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Client Testing Smart Lab on AWS or Google Cloud WinXP, Win7, Win8

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With Ravello’s high performance nested virtualization solution, enterprises can run all 32-bit and 64-bit Windows client operating systems in AWS or Google cloud. ISVs can simply upload the Windows ISO and boot a virtual machine with that operating system. Alternatively, ISVs can also upload a VMware Windows client VM and run that in AWS or Google cloud without making any changes at all.

This webinar will cover how to build a client test farm in AWS:
1. Step by step guide on how to install Windows XP and Window 8 from an ISO on AWS.
2. How to upload a Windows 7 VMware VM and run that on AWS (although one can install this from an ISO as well)
3. Save a blueprint of the test farm for repeatable, automated deployments

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Client Testing Smart Lab on AWS or Google Cloud WinXP, Win7, Win8

  1. 1. Speaker: Shruti Bhat, Ravello Systems Client Testing For 32 & 64 bit WinXP, Win7, Win8, Win10 and Linux clients Smart Lab On AWS/Google
  2. 2. Housekeeping • Lots of great material to cover • All attendees on mute – please use the Q&A window for questions in real- time • Slides will be shared at the end of the session • Please tweet @ravellosystems if you are on twitter • If you are already a Ravello user please rate/review us on AWS Marketplace www.ravellosystems.com
  3. 3. Agenda • Ravello Smart Labs Concept • Cloud-based Client Testing Smart Labs – How it works – Live demo of creating your own smart lab – Optimizations • Technology: Powered by nested virtualization and overlay networking www.ravellosystems.com
  4. 4. Ravello Smart Lab Concept
  5. 5. 5www.ravellosystems.com Ravello’s nested virtualization platform powers cloud-based Smart Labs for many enterprises … all use Ravello to accelerate sales, training, customer PoCs, development and test and many more
  6. 6. Ravello Client Testing Smart Lab On AWS or Google www.ravellosystems.com • A cloud-based service that auto-deploys your client testing matrix in the cloud, and auto shuts down to release resources when testing is complete • Supports all operating systems that run on VMware/KVM even though there is no native support on AWS or Google • Powered by nested virtualization and overlay networking on top of leading public clouds like AWS & Google Cloud (Azure coming soon)
  7. 7. Smart Lab concept: Your virtual environments in self-contained capsules www.ravellosystems.com Define your own test environment blueprint. Or start from a shared blueprint. Deploy as many application environments as needed on any AWS or Google Cloud region in the world – using one click/API • Unlimited cloud capacity for as many environments as needed • Automated spin-up and shut down of entire environment • Snapshot entire environment (blueprint) for future use 1 2
  8. 8. Ravello overcomes public cloud limitations  Any OS that runs on VMware/KVM  Upload and use your own ISOs  Multiple NICs, multiple IPs per VM  Network isolation: Static IPs, host names, multiple subnets stay unmodified in each lab  Built in automation for repeatable deployments  Console access www.ravellosystems.com  Extremely limited support of operating systems  Cannot use your own ISOs  Single NIC per VM, limited number of public IPs.  No network isolation  Requires scripting for repeatable deployments  No console access Ravello Smart Lab on AWS/GoogleNative AWS/Google
  9. 9. Setting up your Client Testing Smart Lab
  10. 10. 10www.ravellosystems.com How it works – two options Import your existing VMs (VMware or KVM) OR Ravello auto-discovers the network. {Edit as needed} deploy to AWS or Google Cloud save a blueprint (multi-VM snapshot) repeatable deployments on AWS/Google with one click/API Upload your ISOs
  11. 11. Optimizations www.ravellosystems.com • Use para-virtualized drivers (VMxnet3 and PVSCSI) • Use VMware tools to improve console mouse performance • Save each VM with specific drivers, patches, service packs back to the VM library. Drag and drop different VMs to build any large scale testing lab with any combination of VMs • Known issues: • Slower performance on 32 bit compared to 64 bit • First boot time may be slow due to initial caching
  12. 12. HVX Nested Hypervisor & Overlay Network
  13. 13. 13www.ravellosystems.com Technology overview Unmodified application environment High performance nested virtualization and overlay network. Runs VMware VMs and provides application networking services Public cloud providers like Google Cloud, AWS (Azure coming soon) x86 hardware Xen (AWS) or KVM (Google) HVX DHCP DNS Software defined networking Nested virtualization engine VM VM VM VM
  14. 14. 14www.ravellosystems.com Usage based pricing no up-front fees, no commitment VM VMVM VM Total resources needed for sample 4 VM application 8 vCPU/ 16 GB RAM $0.56 - $0.96 per hour includes AWS or GCE price Varies based on complexity of application network and performance needs Example: Each VM has 2vCPU and 4 GB RAM
  15. 15. 15www.ravellosystems.com Benefits of using Ravello Smart Labs for client testing reduce provisioning time from weeks to minutesagility get as many environments as you need infinite capacity spin up environments on demand self service snapshot/ blueprint entire environments repeatable deployments simple, hourly usage based pricing cost effective
  16. 16. www.ravellosystems.com Next steps: free trial 2 mins 30 mins depends on VMs Identify a multi-VM environment sign up for Ravello free trial (2,880 CPU hours) technical call to show how to upload VMs upload remainder VMs call to check network, deploy, take a blueprint start using 30 mins
  17. 17. Special webinar offer All attendees of this webinar who start their Ravello free trial in this week will get- • A fun t-shirt that says “Migration is for the birds, my VMs are nested” Start your free trial at www.ravellosystems.com www.ravellosystems.com
  18. 18. Thanks! shruti.bhat@ravellosystems.com
  19. 19. Appendix