirmation two media streams are the same • Video / audio present • Video stillish detection Allows Monitoring by Exception   !
  19. 19. www.s-a-m.comwww.s-a-m.com Media Biometrics Philosophy • Low cost Media Biometric Generation (MBG) points available throughout the Live and File-based product range • Analysis of data from these points within the SigMA system provides licensed media assurance services for broadcast operations • Comparison of two signatures within the SigMA system is referred to as an Assurance Point (AP) • Perfect fit with the publish-subscribe philosophy of DDS
  20. 20. www.s-a-m.comwww.s-a-m.com Media Assurance System Biometric Signature Generation Media Assurance Processing Monitoring by Exception SAM Products Switchers IP Stream Kahuna 9600 MBG XS Kahuna 6400 Kahuna 4800 File-based MBG OD Routers Sirius 800 Playout ICE/ICE OD Modular/IQ IQ SAM00 Biometric IQ MBG Database BioBank SigMA RollCall/RollMap SigMa Application Media Assurance SigMa Engine Management Engine Management & Configuration SigMa Engine Multiple Correlation Engines SigMa License Server License Store IQ IQ SAM00
  21. 21. www.s-a-m.comwww.s-a-m.com IQSAM00 – Media Biometrics Generator with Assurance Point Two Channel 3G/HD/SD-SDI SAM Media Biometrics Generator Module with a single Assurance Point - Generate video and audio signatures from 2 x SDI - Signatures can be used locally or published via DDS and IP multicast - Integrated Assurance Point - Standard IQ form-factor - Monitoring by Exception with Rollcall
  22. 22. www.s-a-m.comwww.s-a-m.com IQMBG80 – Media Biometrics Generator Eight Channel 3G/HD/SD-SDI Media Biometrics Generator Module - Generates video & audio signatures from 8 SDI - Signatures published via DDS and IP multicast - Standard IQ form-factor - Space and cost efficient signature generator
  23. 23. www.s-a-m.comwww.s-a-m.com SigMA – Media Assurance Software Licensed media assurance services in software - Subscribes to signatures via DDS over IP multicast - Scalable - Supports monitoring by exception - Central core for media assurance system - Deploy on commodity IT equipment - Deploy multiple Assurance Points simultaneously
  24. 24. www.s-a-m.comwww.s-a-m.com Media Assurance System • Assurance Point A – Compare MBG 0 with MBG 1 • Assurance Point B – Compare MBG 1 with MBG 2 • Assurance Point C – Compare MBG 2 with MBG 3 Media Centre Head End Monitoring Receiver Transmitter Home Satellite IQ MBG/SAMMBG 0 Processing1 MBG 1 Processing2 MBG 2 MBG 3 Processing3 A B C SigMA ASI IP SDI Lines IN
  25. 25. Practical experience of DDS
  26. 26. www.s-a-m.comwww.s-a-m.com Benefits and Caveats • DDS provides a complete, proven and scalable publish-subscribe framework • There’s a comprehensive set of configuration options (QoS settings) • There’s extensive documentation covering all aspects of DDS • The data-centric publish-subscribe model fits very well for many applications • DDS is a framework / toolkit, rather than a solution for your application • You’ll probably need help working out the optimum set-up for your system! • The details are well described, but it’s harder to get the ‘big picture’ • Data-centric design is a major ‘mind shift’ for engineers used to working with transactional message-passing protocols.
  27. 27. www.s-a-m.comwww.s-a-m.com Benefits and Caveats (contd) • Automatic discovery of units via IP multicast is a neat feature. • There are validated binaries for standard platforms • Connext Professional library may be too big for your embedded device • By default, data transfer is unicast. • Good set of debug and analysis tools • Does your network and/or Firewall allow multicast? Across subnets? • Is your favoured RTOS a mainstream standard platform? • DDS Connext Micro is designed for devices with limited resources • Can configure multicast data transfer • Wire protocol is relatively complex compared to in-house protocols.